# Aurora Update [2021-06-25] The recording is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KyQjjp6FjI&list=PL7qEPh7dRb3mIpeZdKt3j_kPWrlcY61FG ## Summary TBD ## Agenda - Status & current goal - Last week - This week - Discussion - Next week ## Status & current goal - ETH connector updated (smart contracts) - Testnet UI for ETH connector should be updated this week (Ropsten hardfork) - HelpScout deployed and setup - Preparation for the localization of the web-site - Aurora Labs Ltd incorporated ## Last week https://hackmd.io/@arto/HyuJwR_i_ ## This week ### Ahmed Ali - No update ### Alex Shevchenko - Legal stuff: - Company setup - Preparation of documents for investors - Invest round wrap up - Feedback on the potential investors - Internal All Hands - Preparation for EthCC - Coordination of state prover development ### Arto Bendiken - Worked on recruitment and HR: - Hired a team lead (Anton) for our Apps & Partners team. - Began moving everything over to Aurora Labs accounts. - Began updating onboarding info for the benefit of new recruits. - Reviews and release management for two Aurora Engine releases: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/releases/tag/1.4.1 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/releases/tag/1.4.2 - Supported the ETH & ERC-20 connector Mainnet roll out: - Released the Engine with the ETH connector to the Mainnet. - Troubleshooted and fixed bugs in collaboration with Pierre and Ahmed: - https://doc.aurora.dev/develop/changelog - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-relayer/commit/5dac8643334b2af549204676e338763f5a4c1b7b - https://docs.near.org/docs/api/rpc#using-block_id-param - `eth_getBlockByHash` - `eth_getBlockByNumber` - `eth_getLogs` - `eth_getTransactionByHash` - `eth_getTransactionCount` ### Evgeny Kapun - More work on Math API - BLAKE2 descoped for now. ### Evgeny Ukhanov - Aurora DAO discussions (Matt) - [SputnikDAOv2 documentation](https://3.basecamp.com/5080844/buckets/22652507/documents/3894344108) - Rust school activities - Nonce bug research (relayer / aurora-engin)e ### Frank Braun - Debugged `evm-bully` bug with the help of Michael. - Still on same blocks, I have a problem with `aurora-cli` on the test server. - Tons of infrastructure stuff: - Setup Infura account (with Archive Data), let me know if you need a new project. - Connect HelpScout to Slack. - Setup Discord server. - Got everybody on Signal. - More security related infrastructure stuff (-> Monday). ### Joshua J. Bouw - Math API - Closed [nearcore#4380](https://github.com/near/nearcore/pull/3954) and reopened as [nearcore#4380](https://github.com/near/nearcore/pull/4380) - Descoped blake2b - Getting last of Evgeny Kapun's comments sorted - Reworked `ecrecover` entirely to use `near-crypto`. - Implemented the malleability fix with flag. - Been working with Evgeny Kapun to resolve `ecrecover`. - Been working with Max to get the accurate gas costs. - Usual reviews: [aurora-engine#155](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/155), [aurora-engine#154](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/154), [aurora-engine#156](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/156) ### Kirill Abramov - PRs: - Created [rainbow-bridge#598](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge/pull/598) - Created [aurora-engine#162](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/162) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#154](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/154) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#155](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/155) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#158](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/158) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#159](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/159) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#160](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/160) - Supported the deployment of eth-connector to Mainnet with @Marcelo and @Arto. - Finished storage regression test. CI: WIP. - Eth-connector: improve scripts. - Testing connectors and exits (tools, UI). - `Eth-to-near-event-relayer` researching and debugging issues on Mainnet: WIP. - Rust/NEAR academy activities. - Preparation for EthCC. - Many discussions within the team. ### Marcelo Fornet - Testing connectors (infrastructure, automated tests, and cli) - Handle upgrade in Ethereum Ropsten after introduction of EIP1559 - [Contributing to ethers after Berlin Hardfork](https://github.com/ricmoo/eth1.0-specs/pull/1) - Updating issue with connector [NEP141 Compliance](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/158) - [Deploy new version of factory in Testnet](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-token-connector/releases/tag/0.1.2). ### Matt Henderson - Testing of ETH transfers from Aurora back to Ethereum on Testnet - Setup of HelpScout and integration with Aurora website - Posted the DAO kick-off plan and had initial discussion with Evgeny - Setup of CMS for the blog section of the website - Inital planning