# Introduction Mapping for N14 is slightly different to mapping for SS14 / Upstream. The maps are all planet based for one, gameplay is totally different and you can expect to have areas tailored to low pop, while being sparse, interesting and expansive. In the long run we'll need a variety of maps so having a variety of people involved mapping together is key. Follow the mapping guide [insert guide] here if you'd like to use the mapping server to map together. # Setting A post-apocalyptic world after nuclear disaster, based loosely on a popular game series. electronics pre-transistors (i.e. everything is big and has vacuum tubes) feel There is the **Vault** which is the fallout bunker, and the **Wasteland** which is the overwolrd outside the vault. In lore there are several vaults, although for vault gameplay we might just have one explain who the Washington Wastelanders are Anyone who lives inside a Vault is a vault dweller. # Vault Gameplay This exists because 1) we don't have enough content for the overworld, and 2) because we expect low pop at the beginning. Vault gameplay will primarily be PvE, with players doing their best to survive by maintaining the vault. The vault is reaching the end of its servicable lifetime, and things are breaking left and right. We have rough ideas of a few game mechanics: - Keeping the water plant running. The water plant is important because people need water to survive. - Keeping power on - Repairing vault walls to keep the radiation from leaking in - Botany, Chef and Bartender from SS14. - Infestations (rad roaches, rats, molerats) - we do really need (minor/light) antag roles - crazy person? Clear round-end conditions: - Keep everyone alive - Keep water plant running - Keep fusion okay Vault overseer directs the experiment. Overseer always knows what the objective is, but should keep it from the dwellers. ## Roles All roles are available for selection at round-start. Late joins cannot start into any job, but rather start as unassigned and have to go to the Overseer. This makes sure that we have enough "Max Stone talking to Shady Sands" gameplay while avoiding the round-start-HoP overload problem. Consider requiring an overseer as condition for starting a round. Core Roles: * Overseer - Responsible for managing the vault dwellers and overseeing the vault experiment. * Underseer - Added 03/01/23. Lore friendly and might help overseer workload, although i do like the isolation of a single overseer. * Vault Dweller - The core role of the vault. You're the bartender, scientific assistant, teacher etc. * Vault Security - Uphold the law within the vault and make sure that Vault door is secure. * Vault Doctor - Maintain the health of the dwellers and treat their ailments. * Vault Engineer - Manages and maintains the vaults systems, structure and life support. Service Roles: * Chaplain - Single role, responsible for vault dweller spiritual needs. * Waste Specialist - Janitor equivalent, 1-2 slots. * Pip-Boy Programmer - Science fluff related role. PDA cartridges and crafting person? * Vault Loyalty Inspector - Make sure your fellow dwellers are following the cause. * Laundry Cannon Operator - Different path of Waste Specialist, 1-2 slots max. * G.O.A.T Guide - An in game mentor for teaching new players. * Chef - Provide food, it's real important in this fork. * Mister Handy - Servitude is the game. British accent included. 1 max per vault, build more if you have the kit. ## Rounds The round situation is also up for debate. We've batted ideas of rounds being long like 4 hours and allowing respawns as different characters, some talk about treating rounds as semi persistent and at the end of say a 3 month period we summarise the "game" and have a wipe and restart, that's almost leaning on HRP territory though but again up for debate. The very simplest way would be treating the game as a simulation ala Fallout 3 simulation pods and just starting fresh each round as normal, again probably having long rounds Rounds for Vault gameplay should last at maximum 2 hours. At the 2 hour mark you want something catasrophic and fun to happen to force an imminent round end, so we can reload and players can try other roles. Once we move out of Vault only rounds we can extend to 3 hour rounds. ## Atmos Regarding Planetmos, vault gameplay can follow SS14 as in it's an isolated environment Gameplay wise look to disable monstermos and going back to LINDA or some older version (purely because gameplay wise, I can't see super fast gasses working in an open environment, whereas tile based movement of stuff like plasmafires looks better, similarly for things like gas grenades lingering in a tile radius). Atmos filters should use a filter medium that degrades and needs replaced over time. So poorly maintained atmos can lead to disaster. ## Water Plant This should entertain about ___ players just keeping the water plant running and producing water for people to drink. In lore there is a controller board that automatically operates the water plant (the "water chip"), and so in this world the water chip has failed and the engineers are running it on manual mode. This is probably going to be a simplified reverse osmosis plant simulation. Pumps bring untreated water from an underground river. A series of finer and finer filters remove more and more junk until the water can be pumped at high pressure into a reverse osmosis membrane, then the water is UV treated. **but what does a player operating it look though** Potentially filters needing cleaned, pumps needing maintained, pumps needing manually rotated out of use as to not overwork and destroy them. Maybe locating other underground well points after so long when the first well dries up. Maybe these wells have potential for other more nasty contaminants like gasses or spoil. Update 03/01/23 - Prospecting has been added to wasteland long term Trello. This could be used in the Vault for finding well points and cave spelunking points for building a well on or accessing dungeons for resources. Then we pump the water out. Depending how crazy we want to be we could actually do a flood simulation if reagents on a tile are above X, it could fill the tile and asphyxiate, then a placed pump could suck up reagent into a pipe net of storage. This way liquids in caves are finite, could obscure objects, are dangerous and more interesting. ## Power A fusion generator similar to that seen in Fallout 3 will be the vaults primary source of power. Presumably they use water as fuel? Otherwise we use the Fallout 4 fuel cell types. Power plant failures are another avenue for opening the vault door. Other potential power sources could be novel Vault experiments, geothermal (vault plasma heat death anyone), hydro etc. ## Vault Wall Repair At this risk of this feeling too grindy... Vault exterior walls degrade over time randomly and need repair (i.e. maybe just welding it?) If not repaired, they start to leak radioactive gas into the vault, which of course is not good for the vault dwellers. ## SS14 Things Vault Dwellers will take on the roles of botanist, chef, bartender and janitor as they or the Overseer sees fit. ## Other Entertainment Rounds can be extended or dynamic, with dynamic taking on traitor / suspicion gameplay and events to keep things spicy. Maybe down the line we can have variants of traitors like communist embedded spies, synths etc and cult / revolution gameplay. - do communists contribute to the fallout lore/make sense? - probably the "revolution" (from fallout 1 classic) is most true to the scene/lore Suspicion / traitor will be especially difficult due to the confined space and lack of ready weapons. - suspicion actually spawns weapons all over regardless of map, so this is not really an issue - realistically, though, does suspicion improve the experience people get out of playing on this server? we could start a separate suspicion server If you have enough charisma, can you just calm the internal rebellion? :D The overseer doesn't want to open the vault, so the traitors want to overthrow the overseer and take control. # Wasteland Gameplay (Future) Long term, the vault will always have an objective and a disaster to befall it. The objective is only known the the Overseer and communicated by a round start Vault-Tec communication or log. An example is the age long experiment they have to perform on the dwellers without them knowing. Once the main disaster event sets in, for example the Water Chip breaking, the Overseer will need to decide how to react. Generally that disaster will result in opening the vault to the Wasteland, venturing out or reaching out to the wastes.