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Real-time collaborate on project team technical personal documentation in markdown. Capture fleeting ideas and formalize tribal knowledge.


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Draw UML diagrams in SVG and write scientific formula with plain text in one tool.

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Turn your note to slide deck and own the stage in a minute.

Book Mode

Create a collection of related documents, organize under chapters, and share at once.
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We've looked for ways to make our team discussions and process more visible and accessible to all users. We recently switched from Google Docs to HackMD. HackMD offers a great unified Markdown editor/preview which is familiar and well-suited to our needs. Our meeting records have improved a lot over a short period and as a result we are able to be better accountable to each other as a team.

Bryan Van de Ven
Co-creator and Project Lead of Bokeh

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How I use HackMD in Open Source projects

One of the major properties of successful open source projects is their ability to be transparent with their communities.
This involves everything from open governance, to values, to technical direction.

Jorge O. Castro

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