# Fallout 414 This is a design document for a fallout based fork created on Robust Engine / Space Station 14 as a base. This fork will be headed by Peptide with the intent of removing a lot of the issues SS13 based forks encountered. The first step of that is basing the lore of the fork on a different area of fallout and not doing the same old rinse and repeat of Legion vs NCR. This should eliminate a lot of the inherited issues and allow us to focus on better and more unique factions, and steer away from the tired topics of slavery and the other typical legion associated roleplay. # Lore As the title suggests, this is fallout 4 set in space station 14, hence Fallout 414 (**F414**). As such the game will be set in 2287 or thereabouts, and set in the North East USA (Maybe not Boston but the Institute will be a relevant if not minor faction). This location allows us to play with both Fallout 3 and 4 as lore options. ## Gameplay Something to further set this apart from previous iterations of fallout in SS13 will be the use of game rules. Game rules and events in general allow us to interact with the round using conditions, such as player count, to alter how the round plays. In Fallout 414 this could play out almost like a gamemode would in SS14: - Low population? = Regular round, players make their own fun. - Mid population? = Fire a gamemode at round start. Think of Nuke Ops on SS14 but instead we take a portion of players proportional to the population and give them a unique role in the round such as a rare faction. - High population? = We fire a big gamemode which can even feature a new part of the map you "fast travel" to. We take a bigger portion of players and stick them in one or two factions in this new map and link it to the existing gamemap. This system of using game rules and events to add factions and maps to the game world allows for a much bigger experience that would feel disjointed on SS13 iterations. Once dynamic mode is available on SS14 this will further allow us to tailor individual events to affect the round. ## Factions As touched on, F414 will be set in the fallout 4 timeline and rough location. As such the following major and minor factions will make a feature: