# Aurora Update [2021-06-04] The recording is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTfIUTzha2s&list=PL9tzQn_TEuFV2O7twBM-41lCDq5nr8nLm ## Summary TBD ## Agenda - Status & current goal - Last week - This week - Discussion - AuroraDAO - NEAR->Ethereum slow transfers - Next week ## Status & current goal We've launched [a faucet](https://faucet.testnet.aurora.dev/) and a front end for the [ETH bridging](https://testnet.aurora.dev/bridge), block explorer launching later this week, we've announced a partnership with Injective protocol ## Last week https://hackmd.io/@arto/SkaXnQpK_ ## This week ### Ahmed Ali - Troubleshooting with Arto the [invalid hash issue](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-relayer/commit/8cd353eab5bf54e23b454c115ed8aa325cc3022e) - Metamask [aurora-relayer#15 issue](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-relayer/issues/15) WIP. - Reviewing PRs: - [doc.aurora.dev#13](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/13) - [doc.aurora.dev#15](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/15) - [eth-connector#21](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-connector/pull/21) - Creating PRs: - [doc.aurora.dev#16](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/16) ### Alex Shevchenko - 30+ investor&partners calls - Legal setup work - [Unblocked podcast](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unblocked-with-near-protocols-alex-shevchenko-tickets-157626790975#) - [Ru Binance Aurora AMA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fj_S9R0Cek), around 5k views - Hiring (Aurora Senior engineer position) ### Arto Bendiken - Stood up a TestNet faucet: - https://faucet.testnet.aurora.dev - Worked on deploying a block explorer (BlockScout). - Supported partners and early adopters, troubleshooting and fixing a number of issues. - Supported the team with numerous matters. - Organized tickets and logistics for EthCC[4] and submitted two talk proposals. - Interviewed candidates for open positions. ### Evgeny Kapun - Transisioning to NEAR Core Team. - Continuing working on the host functions. ### Evgeny Ukhanov - Eth-connector u128 json parsing bug-fix and additional tests [PR #125](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/125). - SputnikDAOv2 research & investigation. CLI & UI testing. - Aurora-engine code reviews. ### Frank Braun - [document how to replay failing transactions](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/evm-bully/blob/master/doc/replay-tx.md) - add `-contract` option to `evm-bully replay-tx` (to debug `release.wasm`) - [add -autobreak option to `evm-bully replay`](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/evm-bully/commit/d8575ec5266d8d179d1093dee6580fba7df58969) - [add `make evm-bully=yes` build to `aurora-engine` CI](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/121) Issued filed for all three testnet errors (reproducable with `evm-bully replay-tx`): - [`evm-bully` fails on Ropsten testnet, block 11, tx 3](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/issues/127) - [`evm-bully` fails on Rinkeby testnet, block 55, tx 0](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/issues/122) - [`evm-bully` fails on Görli testnet, block 12842, tx 0](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/issues/128), **non-deterministic** ### Joshua J. Bouw - Finished up Math API PR and worked with Bowen to complete it. - Started work on Berlin hard fork on Aurora Engine. - Cost changes are done - Reviewed upstream EVM what else needs to be done - Updated to latest EVM Core - Worked on unblocking Frank's issue, still pending. - Interviewed potential hires. - Various code reviews ### Kirill Abramov - PRs: - Created [eth-connector#21](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-connector/pull/21) - Created [rainbow-token-connector#62](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-token-connector/pull/62) - Created [aurora-engine#109](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/109) - Created [aurora-engine#111](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/111) - Created [aurora-engine#112](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/112) - Created [aurora-engine#113](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/113) - Created [aurora-engine#120](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/120) - Created [aurora-engine#124](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/124) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#51](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/51) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#118](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/118) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#121](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/121) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#123](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/123) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#125](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/125) - `eth-to-near-event-relayer`, `rainbow-token-connector`, `aurora-engine`: