# Season Rentals Spec - When listing a card for rent, players can choose whether it should be a season or daily rental - If season rental is chosen, they specify a price per day (like normal) - The market UI should be updated to allow renters to toggle between seeing season or daily rentals - When renting a season rental card, the rental will be for the number of days to take it past the current season end, so for example if a player rents a card at 12:00 PM ET on Jan 1st and the season ends at 9:00 AM ET on Jan 15th, then the rental will end at 12:00 PM ET on Jan 15th - Alternatively, all season rentals can be completed together right at the end of the season. We can go with whatever is easier to implement. If rentals end right at the end of the season then we need to take into account the partial payment for the last day when the card is first rented - Season rentals can only be done for a single season (i.e. you can't specify that you want to rent a card for multiple seasons at one time) and cannot be cancelled - If a season rental is started within 7 days from the end of the current season, then the rental will go until the end of the following season. This means that all season rentals will last a minimum of 7 days - The full payment for a season rental should be sent to the card owner at the time the rental starts. There is no reason to hold funds in escrow and make daily payments since the rental cannot be cancelled