# Week 16: Group 2 ###### tags: `OLS-2` `cohort calls` `project-leads` :earth_asia: Cohort call --- **Syllabus** : [https://openlifesci.org/ols-2/schedule/#week-16](https://openlifesci.org/ols-2/schedule/#week-16) **Looking for other Graduation notes? See here:** https://hackmd.io/@ols-2/week-16 * Slot 1: 15 December, Tuesday - 09:00 - 10:00 AM UTC * [Notes](https://hackmd.io/@ols-2/week-16-gr1) * [In your timezone](https://hackmd.io/rqfwpuHnQLWKH7Ih7drzJw?both) * Slot 3: 17 December, Thursday - 17:30 - 18:30 UTC * [Notes](https://hackmd.io/@ols-2/week-16-gr3) * [In your timezone](https://arewemeetingyet.com/London/2020-12-17/17:30/week-16-ols-2-grad3) **Otter live transcript:** [https://otter.ai/u/zLj_SUJhRWPk-x0mDK0cD3o92cE?f=oln](https://otter.ai/u/zLj_SUJhRWPk-x0mDK0cD3o92cE?f=oln) ### **Project leads** _Name / Project / social handles (twitter, GitHub, etc.) /_[ _emoji mood _](https://emojipedia.org/) 1. Kendra Oudyk / Open Science Office Hours / t:@koudyk_, g:@koudyk / 🏃‍♀️ 2. Joyce & Tina/ Open Innovation in Life Sciences/ Twitter: @joyceykao @CAmbrosi4 3. Danny Garside / Registered Reports in Primate Neurophysiology / t:@da5sy, gh:@da5nsy 4. Emma Karoune/ Open science in phytolith research / t @ekaroune / 5. Eva Herbst / Finite Element Zurich / t: @EvaCHerbst g: @evaherbst 6. Ismael, Laura & Sophia / The Turing Way Guide to Ethical Research / @IsmaelKG @LauraC_rter @BrainOnSilicon 7. Teresa Laguna / Food Science Shop (Sci4All) / t: @teresa__laguna g: @tlaguna 8. Markus Löning / sktime / t: @sktime_toolbox, @mloning_, g: mloning 9. Cooper Smout / Project Free Our Knowledge / t:@coopsmout + @projectfok g: coopersmout + freeourknowledge 10. Team covid-19 immunology database 1. Harriet Natabona / covid-19 immunology database / t: @hnatabona / gh: @natty2012 2. Jelioth Muthoni/covid-19 immunology database/t:Jelioth/gh:Jelioth 3. Brenda Muthoni /covid 19 immunology database/ t @brenda muthoni / gh: soniebk 11. Peter van Heusen / RSSE Africa / t: @pvanheus / gh: @pvanheus 12. Sophia Batchelor / The Turing Way Ethics Guide // t: @brainonsilicon ### **Guests, colleagues, and friends of OLS** _Name / Project / social handles (twitter, GitHub, etc.)/[emoji mood](https://emojipedia.org/)_ * Toby Hodges / [The Carpentries](https://carpentries.org) / 🐦 [tbyhdgs](https://twitter.com/tbyhdgs) 🐙 [tobyhodges](https://github.com/tobyhodges) / 🤩 * Sarah Gibson / The Alan Turing Institute / t: @drsarahlgibson, gh: @sgibson91 / * Patricia Herterich / DCC, University of Edinburgh ? @pherterich * Rachael Ainsworth / SSI, University of Manchester / @rachaelevelyn / ✨ * Piv Gopalasingam / EMBL-EBI / t:@cascade21 / gh:@PivG * Samuel Guay / OSUM / t: SamGuay_ * Meag Doherty / All of Us Research Program / t: @EmDohh / 😃 * Naomi Penfold / Science Practice / t: @npscience * Caleb Kibet / Icipe / @Calkibet * Yvan Le Bras / French museum of natural history @Yvan2935 * Jez Cope / The British Library / [🐘@petrichor@scholar.social](https://scholar.social/@petrichor) [🦊jezcope](https://gitlab.com/jezcope) [🐙jezcope](https://github.com/jezcope) [🐦jezcope](https://twitter.com/jezcope) / 🤔 * Hilyatuz Zahroh / Universitas YARSI / t: @hilyatuz_zahroh, Github: @hzahroh; @APBioNet * Festus Nyasimi / Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya Initiative (BHKi) / T:@Festus_nyasimi G: @Fnyasimi :wave: Welcome --- **Hosts**: Bérénice, Malvika, Yo, Emmy * Please note that this call will be recorded and streamed to our[ YouTube channel](https://www.youtube.com/openlifesci) * Turn on your webcam if you don’t mind sharing your face (or off if you do!) **Icebreaker question** _Tell us about the indulgent treat you might give yourself when you’ve done something really awesome and worth celebrating…_ * _Name / answer_ * Sarah / CHOCOLATE! (Tbh, I don’t need to do anything that awesome to eat it) * Malvika / a margarita