# Aurora Update [2021-06-11] The recording is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwHJ4GzuxEc&list=PL9tzQn_TEuFV2O7twBM-41lCDq5nr8nLm ## Summary ## Agenda - Status & current goal - Last week - This week - Discussion - Usage stats - ETH bridge video explainer - Telegram group spam - NEAR Bully - Next week ## Status & current goal - Blog article on the Rainbow bridge - https://aurora.dev/blog/2021-how-the-rainbow-bridge-works - Hardhat Tutorial - https://doc.aurora.dev/develop/start/hardhat - Automatic finalisation of ERC20 transfer is live on the Testnet - ? Math API protocol upgrade is scheduled to be merged today (lowering the cost of precompiles) Priorities: - Business: close the round - Tech: launch the bridge ## Last week https://hackmd.io/@arto/HJGdZ9U9d ## This week ### Ahmed Ali - Hiring (Shadowing Marcelo). - Documentation: - [Aurora-docs#16](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/16). - [Aurora-examples#ERC-20](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-examples/tree/main/hardhat/erc20). - Troubleshooting - [Aurora-RPC#19](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-relayer/issues/19)[WIP]. - Telegram Aurora-dev support. - RPC-Relayer onboarding (Kudos to Arto). - Reviewing the bridge article. ### Alex Shevchenko - 30+ investors calls - Started the company incorporation and relevant docs preparation - Updated the terms of the invest round - Supported of the Rainbow Bridge - Finalised the org chart, compensation and benefits ### Arto Bendiken - Funded the Testnet faucet with 10,000 ETH from Ropsten. - Kudos to GB at the Ethereum Foundation! - If anyone in the team needs some Ropsten ETH, I’ve still got a lot of ETH left on Ropsten as well - Released and deployed Aurora Engine 1.2.0 to Testnet and Betanet. - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/releases/tag/1.2.0 - Troubleshooted and fixed reported RPC issues in collaboration with Ahmed. - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-relayer/issues/19 - Worked on admin matters: hiring, interviews, HR matters and comp convos, fundraising. - Continued work on standing up the Testnet block explorer: - Need to backfill the 50M historical blocks, which we also don't have indexed in our RPC endpoints as yet. - Way too slow to let BlockScout index it itself via the RPC, so formulating a better solution. ### Evgeny Kapun - Making tests for the host functions (not finished yet). ### Evgeny Ukhanov - Code review - Aurora DAO meetings - Implementation for Contract migration mechanics: [PR #137](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/137) - Aurora DAO: - Contract deployed to: aurora-dao.testnet - Started deploying process frontend to Hetzner - Created repository: https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-dao-ui - Fixed DAO creation - Fixed DAO list - Partly fixed DAO info & proposals - All activities related to adopting for new functionality of SuptnikDAOv2 contract ### Frank Braun - Work on security measures (-> interal discussions on Mondays) - Interviews & hiring - Reproduced open `evm-bully` issues in `aurora-engine` repository on clean machine for Joshua. Required small fix to `evm-bully`. ### Joshua J. Bouw - Interviewed potential hires. - Completed last bits of work on Math API. [nearcore#3954](https://github.com/near/nearcore/pull/3954) - Coordinated with Bowen on that. Should be merged by end of the day. - Completely added EIP-2565 support. [aurora-engine#138](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/138) - Improved modexp precompile as a whole. - Finished off `CREATE2` + `SELFDESTRUCT` - Looked into Frank's issues with the bully. He added some fixes so that we can consistency between us. - Various reviews [aurora-engine#51](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/51), [aurora-engine#135](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/135), [aurora-engine#133](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/133), [aurora-engine#131](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/131) ### Kirill Abramov - PRs: - Created [eth-to-near-event-relayer#6](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-to-near-event-relayer/pull/6) - Created [near-erc20-connector#5](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/near-erc20-connector/pull/5) - Created [aurora-engine#131](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/131) - Created [aurora-engine#133](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/133) - Created [aurora-engine#136](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/136) - Reviewed and fixed [eth-to-near-event-relayer#7](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-to-near-event-relayer/pull/7) - Reviewed [eth-to-near-event-relayer#10](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/eth-to-near-event-relayer/pull/10) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#51](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/51) - Reviewed and fixed [aurora-engine#125](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/125) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#135](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/135) - Reviewed [aurora-engine#137](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/137) - Improved JSON errors and handling workflow for aurora-engine. - `Eth-to-near-event-relayer`: add eNEAR support, refactoring. - Debugged and fixed ETH exit precompiles execution workflow. - Some refactoring for Eth-connector. - Implemented Hardhat tests for ETH exit precompiles. ERC20: WIP. - Storage regression test: WIP. ### Marcelo Fornet - Precompiles (Already green in CI only missing End to End test) - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/51 - Working close with Pierre on the integration of the frontend with Eth+Erc20 transfer to Aurora - Add support for "removing" storage in Aurora using generation key. (Updated and merged) - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/84 - Update EVM to provide access to state