for localization, by extending the use of the CMS - Team coordination & internal management activities ### Michael Birch - Trying to unblock bully - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/issues/122#issuecomment-865322194 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/issues/127#issuecomment-865318913 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora.js/pull/3 - NYC Crypto talk - Help with Math API - https://github.com/near/nearcore/pull/4380/commits/3f08a35fa65f1a24be2fb46f6d72ca1b5c587a3b ### Pierre-Alain Ouvrard - Prototype NEAR <> Aurora bridge UI - Bridge new tokens - Newly bridged tokens need metadata and "aurora" account storage fee before it can be sent to Aurora. - Transfers both ways (ERC-20) - Webapp pre-release - https://aurora-testnet-git-pa-aurora-exit-auroraisnear.vercel.app - ETH exits from Aurora - aurora-erc20 connector lib - Restore functionality for all tokens - Setup metadata repository - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/bridge-metadata ### Yulian Lavysh - Content. Collaborated with Michael and Alexei and started a process for a longer term strategy around content - EthCC coordination - Localization - setting up a process with Matt - Team page on the website ## Discussion - Param estimator on `ecrecovery` - Bowen: is there anything else rather than the gas estimation what needs to be done? - Joshua: no - Evgeny Kapun: still need to review small changes - Bowen: param estimator is not working right now, Nikolai is working on this. Bowen to consult with Max on this issue - Arto: similar issue was observed in May - Joshua: 10M accounts size is not working, so need to be reduced to 500k - 1M; 20k accounts works well - Perhaps there're problems with bash script - Bowen: in case the param estimator won't give results then we need to push back the release - Arto: perhaps we need to overestimate the costs and later reduce it (when param estimator is fixed)? - Joshua & Bowen: there're some estimations, but we need to consult with Max on it - AI: - Evgeny Kapun -- to review the updated code - Bowen to consult with Max on estimates & propogate the feedback - Ethereum state prover on NEAR - Update on the state prover development - Evegny Kapun: token metadata won't work as intended - AI: Evgeny Kapun to provide a list of extensions to the current bridge which may help by Monday team call - Tx block execution - https://explorer.testnet.near.org/transactions/5eukZxsNfsyWjFoDyYBdjBD4NogubHHSZTCc1Ejzqvzi - Transaction execution is split over at least two blocks => we need to make sure that nonce changes are observed at right call - There's no upward bound for the finalisation of the transaction - Normally it takes less than 5 blocks - AI: Arto to take care of this next week. Relayers need to re-index all the transactions. This will make possible to roll put the block explorer - DAO approach (Matt) - SputnikDAO supports voting on binary questions, yes/no. We need to support more complex question types, like choosing N of M from an enumerated list. OTOH, SputnikDAO supports things we don't need, like multiple DAOs; we only need one. - Question: Should we fork SputnikDAO, calling it AuroraDAO, tailoring it to our own needs, or try to extend SputnikDAO. The former seems like the right choice: We can move faster, since we can implement in specific ways, rather than having to consider generalized approaches. - AI: Matt/Alex to chat with Illia on the plans on SputnikDAO, previously preparing the requirements. - [Descoped] Bridging new tokens - [Descoped / Read the docs] From Marcelo: https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge/discussions/597 ## Next week - Ahmed Ali: - TBD - Alex Shevchenko: - Round wrap up - Preparation of EthCC talk - Arto Bendiken: - Support the ETH & ERC-20 connector Mainnet roll out. - Backfill and (re)index the historical block data. - Finish the the block explorer roll out. - Finish the edge infrastructure roll out. - Evgeny Kapun: - Finishing Math API - Tests development - Working on Blake2 - Evgeny Ukhanov: - Rust/NEAR academy. - AuroraDAO development - TBD, Aurora engine issues - Frank Braun: - Tons of infrastructure / security work. - Push `evm-bully` forward. - Get overview of CI/CD, prepare work for Dmitry. - Onboarding documentation. - Joshua J. Bouw: - Continual Berlin HF work. - Math API, addressing Evgeny Kapun comments - Kirill Abramov: - Support and research the new architecture design for ERC-20 connector. - Finish all needed tests and enable them in CI. - Aurora-engine PR reviews & more testing. - Rust/NEAR academy. - Marcelo Fornet: - Testing connectors (infrastructure, automated tests, and cli) - Matt Henderson: - Continue with DAO (first iternation complete) - ERC-20/ETH transfer UI (hopefully) - Start localization infrastructure work - Launch localized version of the blog - Continue assisting with internal process definition - Michael Birch: - Bully fix (continued) - Berlin support (?) - Pierre-Alain Ouvrard: - Release connector libraries and UIs. - Yulian Lavysh: - Coordination of localization - Employee handbook - Content strategy - Recruiting - TBD