# FEM Ring Maker Toolkit Agenda link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xD27SWjoCl7zaxSG6TMRS3MyCR4xuM-_xkeYI_Vvjjg/edit#gid=1440990012 ^^^ This is the timing for the 29th and the set of three sessions ## Rules and definitions **Ring** is... * BM: a long running group that meets regularly to move discussion, education, and standardization and other items forward around an area of focus **Breakout Session** is... * BM: a one off discussion to discuss a particular topic. **Gathering** is meeting of the ring. **Outcome** is the goal of the gathering of the ring. **Output** is a documentation of rings' progress on achieving it's goals. Each ring sets desired **outcome** for it's gathering. These can be further broken down into smaller elements, and each part can be addressed in a dedicated session. Each session should produce certain outputs. Ideally, these outputs are predefined and the whole session is designed in the best way to produce these. For outputs, I would suggest you prepare the format in advance. This way it will be easier for participants to understand what they need to produce. It's much easier filling in the existing format than coming up with the format and then filling it up, all during the workshop. It seems HackMD or google docs are standard so you can use these, when you create the template, you can just add the link to the list of session outputs. ## Drafts ### 1. Outcomes: Non-exhaustive list of gathering outcomes: 1. Ring initialization 2. Purpose/scope/goals definition 3. Get to know each other 4. Learn about/knowledge share/research 5. Stakeholder analysis 6. Problem analysis 7. Solutions analysis 8. Obstacles analysis 9. Priorities definition 10. Culture/rules/ideal positioning 11. Technical/social analysis 12. ... ### 2. Outputs Non-exhaustive list of gathering outputs: 1. Minutes (discussion, decisions, conclusions) 2. List of participants 3. Definitions 4. Statements 5. Task list/plan/assignments 6. Video recordings 7. ... # Template for Session outlines Template for session preparation: https://hackmd.io/R7ajX3wuQnGaMGz5xKYPfQ Actual session outline documents: 1) [Education](https://hackmd.io/AzZI0ZNgSd6OgrWsl2dHhQ) 2) [Wallet](https://hackmd.io/SbmAon0cRlmv464BwMw_sw) 3) [Signaling](https://hackmd.io/ryrqmlTdRiCwO4QoLowueQ) 4) [Fund Recovery](https://hackmd.io/58d_FTvnTISWj0y2apV6wA) 5) [Meta Magician](https://hackmd.io/H72LLoQEQdG1in8conLVgg) 6) [Security](https://hackmd.io/guwy9yXhSjms9ZZ8Y7l6LQ) 7) [Token](https://hackmd.io/1CFC8j1cQi2fq2PIo1TmrQ) 8) [Business Model](https://hackmd.io/W11KX6Y9R3idXXhN2tHFzA) 9) [Subscriptions](https://hackmd.io/2KXhZQ1uRwu0gkE4uGT_hg) 10) [Oracle](https://hackmd.io/Mwq1RaJ3TCa6lTo2-5T--w) 11) [Data](https://hackmd.io/d3GqzRa4TpO_oDg2wah1_A) 12) [Trust & Reputation](https://hackmd.io/3swgKRDtRWOXUCWlbUALiQ) 13) [EIPs & Interoperability](https://hackmd.io/fkYo2geVRvCQFfOb22_Ulw) 14) [Architects](https://hackmd.io/c5nBBrTBTTq7RY7b4MbxZg) 15) [MetaCartel](https://hackmd.io/R7ajX3wuQnGaMGz5xKYPfQ?view) ## Meeting on 23.10.18. Kevin: Business models is broader in scope Subscriptions Bryant: Subscriptions narrower in scope, specific set of EIPs. Overlap between business models and subscriptions. Jamie: Some rings might be more like bubbles -- specific end date. Chelsea: Roles within the meetings Scribe / note taking Bounties or action items 1. Distinguish between Rings and Breakout sessions: * Business models * Subscriptions 2. Both Breakout sessions and Rings fit in the agenda the same way 3. Third session * Meta Magicians * Feedback session * Closing session 4. Each ring should have a: * Facilitator (probably the ring leader) * Note taker (chosen beforehand) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17-K-UNE2tKJ7T7PLPvJNpiGOku8U6X74QjJ90fSE0XE/edit?usp=drivesdk