from precompiles (merged) - https://github.com/rust-blockchain/evm/pull/33 - Add support in near-api-js for view functions that receives borsh serialized arguments: - https://github.com/near/near-api-js/pull/620 - Finalization relayer - Deploy to Google Cloud + add basic monitoring - Minor updates and bug reports - Update docker image for rainbow-bridge - Hiring ### Matt Henderson - Aurora fundraise internal activities & investor reach-out - Aurora setup activities - Blog article about Rainbow Bridge - Miscellaneous admin issues (upgrading some commercial services we use) - Coordination around features related to Aurora bridge: - ERC-20 transfers on Testnet - ETH transfers on Mainnet - Auto-finalization of ERC-20 - Check that Ethereum to Aurora transactions are actually finalized - Exiting back to Ethereum - What we didn't get done: - Launch of ERC-20 on Testnet, due to inter-relations of some of these pieces. On the positive side, next week we beleive we'll be able to get bi-directional ETH and ERC-20 transfers on both Testnet and Mainet. - What we got done: - Finished Restore workflow (needed when exiting back to Ethereum) - Started a design around synchronization and transfer filtering (should reduce need for restore) ![](http://d.dafacto.com/8WfaEs+) ### Michael Birch - Documentation: - [Gas notes](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/17) - [MEW support (wip)](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/issues/18) - [HardHat review](https://github.com/aurora-is-near/doc.aurora.dev/pull/16#pullrequestreview-679825646) - Confirmed testnet deploy works with function call access key - Need @arto to add key to aurora testnet account - Helped with Exit Precompiles - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/51/commits/138bc2f4161abd65eb6a5c7cbbdada9923abaac1 - Helped with generational storage PR - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/84/commits/00867d670c4a2dbe3351f9ea0ab6252add1f7c61 - Work on Near Bootcamp presentation (not complete) - Work on SDK refactor (not complete) - PR review: - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-engine/pull/125#discussion_r645585672 ### Pierre-Alain Ouvrard - Work on client libraries: - Recovery of Eth -> Aurora transfers (ERC-20 + ETH) - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge-client/pull/34 - Replace web3js with ethersjs in @near-eth/nep141-erc20 and @near-eth/near-ether (ethersjs provider will be required) - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge-client/pull/44 - Handle event relayer auto finalization - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge-client/pull/45 - Some work on aurora exits - Release ropsten.bridgetonear.org with auto finalization - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/rainbow-bridge-frontend/pull/265 - Integrate transfer recovery in testnet.aurora.dev - https://github.com/aurora-is-near/aurora-webapp/pull/3 - Plan new features with Matt and Alex ### Yulian Lavysh - Fundraise management - Social media management, working on the partnership for this - US-based employments edge cases ## Discussion ### Usage stats (Arto, Alex) - The last month: ~2M total requests to the endpoints, 2K+ attacks blocked - The last 24h: ~100K total requests to the endpoints - Any good tools for on-chain stats? For example, we should track the number of `submit` and `deposit` calls (and with a succeeded/failed dimension). ![The geographic distribution of requests](https://i.imgur.com/ntC3F1U.png) - Rainbow Bridge [stats](https://duneanalytics.com/zavodil/rainbow-bridge) ### ETH bridge video explainer - https://testnet.aurora.dev - Michael is up for this task ### Telegram group spam - Suggesting to add bot(s) for cleaning any unncessary messages (e.g., [@MissRose_bot](https://t.me/MissRose_bot)). - We have a couple of bots already added as admins - Yulian to take ownership on this ### NEAR Bully? - Success of Aurora depends on NEAR, so it's worth to help NEAR to deal with the issues in the protocol. - NEAR Bully idea: to make a load/fuzzy testing tool for NEAR - Michael: there's a load testing tool already. It works in the `Mocknet`. - Frank to sync with Max & others on this matter. ## Next week - Ahmed Ali: - Troubleshooting other RPCs - Support for Lollyswap - More docs - Alex Shevchenko: - Finalise the discussions with the investors - Compose the round over the next weekend - Finalise the incorporation of the company - Finalise the preparation of the necessary legal docs - Arto Bendiken: - Hiring and interviews. - Backfill and index the historical block data. - Finish the the block explorer roll out. - Finish the edge infrastructure roll out. - Support the ETH & ERC-20 connector Mainnet roll out. - Review the Berlin HF situation. - Evgeny Kapun: - Finish the host functions. - Evgeny Ukhanov: - Complete migration PR - AuroraDAO related activities -- TBD - Frank Braun: - security improvements - infrastructure work - hunting for devs & interviews - support Joshua with `evm-bully` work, if necessary - Joshua J. Bouw: - Work on the `evm-bully` issues - Document Math API changes to nearcore - Add support to our precompiles for MathAPI - Continual Berlin work - Interviews - Kirill Abramov: - Support the release of ETH- and ERC20- connectors on Mainnet. - Finish storage regression test. - Finish Hardhat tests for ERC20-exits. - Aurora-engine reviews & tech debt improvements. - Marcelo Fornet: - Finishing exit precompiles - Releasing the relayers and three connectors - Matt Henderson: - UI updates on Aurora Bridge to support bi-directional ETH & ERC-20 transfers (or however far we get in terms of enabled transfer features). - First notes and action items posted on the Aurora DAO product. - Possibly some nice suprises on the Aurora Bridge core UI. - Michael Birch: - Near bootcamp presentation - Bridge video tutorial - CI checks for docs style (#20) - SDK refactor (continued) - Pierre-Alain Ouvrard: - Aurora exits and recovery (ERC-20 + ETH) - Yulian Lavysh: - Finalising the invest round