# Peptide Cargo (Points / Economy) How to accumulate cargo points is a big question for SS14. In 13, typically you'd generate points slowly over time as well as getting a boost by calling the shuttle and sending back empty crates. This cargo idea follows on that idea in a few different ways. ## Station as a logistics hub The first idea is similar to that of SS13 in that when the cargo shuttle arrives, it may carry empty crates with orders in them to be fulfilled, as well as cargo from other destinations that needs to be sorted and sent on its way to its final destination. For example, the shuttle may arrive with 5 random crates as well as 5 manifests. Cargo must then organise the items in the crates to match the manifest, wrap the crate, and tag it with the correct destination before the shuttle is due to depart to earn points. You may also occasionally get nasties that arrive via cargo in this way such as mysterious organisms packed up tight (science might want to steal this and hope the sender doesn't realise and get antagonised...), viruses or just straight up stowaways and escaped animals. ## Galactic Market Similar to the logistics hub idea above, instead of ordering supplies straight from centcom there should be a galactic market. This could take many forms such as still receiving all goods on the same shuttle, or having multiple traders / markets all with unique shuttles. The gist of this idea though is having a tab on the supply console for accepting export orders. This would give the station a reward of supply points (like favor) as well as occasional rare bonuses by filling crates with the requested goods and exporting them to their requested destination. The quartermaster could choose the orders while liasing with other departments like botany, kitchen, science or engineering in order to produce the goods in time to export for bonuses relating to the complexity of the order. This could also result in a **galactic economy** where exporting certain goods will reduce their cost on the market so subsequent exports are less valuable and similarly, buying a certain good will drive up its cost making it progressively less appealing to order. Similar to the logistics hub idea, failing to meet export orders in time or cancelling them could result in some funny behavior from traders such as sending a crate of bees, stacks of rotten food or a syndicate minibomb in a pizza box.