with all the people :D ← only one of these might be possible * Joyce/glass of wine...and Netflix +1000 * Kathi/ Ice cream from Jack’s Gelato in Cambridge. Any flavour is great but I really like yogurt! * Ismael / A new one is ordering 750g of Lindt chocolates for when I arrive back home for Christmas (750g for five of us, if that helps) * Teresa / something with a lot of whipped cream * Toby / a dark n’ stormy when the weather is hot; a pint of bitter or a whisky when the weather is not * Danny / A long walk in the woods * Eva / chocolate and / or a nice IPA (also time without phone or computer) * Rachael / lots and lots of candles 🕯 * Kendra / * Martina / Martini Bianco + dulce de leche * Laura / a glass of wine and some time with a novel * Sophia / candle light, wine, and a new book * Tina / good champagne, celebrating with friends and home-cooked dinner * Hilya / Ice cream * Piv / a board game! (Viticulture was my last purchase, the aim is to manage your own vineyard and make wine, give tours etc!) ## **🖥 Project Presentations** Presenters will add their info in the following format 1. Open Science Office Hours // Kendra Oudyk * [GitHub repo](https://github.com/koudyk/OSOH/) * [Survey on doing open science in grad school](https://forms.gle/ngZnZL22us6vSnG29) * Where can others help? * Questions / Comments from the audience? * I <3 the efforts to provide payment for volunteers - so important and SO often overlooked! * Yes, I was just about to write this too! * +1 million, this is amazing * +1, such a good idea. * You’ve literally just told the story of my PhD life ;) but this is such a valuable initiative, especially for those who may not have the luxury of a lot of free time to spend on open science but are interested in learning more (Kendra here: Thanks, I hope it brings people like our past selves into a community!) * Side question - what system are you using for presenting? Looks like a notebook… / Comment * [Rise](https://rise.readthedocs.io/en/stable/) extension from a jupyter notebook (Kendra here: yes, that’s right!) * I’d be curious to know what you have in mind for the training, have you picked a curriculum already? / Comment (Kendra here: We’re thinking of trying to get some training from Software Carpentry. But we’ll probably have to do more than just training on code, data, etc., since there’s more to open science than just that. We could also go through some of the Open Science MOOC together. But I’d be excited to hear if you have ideas!). 2. Joyce & Tina/ Open Innovation in Life Sciences/ Twitter: @joyceykao @CAmbrosi4 * [GitHub repo](https://github.com/open-life-science/ols-2/issues/8) * [OILS website](https://www.openinnovationlifesciences.com) * Where can others help? * Questions / Comments from the audience? * Wow, exciting to think about the future proof and governance * Love the term “Open Science therapy sessions” - you all have done so much thinking and work to pass on leadership opportunities to others * Would you hope to inspire more OILS in other research/local communities with the documentation you have done? -_ YES, we are always in the lookout for similar Swiss initiatives and are very open to new partnerships, also international ones to share experience and support each other; the WIKI will be open to every member of OILS _ * Questions / Comment 3. Danny Garside / Registered Reports in Primate Neurophysiology / t:@da5sy, gh:@da5nsy * Links * [Github Repo](https://github.com/da5nsy/Registered-Reports-in-Primate-Neurophysiology) * [Survey](dannygarside.typeform.com/to/vRr3V9LF) * [Tweet about survey for easy sharing](https://twitter.com/da5nsy/status/1339206545381396483) * Where can others help? * If you think your twitter followers might include primate neurophysiologists, please retweet [this tweet](https://twitter.com/da5nsy/status/1339206545381396483)! :) * Questions / Comments from the audience? * Love that you are actively looking out for obstacles and barriers * / Thanks! * Nice question about the barriers to RRs! * / Thanks! * Any ideas on how to increase recognition + rewards for publishing RRs? Twitter bots that amplify RRs? * Hmm, interesting idea. I was daydreaming this morning about whether I could convince publishers to offer reduced APCs for RRs to encourage adoption (ping me a message if you’d like to discuss ideas together!) * Kendra: This is such a great project! In my survey on ‘Doing open science in grad school’, registered reports was the open science ‘object’ that the most people didn’t know about. * ARGH. But it’s so cool :cry: +1! 4. Emma Karoune/ Open science in phytolith research / t @ekaroune / * Links * Where can others help? * Questions / Comments from the audience? * GRUMPYCAT for the win!! * Emma, SO MANY awesome blogs so far and open science talks too!! * Oh my gosh, you’ve achieved so much and it’s fantastic the traction you’re getting with your research community and influential networks :100: * You are such an inspiration +10000000000 * Questions / Comment 5. Eva Herbst / Finite Element Zurich / t: @EvaCHerbst g: @evaherbst * [Github Organisation](https://github.com/FEZ-Finite-Element-Zurich) * Where can others help? * Pass this on to anyone who works on (or is interested in working on) FEA! We want to expand the community and are in need of workflows to be shared in our repository * [retweet this tweet so people can get in touch with me](https://twitter.com/EvaCHerbst/status/1339214216683778049?s=20) * Questions / Comments from the audience? * “Provide free-er alternatives that people can use” - that’s a great goal * Questions / Comment * You provided a real clear explanation of how this civil engineering concept can be used in life sciences - great job! Also amazing to see the website!! +1 6. Ismael, Laura & Sophia / The Turing Way Guide to Ethical Research / @IsmaelKG @LauraC_rter @BrainOnSilicon * Links * The Turing Way: [https://the-turing-way.netlify.app/welcome](https://the-turing-way.netlify.app/welcome) * Where can others help? * [https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/the-turing-way/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md](https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/the-turing-way/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md) - join us! * Questions / Comments from the audience? * I’ve seen open source folks be _really_ dismissive of ethics before so I’m super glad to see this project 💪 * Thank you - please spread the word! * Twitch dev streaming…. Woah! * Got git gud 🤣 +1 haha * Questions / Comment 7. Teresa Laguna / Food Science Shop (Sci4All) / t: @teresa__laguna g: @tlaguna * Links: * [Presentation](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1I92NdMaEKzuJw83pAMGs0W94zEPSn-v8a5leIkBe27M/edit?usp=sharing) * Github project: [https://github.com/tlaguna/sci4allfood](https://github.com/tlaguna/sci4allfood) * Website (draft, in Spanish): [https://tlaguna.github.io/sci4allfood/](https://tlaguna.github.io/sci4allfood/) * Action catalogue tool: [http://actioncatalogue.eu](http://actioncatalogue.eu) * Groningen University Science Shop: [2019 report](https://www.rug.nl/society-business/science-shops/over-de-wetenschapswinkels/jaarberichten/wwc33engelstalig-voor-online-vollscherm.pdf) * Where can others help? * To develop the project with ideas in public engagement, research and/or technical support, suggestions… => * You can go to our Github repo (English, see links) * You can contact us by email to: [foodscienceshop@gmail.com](mailto:foodscienceshop@gmail.com) * Questions / Comments from the audience? * Great to see a website launched and good luck rising to the challenge dealing with SciComm during a pandemic! * Nice