# SPS DAO Treasury Report Publishing a DAO treasury report has been on the to-do list for some time now, but kept getting pushed back as other priorities came up. Now that a first version of community proposals is live and the SPS validators are getting closer to testnet release, it is of increasing importance that all of you - the community of staked SPS token holders - have clear information on the DAO treasury which is ultimately yours to use as you collectively wish. The treasury currently holds assets in three wallets across four platforms (in-game, Hive Engine, Ethereum, and BNB Smart Chain). The wallet addresses with links to explorers to view the assets on the various blockchain platforms are shown below. As a side note, if any of the fantastic third-party developers in the ecosystem would like to put together a dashboard that aggregates the DAO treasury information from the various wallets and platforms in one place, that would likely be very valuable for the community to be able to track the value of the SPS DAO treasury assets in real-time. - In-Game - `@sps.dao` (https://api2.splinterlands.com/players/balances?username=sps.dao) - Hive Engine - `@sps.dao` (https://hive-engine.com/@sps.dao/wallet) - Ethereum - `0xb951679DB9E0cA31059e7528A82A756Ecb918519` (https://debank.com/profile/0xb951679DB9E0cA31059e7528A82A756Ecb918519) - BNB Smart Chain - `0xdf5Fd6B21E0E7aC559B41Cf2597126B3714f432C` (https://debank.com/profile/0xdf5Fd6B21E0E7aC559B41Cf2597126B3714f432C) The total DAO holdings split out by token (excluding small amounts) is shown in the table below. This includes the sum of all of the tokens held in DAO wallets across all platforms and includes tokens that are liquid, staked, and paired in liquidity pools. Please note that the numbers shown below represent the values at the time of writing and both the USD value and holding amounts may vary significantly as token prices and LP positions change. |Token|Holdings|Approx. USD Value|Exchange Rate| |--|--:|--:|--:| |SPS|126,176,141|$3,532,931|$0.028| |USDC/T|390,780|$390,780|$1| |BUSD|103,480|$103,480|$1| |ETH|332|$535,848|$1,614| |BNB|1,420|$434,520|$306| |HIVE|116,251|$46,926|$0.404| **Total Non-SPS Treasury Holdings: $1,511,554** As you can see, the DAO treasury currently holds roughly 13% of all SPS in cirulation, and roughly 26% of all liquid SPS. Additionally, the DAO treasury holds roughly $1.5M USD (at current market prices) of non-SPS tokens. The non-SPS funds represent the remaining amount from the initial SPS private sale back in July of 2021. ## LP Positions The following table shows the LP positions currently held by the DAO treasury. As mentioned above, this information is as of the time of writing and will change constantly as token prices move and users make swaps in the pools. All of the token balances in this table are also accounted for in the totals shown above. |Platform|Pool|Token 1|Token 2|Approx. USD Value| |--|--|--:|--:|--:| |PancakeSwap|SPS-BNB|1,321 BNB|14,870,786 SPS|$828,397| |Uniswap V2|SPS-ETH|36.41 ETH|2,145,576 SPS|$118,525| Please note that the DAO treasury wallets are currently excluded from earning any SPS rewards for its LP positions. This, like anything else, is subject to change via a governance proposal vote.