# Aurora Update [2021-06-18] The recording is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHQCDIBAwFI ## Summary TBD ## Agenda - Status & current goal - Last week - This week - Discussion - Rainbow Bridge website outage due to DDoS - Sporadic Testnet transaction issues - Next week ## Status & current goal - Contracts for ETH & ERC-20 connectors fully released on Testnet (transfers between Ethereum <> NEAR <> Aurora): - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/releases/tag/1.3.0 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/releases/tag/1.4.0 - Testnet faucet UI is updated: https://testnet.aurora.dev/faucet - Testnet bridge video is release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSJee846gv0 - Testnet Rainbow Bridge deployment now auto-finalizes transfers from Ethereum to NEAR (ERC-20) - This fixes the problem with Ledger-protected accounts on NEAR - To be delivered to the Mainnet today ## Last week https://hackmd.io/@arto/HkbS9skiO ## This week ### Ahmed Ali Working on: - [aurora-relayer#22](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-relayer/pull/22) - [lollyswap#1](https://github.com/lightyagamoon/lollyswap/pull/1) - [aurora-examples#0c456ae](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-examples/commit/ca99e6b53ec7de1a580a185a6028e665fadfa04f) - [doc.aurora.dev#21](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/21) - [eth-connector#19](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-connector/issues/19) still WIP. PR Reviewes: - [doc.aurora.dev#22](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/22) - [eth-connector#20](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-connector/pull/20) Researching: - What are the alternatives for minimizing `Aurora->Ethereum` transaction finality (< 4hrs) with lower gas fees. More info will be added to this [discussion thread](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge/discussions/569). ### Alex Shevchenko - Working on funding round - Finishing investor meetings - Gathering feedback from the investors - Communication of the updated term sheet - Reimagine v9.0 Panel discussion with DODO and Arbitrum - Arab blockchain week: - A talk [Aurora: a solution to extend Ethereum economy](https://arabblockchainweek.events.whova.com/Agenda/1752258) - Panel discussion [Investing in Blockchain](https://arabblockchainweek.events.whova.com/Agenda/1754689) - Spin out management matters - New hire: Dmitry, DevOps to join Aurora in July :tada: - Discussions around new bridges in NEAR ecosystem: - Dragon bridge: NEAR <> BSC - ?????? bridge: NEAR <> Polygon ### Arto Bendiken - Supported the review and release of the ETH & ERC-20 connectors. - Reviews and release management for two Aurora Engine releases: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/compare/1.2.0...1.3.0 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/compare/1.3.0...1.4.0 - Troubleshooted and fixed bugs in collaboration with Ahmed. - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-relayer/issues/19 - https://doc.aurora.dev/develop/changelog - Investigated issues on Testnet: - https://api.aurora.dev - Continued work on setting up BlockScout for Aurora Testnet: - Sorted out dependency hell to make the app work: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/blockscout - https://github.com/poanetwork/ex_abi/pull/58 - Tested the different RPC compatibility modes - Added support for needed nonstandard RPC methods: - Geth's `txpool` APIs: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-relayer/issues/20 - Parity's equivalent APIs - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-relayer/commits/master - Reviewed the Berlin and London HF situation with Joshua. ### Evgeny Kapun - Resolving issues with the Math API PR with Joshua. - Ethereum uses different ways to verify signatures in different places ### Evgeny Ukhanov Completed [aurora-dao-ui](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-dao-ui) adoption to aurora-dao (sputnik-dao-v2) smart contract functionality. What currently included: - DAO creation - DAO's list - DAO info - DAO Proposals list - Proposal info - Proposal voting - Proposal creation: - Add Member To Role - Change Config - Remove Member From Role - Transfer (*Another kind of proposal seems redundant for ui, and can be operated via `near cli`. But it's easy to add a new one*) - Deployed to: - http://aurora-dao.ukhanov.org.ua (*for tests reason only*) - http://dao.aurora.dev (currently for unknown reason **web access denied** (but `curl` command is work)) ### Frank Braun - Setup Slack with Slack Connect for Aurora Labs. Please sign up if you haven't done so. - A lot of infrastructure work (-> Monday call). - Interviewing candidates. - Respond to DDoS on Thursday and bring bridge frontend back up (with Marcelo). ### Joshua J. Bouw - Supported Kirill during release to ensure that his last PRs were good to go. - Supported exit-precompiles. - Hiring - Been working with Evgeny Kapun on the last parts of the Math API [nearcore#3954](https://github.com/near/nearcore/pull/3954) - Got EIP-2565 into the release for Berlin. [aurora-engine#138](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/138) - Updated near-blake2 lib with changes to support Kapun's concerns. [near-blake2#4e2427](https://github.com/near/near-blake2/commit/4e24273b0feb24b835f00a2606fe1287bec3b557), [near-blake2#29a15a](https://github.com/near/near-blake2/commit/29a15a1ffa3bfb7baa54318c89ee6cfebaf4d590). - Been working on a plan to update Sputnik VM upstream which is the preface for the Berlin changes. Need to get their team happy with that direction. - Reviews. [aurora-engine#136](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/136), [aurora-engine#142](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/142), [aurora-engine#147](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/147), [aurora-engine#146](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/146) ### Kirill Abramov - PRs: - Created [aurora-engine#141](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/141) - Created [aurora-engine#146](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/146) - Created [aurora-engine#147](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/147) - Created [aurora-engine#148](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/148) - Created [aurora-engine#150](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/150) - Created [aurora-engine#153](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/153) - Commited to [eth-to-near-event-relayer #6](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-to-near-event-relayer/pull/6) - Commited to [eth-connector#21](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-connector/pull/21) - Reviewed [rainbow-token-connector#53](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-token-connector/pull/53) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#142](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/142) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#143](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/143) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#145](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/145) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#149](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/149) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#151](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/151) - Support the release of ETH-connector and exit-precompiles. - Implementation of ERC-20 exits Hardhat tests & storage regression tests: WIP. - eNEAR: debugging, working on bugs fixes and new functionality. - Event-relayer improvements, healthness and liveness probes, refactoring: WIP. - Event-relayer: researching different issues appeared. - Eth-connector scripts: some improvements, prepare scripts for Mainnet deployment. - Many discussions with members of the team. ### Marcelo Fornet - Attend & Resolve incident with the hosting of ethereum.bridgetonear.org (With @FrankBraun) - Release of aurora with support for external ERC20 and Eth transfers: - [Rainbow-Token-Connector](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-token-connector/pull/53) - Reased and deployed on NEAR Testnet - [Aurora-Engine](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/51) - Testing workflows for transfers [WIP] - Building docker images to interact with bridge + aurora - [WIP](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/bridge-ops/pull/10) - Relayer to finalize transactions Ethereum -> (NEAR / AURORA) - DevOps - [Support for eNEAR connector](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-to-near-event-relayer/pull/6) - [Start review of NFT connector](https://github.com/near/rainbow-non-fungible-token-connector/pull/2) - Misc - Giving support in external channels: - [SO](https://github.com/near/near-cli/issues/793) - [Contribute to etherjs](https://github.com/ethers-io/ethers.js/pull/1687) ### Matt Henderson - **Not done**: Hoped-for bridging UI of ETH & ERC-20 tokens between Ethereum and Aurora, as some of the infrastructure dependencies were still outstanding. - **Done**: The faucet UI is done and integrated. Remaining todos for publication: - **Done**: Added Google Analytics to the site, and removed Google Tag Manager, as it was unused and breaking some client-side navigation methods, causing full refreshes. - **Done**: Added author attributes to the blog articles, with links to Twitter. - Discussion with Pierre about how we can do NEAR <> Aurora bridging. - Miscelleaneous administrative meetings and issues, including around support systems and knowledge base process, and how our team works in Basecamp. ### Michael Birch - NEAR Bootcamp presentation - EIP-2565 support assistance: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/138#pullrequestreview-683035131 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/138/commits/066dca6e564d4ad0ccbe0e2ec1071cd918cde38a - Enforce style guid in docs via CI: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/22 - Bridge tutorial video - Testing `ExitToNear` precompile with ETH - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/151 - Minor refactoring: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/142 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/149 - PR reviews: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/125#pullrequestreview-681885690 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/136#pullrequestreview-681961342 ### Pierre-Alain Ouvrard - Client libs refactoring - Aurora-NEAR draft from rainbow-bridge-frontend and discussion with Matt - Work on the new faucet with Alex - Exit ETH from Aurora: client + frontend ### Yulian Lavysh - spoke to potential BD and Social media candidates - identified a few founders interested in participating in a Fundraise - spoke to Dani about including Aurora in some events so we have a spot (co-sponsoring?) at a Dinner with SushiSwap - experimenting with 2 contractors on media/ops side - research of esteemed colleagues' twitter accounts and most popular hashtags - evaluating Discord and identifying needed bots nad channels - working on creating on-going marketing campaigns (check basecamp) ## Discussion ### Rainbow Bridge Frontend outage due to DDoS ### Sporadic Testnet transaction issues ## Next week - Ahmed Ali: - Continue working on - [eth-connector#19]() - Adding my proposal to this [discussion thread](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge/discussions/569). - More docs. - Alex Shevchenko: - Finalising the round - DAO formation - Support with ETH & ERC-20 connetor relase on Mainnet - Arto Bendiken: - Hiring and interviews. - Backfill and index the historical block data. - Finish the the block explorer roll out. - Finish the edge infrastructure roll out. - Support the ETH & ERC-20 connector Mainnet roll out. - Evgeny Kapun: - Keep working on the Math API - Evgeny Ukhanov: - TBD, work on Aurora DAO - Frank Braun: - Mostly infrastructure & security work (tons of tasks in Basecamp) - CI (sync with Michael) - Sync with Marcelo - Sync with Arto regarding infrastructure - Work on high level quality & security strategy - Joshua J. Bouw: - Continual Berlin HF support. - Will have a plan by Monday on how we will be tackling it on Sputnik. - Math API finalisations. - Kirill Abramov: - Finish precompile-exits Hardhat tests & storage regression test, add to CI. - Support ETH & ERC-20 connector release on Mainnet. - Event-relayer: continue on healthness, liveness probes and refactoring. - Aurora-engine reviews. - Marcelo Fornet: - Test workflows for tokens between networks (build these tests and them to CI) - Fix CI for rainbow-bridge + rainbow-token-connector - Merge (& close) open PR in both repositories - Continue with testing setup for bridge + aurora - Continue reviewing NFT connector - What to do with the frontend for this? - Matt Henderson: - ETH/ERC-20 Bridging UI - DAO first actions (delayed from last week) - Look into HelpScout setup - Michael Birch: - NYC Crypto presentation/demo - New tests for exit precompiles (following up PR #151) - Berlin HF support? (need to sync with Joshua) - Other refactoring - Pierre-Alain Ouvrard: - Aurora exits (ETH + ERC20) - NEAR <> Aurora bridging - Yulian Lavysh: - Wrapping up the round - Working with Matt on HelpScout - Setting up the analytics on the project - Kickcing off first marketing campaigns - Continue recruiting