idea running a pilot proof of concept to show to potential funders what your project can do! * This is a great idea and a great adaptation of an existing idea - I’ll bring this to our citizen science team in the institute * [Teresa] Great to hear that! If you need any info just let me know * I saw that you use the @ in Spanish for o/a gendered endings - do you have any interesting links how more inclusive language in Spanish? * Questions / Comment 8. Markus Löning / sktime / t: @sktime_toolbox, @mloning_, g: mloning * Links: [https://www.sktime.org/en/latest/](https://www.sktime.org/en/latest/) * Where can others help? [https://www.sktime.org/en/latest/contributing.html](https://www.sktime.org/en/latest/contributing.html) * Questions / Comments from the audience? * HUGE commmunity - amazing!! * Questions / Comment * Algorithm maintainer - fascinating role but super clear why it can be important * Nice to see hands-on actions being taken to increase the diversity of your community!! * Such an ambitious and important project! Congrats :) 9. Cooper Smout / Project Free Our Knowledge / t:@coopsmout + @projectfok g:coopersmout + freeourknowledge * Links: * Website: [https://freeourknowledge.org/](https://freeourknowledge.org/) * Github: [https://github.com/FreeOurKnowledge/website](https://github.com/FreeOurKnowledge/website) * Twitter: [https://twitter.com/projectFOK](https://twitter.com/projectFOK) * Where can others help? * Develop new campaigns on [Github](https://github.com/FreeOurKnowledge/website/issues) (e.g., something for your own project??) * Pledge to existing campaigns on the [website](https://freeourknowledge.org/) * [Tell your friends and colleagues](https://twitter.com/projectFOK )! :) * Questions / Comments from the audience? * Your point about critical mass and not revealing until you have that mass - so beautifully put!! Collective action is terrifying, safe collective action… is probably easier +1 * Thanks :) people can also make their pledge public if they like, it’s just about protecting those people who need protection until they have the support of their community * I love the idea of having a critical mass to avoid the tragedy of the commons that people try to do what is best for them in a flawed system * Yep -- we’re all competing to maintain a broken set of rules. Fortunately we have the power to change those rules… if we decide to :) 10. covid-19 immunology database * Harriet Natabona / covid-19 immunology database / t: @hnatabona / gh: @natty2012 * Jelioth Muthoni/covid-19 immunology database/t:Jelioth/gh:Jelioth * Brenda Muthoni /covid 19 immunology database/ t @brenda muthoni / gh: soniebk * Links - find contact details at [https://github.com/open-life-science/ols-2/issues/85](https://github.com/open-life-science/ols-2/issues/85) * Where can others help? * Questions / Comments from the audience? * Great job getting the slides back to working again 💪 one of THE most stressful things possible +100 - yes well done for keeping going :) * It’s great to see how you’ve learnt and taken on the experience and learnings from mentors and experts in the programme * It was incredible to hear you folks absorb so much information and hear your critical thinking as you learnt and questioned all these ideas * [Teresa] I can only say this is amazing work, I would be glad to collaborate in any way! * Really good presentation and such an important project * I loved your goal to find people who are different from you 💙💛 🗣️ Closing --- [HOST NAME] (⏰ 2 minutes) 60 - **Assignments** - **Open Q&A time** - **Next calls** - **Feedback** _What worked?_ - - _What didn't work?_ - - _What would you change?_ - - _What surprised you?_ - - - - *Reference*: Open leadership Framework, Mozilla Open Leaders 6 & 7, Open Life Science 1 *License*: CC BY 4.0, Open Life Science (OLS-2), 2020--->