add method to check whether the proof is used. - Prepare `eth-to-near-event-relayer` for the release with Marcelo. - Discovered and fixed the storage failure issue after upgrading the `develop.aurora` instance. - Supporting and updating eth-connector scripts and guide. - Debugging, testing and fixing exit-precompiles for eth-connector. - Some testing for precompiles deferring. - Started implementing storage regression tests. - Many discussions with members of the team. ### Marcelo Fornet - Automatic Relayer - Deployed new rainbow-token-connector with the new view functions. (https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-token-connector/pull/62) - Track progress of missing functions in (https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge-client/issues/43) - ERC20-Connector + precompile to exit from Aurora - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/51 - Feature complete - Contract calls to exit are only called if evm call finishes properly - Covered with tests to check each funcionality individually - Missing: End to end test. - Hiring - Several interviews both for Aurora and for Chain team. ### Matt Henderson - Testnet Bridge UI coordination, testing, and launch. - Began blog article about how the bridge works. - Began DAO app specification. - Internal and partner meetings around eNEAR liquidity. - Added the Ropsten & Aurora faucets to the Testnet Resources tab. ### Michael Birch - Documentation: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/13 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/14 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/15 - Proper handling of gas limits - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/123 - lunarity -> logos - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/115 - PR reviews: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/116#pullrequestreview-673084112 - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/120#pullrequestreview-675294891 ### Pierre-Alain Ouvrard - Work on client libraries and releasing ETH -> Aurora transfers - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge-client/pull/34 - Improvements to find-replacement-tx and error handling. - https://www.npmjs.com/package/find-replacement-tx - Work on Aurora webapp - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-webapp/pull/3 - Replace web3js with ethersjs: ongoing - Telegram ## Discussion ### AuroraDAO - General info on the DAO: - Member management - DAO can update itself - Control groups: RB contracts and Aurora contract - Token creation / attaching the existing token to a DAO - Token contract update - What additional functions are there in SputnikDAO - NEP-141 bridging to Aurora: - Update the vanilla implementation of bridged ERC-20 inside the Aurora - Aurora token to be bridged to NEAR or natively created on NEAR? - Custom Aurora token connector - Finalise ERC-20 connector for NEP-141 transfers - Two tokens with additional contracts to swap the tokens ### [Bridge stats](https://duneanalytics.com/zavodil/rainbow-bridge) ### Relayers update - Idea: make relayers spend fixed budget instead of periodic transactions ## Next week - Ahmed Ali: - Finalizing the Hardhat example. - Iterating with Arto on the metamask notification issue. - Troubleshooting other `invalid argument` issues. - More docs. - Shadowing Marcelo and Joshua in the interview. - Alex Shevchenko: - Legal setup - Invest round - Hiring - Arto Bendiken: - Faucet funding. - Document all the things. - Roll out edge infrastructure. - CLI for the ETH & ERC-20 connectors. - Hiring. - Evgeny Kapun: - Review of the host functions PR - Evgeny Ukhanov: - Continue research of SputnikDAOv2 - TBD - Frank Braun: - support Joshua with `evm-bully` errors - if fixed, rerun - if idle, `near-api-go` improvements - Joshua J. Bouw: - Berlin HF (upstream contributions) - `evm-bully` errors fixing - Kirill Abramov: - support the release of the event-relayer on mainnet. - finish eth-connector precompiles and tests for it. - continue on storage regression tests. - aurora-engine reviews. - Marcelo Fornet: - Finalising the event-relayer and deploying it - Adding the monitoring for event-relayer - Finalising ERC-20 exit precompiles and releasing it - Clean ups in the repos - Matt Henderson: - Integrate faucet into the bridge UI - Continue with DAO specification - Try to get the UI going on Iteration 1 - Finish bridge blog article - Support eNEAR liquidity next steps - Michael Birch: - Documentation - Testnet automated deploy (at least some work towards this -- probably won't finish) - sdk refactor (if there is time) - Pierre-Alain Ouvrard: - Transfer finalization checks to NEAR - Finish web3js -> ethersjs - Aurora exits ?