# RG<>MolochDAO Season 3 Cohort ###### tags: `RaidGuild` `MolochDAO` ### Overview Each of the following are conceived as tasks ($6k each) but we might organize them into projects (3 @ $10k each) - we need clarity on the RG definition of these terms/scope. 5 tasks @ $6k/ea = $30k We will begin with **$20k for the season3 sponsorship**, with a portion dedicated to **incentivizing MGD members to take up the projects** ### Bonus for MGD (or female non-tech) Contributors * Moloch will dedicate a small fund to incentivize female apprentices of RaidGuild to take on MolochDAO projects * Would love to consult on what seems appropriate. Initial idea: * $500 per successful contributor x4 = $2k total * Since Ann, Zayi, and Travis (aka ReallyBoringGuild) are also all MGD members, we will be working both sides to try to increase female apprentices this season ### Handbook #### Scribe, Monk, Ranger, Mystic Alchemist, Healer * Requires focus on content and structure, based on current minimum viable handbook (a work in progress that will be made public soon) * Might begin with an ecosystem-wide handbook audit to create a "State of the DAO" report, based on the work that earth2travis and Amos (arentweall) has already done * Audit might be confined to the MC ecosystem, or expanded beyond * Focuses on functionality already outlined in handbooks, appropriating and adapting for Moloch's needs (so as to avoid reinventing the wheel), specifically for a grant awarding DAO * Development of a Docusaurus handbook framework * Custodial design of the DAO doc repository to facillitate open-source "living document" community contributions moving forward * Investigate and provide recommendations for the ongoing incentivization of Moloch working groups * There is already a lot of planning on the scope and details of this handbook that can be shared with apprentices - it's an ongoing project that we want to take to the next level with outside contributors **Timeline:** Dec 31, 2021 **Point person:** Travis ### Visual Design System #### Archer, Ranger * Create from scratch the design system for the DAO * Open-source repository so future contributors can easily make changes - Figma? * Wireframes with example layouts (related to website project) * Research Moloch lore, correlate to aesthetics, balance between the *offensive* punk/metal imagery with a more digestible public-facing presentation **Timeline:** Dec 31, 2021 **Point person:** Travis ### New/Updated MolochDAO.com Website #### Archer, Ranger, Warrior, Cleric * Currently hosted on Webflow (no coding necessary for non-tech contributors) * Can be migrated to a custom site * Deliverables might include wireframes of new site, or be expanded into a more comprehensive UX report that preceeds the design phase to explore the MV functionality of a grant awarding DAO * Requires an audit of existing Moloch material, revamp of sitemap to identify excesses: minimum viable website * Incorporates visual design system **Timeline:** Dec 31, 2021 **Point person:** Travis ### Grant Administration & Strategy #### Angry Dwarf, Monk, Healer, Druid, Cleric **Annual Report** * Investigate 2021 grant history - estimate how much was spent on grants. (Requires understanding shares.) * Help create profiles of the 2021 grantees highlighting their accomplishments & what the grant enabled (impact) - and create social media versions of these. * Contribute to a budget sustainability model for MolochDAO. Format will be laid out. * Form a working group on regenerative strategies for the treasury and create some actionable recommendations. * Create a template for an annual report in a polished format consistent with Moloch design. Outline will be provided. * Provide updates to the appropriate sections of the handbook * Assist in research and Moloch community conversation of 2022 grant focus for inclusion in the annual report. **Grant Strategy** * Assist in defining guiding principles of the Moloch grant pipeline. * Identify DAO-to-DAO collaborations and areas of common interest, where Moloch can contribute to and participate in the ecosystem, creating impact and learning. * Curation of grant projects in a *punk ethos*: radical transparency, sacrifice of the self for the greater good via retroactive public goods funding initiatives, ongoing solarpunk (post-doom) support for Ethereum, etc. **Grant Admin** * Articulate a work description or workstream: grant administrator role for one or more people to fill. * Streamline the application procedure including back end - type form, airtable, on-chain data. Identify simplications that make it simpler to apply, simpler to process grants, and which is transparent to Moloch members. * Bonus: recreate the current RBG payments system to streamline monthly payments and create more transparency to the DAO. **Timeline:** Dec 17, 2021 **Point person:** Ann ### Community Facillitation / Strategy #### Tavern Keeper, Bard, Hunter, Scribe, Healer * Requires theory (strategy) and action (admin). Internal ops audit, research, and consultation. Report might outline actionable steps, or be handed off to another marketing DAO/entity. * Ground-up strategy pertaining to community building, outreach, marketing, DAO-to-DAO collaborations, etc. * Creation of a unified voice for Discord, Discourse, Twitter, and other social channels - working closely with the Visual Design System team? * Articulate best practices and codes of conduct for community engagement * Brand strategy! Marketing strategy to identify the primary needs and pain points of the DAO, how to best attend to them in a public facing campaign, resulting in visual design directions * Draft a report that will allow RBG to continue to recruit specific specializations * Working with the Annual Report group to define future strategies * Articulate internal incentivization schemes for working groups (like RBG), curate contributions inclusively with a focus on diversity of perspective and experience (both technical and non-tech) * One eye looking in (internal ops) and one eye looking out (outreach) * Bonus: Working towards the articulation of a new internal role, focused on: * Internal ops designing for inclusivity * Identification of incentives that attract diverse contributors and **value/keep facillitator roles** * Critique of DAO infrastructure (beyond MolochDAO?) to improve internal ops (ala Healer) * Sustained investigation of the need for a DAO HR-esque role * Moderate without policing: expand upon decentralized moderation, to orchestrate diverse voices without inhibiting/exclusing through code of conduct * Ongoing research on inclusive design, porous cultural strategy, and transparent reportage disseminated through content production (blog articles, forum posts, Discord discussions) **Timeline:** Dec 31, 2021 **Point person:** Zayi