# why 1. Magic things are dumb therefore sinks are dumb. 2. Showers and washing machines should also not be infinite use. 3. Vector for sabotage (spiking, scalding, luring) 4. Vector for diseases. 5. Extra movement path for vent / pipe crawling critters. 6. Plumbing exists in a minor form in SS13. 7. Additional maints structures, maintenance burden for longer rounds. 8. Opportinity for new mechanics and interactions with gasses, chemicals, atmos and engines in general. 9. hygiene? (suggested by Dynexust) 10. Mass production but better. lets explain and justify these points below. ## Magic Things Are Dumb Sinks just being absurdly large water containers just isn't good design and leads to a bunch of minor issues when looked at in detail. For example, constructing a sink if possible right now would spawn a load of water out of thin air, or if adding an empty variant for construction, would be a PITA to manaully fill up making it pointless over a water tank. This goes hand in hand with our next issues. ## Showers, Washing Machines and other plumbed devices should not be infinite use Infinite use items removes any urgency or situational panic. Construction argument withstanding again, imagine you've just murdered a crewmate and are bathed in their blood. If you don't want to be caught you need to wash their blood off yourself and your clothes. You head to dorms to take a shower and wash your hardsuit. The shower doesn't turn on, nor does the washing machine. Panic sets in as you now need to find another working shower. Without a water source this situation will never happen. I'll consolidate the SS13 point here in that in SS13 there are red hot water tanks placed in maints that run just to showers. Very short pipe run, just for showers. Adding a water resource need for more things is essential to make it worthwile to add, adds some realism that isn't a PITA for realisms sake and more on that later. ## Vector for sabotage, spiking and scalding What's a new mechanic without a way to abuse it for evil. Disable those showers, swap the water for drugs or acid or crank that heat to cause burns on hygiene concious crewmates and filthy ERP fantasists. ## Disease Vector Legionella? Fungi? Thirsty Diona? Tree Roots? You better heat up your stagnant water that just happened to be in the pipes in that dead leg of maints you connected. Having waterborne diseases that can range from minor things that pass early on, to more serious mid round events that could clog your station, birthing all manner of invasive species and dangerous diseases that need eliminating. This could even yield saleable resources or research. ## Vent Crawl? How about Pipe Crawl Atmos pipes and water pipes will have no differentiating feature besides whats connected to them. This gives nice short paths for vent crawling species to get around that the crew might forget about. ## Maintenance structures and burden Hot water tanks / heaters, piped chemical vats, water filters and mixers (drip feed some chlorine from your chemical vat into the loop to treat it), liquid fill points (ports). Realistically some of this is reusing existing assets but for liquids instead of gasses, or adding the function to gas equipment. Others like the water tank / heater can be a multipurpose single entity. No need for bloat here. New structures to be housed in maints will add some extra burden to your engineers and techs. Replacing filters or heating elements, refilling water tanks (depending on if we go the whole hog with grey water and or closed loops. Interesting thoughts to be discussed.) Pulling items out of the filter that have been flushed down a toilet and reduce flow. ## 8. New mechanics for chemicals, gasses, atmos and engines very open ended section. Since we use the same pipes whats to say super cooling your gasses won't condense them? What if using liquid chemicals and phase change is better for cooling future engines or the station? Storing chemicals as liquids for higher density. Add hydrogen then we get a fun new explosive gas and better interactions with oxygen, electrolysis, water etc. Change that atmos tech to a full on life support technician. Why not pipe chems to cryopods or to the bar for fun new cocktails made in the depths of maints. Molten salt reactors, liquid fuelled TEGs and liquid cooled SM? ## 9. Hygiene No not piss and shit meter. A simple indicator for telling you whos the smelliest crewmate. Maybe you get a text notification when stinky people move by, helping you to identify people by where they've been in addition to examining the grime on their clothes and body. Who says we stop at blood stains, why not grease, food, sweat etc? Gives showering an additional use and adds a new need that doesn't impact your game besides roleplay reasons. The best reasons. ## 10. Mass production of chems Now I didn't play SS13 when chem plumbing was a thing but I've been told its crap factorio. We don't need to have this feature, but it could be a cool lightweight bolt on to have automated pipe circuits for producing bulk chems. Be it beer, cocktails and sauces, or chems for medbay or cargo to sell. It doesn't have to be nerdbait or a solo game, just a late game research project to put the chemist out of work...I mean let them roleplay instead of sitting at a machine making funny drugs...Oh wait this is the same just extra machines. Oh well. ## Station cooling (Girandole) Previously touched upon with phase changing but to add. Heat exchangers and radiators. Ammonia reactions like on the ISS. Could also work for lavaland bases so there's no hacky workaround and they use actual chemistry to cool. ## Drain plumbing and industrial process waste Send it off to a hole in maints like disposals for it all to be recycled...or form into a super pool of noxious waste producing bad gasses. Circular economy and all that for tiny bases. ### Desalination plants on salt water plants and ocean bases for renewable water and chems. ### Connect botany trays to nutrient rich waters (go Oxygen Not Included and have various mixes like saltwater for specific plants). ## Hoses Physics based, used for connecting to ports, between grids e.g. shuttles, could also be used for gasses. Can be used to fight large areas in fire effectively as well as cooling areas after a fire or disaster. Will be especially effective on planets where spacing isn't an option. Should have a limited range of around 10-15 tiles. ## Grey water and septic system Touched on before, not entirely necessary but totally possible with the foundations in. Separate connecting drains and toilets to a waste network to head to a septic tank for skimming, treating or recycling. Useful in closed systems. ## Water Variations / minerals Again, another optional component could be varying levels of minerals in water sourced on planets and bought. Can be problematic in large amounts. # Questions and Answers Mapping new pipes won't be necessary, nor is making a whole new water network unless you love pain and mapping. In (s)pain. Short runs from a small room in maints to the destination is all that's needed. No sprawling networks. Decentralised.