# group assumptions ###### tags: `manyverse` - "private groups" is just the internal name. we can surface a new one to users. - we want to prevent hate groups from using it if possible - define "ourselves" - what behaviours support / styme different sort of group - group reviews for friends - message that I publish which tell you about a group (before a person enters) - could be split out into: - trust / safety - tags about voice (e.g. "heaps of bootstrap UI", "straight male porn") - member directory - how old - how often - how many invitees - who invited person X - is X an admin of this group? - relationships with me - group is an object - can be pointed at - e.g. for invite only you can point at the group - ? group chats and private groups relationship - back end is the same - scenario 1 (group-lite): start as private group (ask questions later), you make threads in here - scenario 2: start a private chat (evolve it into a group with more features later) - scenario 3?: users don't know the difference between private chats and groups - the backend is the same - we provide two distinct UI - same - bird-eye view for large groups - subway map navigation - word cloud (sniffing) - you could set custom filters locally for trigger words you want surfced e.g. "holocaust" - sentiment analysis? synonmym library? - "important threads" - lots of activity, or often referenced, or pinned - comparison table against other groups - define criteria - break down "security" - testimonials - migration path interview - facebook - other ssb - mastodon pribate instances - whatsapp - telegram - signal - dark matter - registration flow and invitation flow - nicholas and mix will work on a diagram and bring it to the group - andrestaltz: I would rather have everybody can add members, because that's what the private-group protocol can support, and we can't force other SSB apps to follow the "only admins can add" rule - in ahau: - have an "admin subgroup" - stores extra private info for admins only - "POBox" - this is an address anyone can deliver messages to, but without knowing who you are sending it to. - V high-risk group persona are out-of-scope: - truly invisible groups (invitation only, no doors) - no way to sniff group by looking at .ssb folder - content also reads the user - journalist/leaking/whistleblower - forward secrecy? - can previous messages be seen with forward-secrecy? - ? hostile users: - V truce model for blocked users - ? admin edge cases - group is old and admin died - admins cancels one another - unadmin - group personas - V delay tolerant groups - people in isolated communities (indigenous people, antatica) - boat community - V private notes (multi-devices) - V family records: family wants to share pics/audio/video and docs, seamlessly and under data sovereignty - storage: how does it work generation-wise? an elder posts an audio of story, and then their grandchildren want to listen to it. how do we avoid the "bias of now"? - storage: how do I know when a file/picture/audio is replicated by too few people, and is in risk of being forgotten? surface this fact and ask the group to help replicate it - :warning: Surface the risk of being forgotten! - indigenous groups: collective mapping and oral stories - **V organization coordination**: organization hashes things out, takes decisions, and stores protocols - examples: co-ops, volunteer groups - :warning: This group persona wants documentation, and documentation depends on edit/clear/delete messages, teams, subgroups - 1-author edit - draft mode - CLEAR would completely hide the post from the UI, except for the admins - council notes where council members come to a decision in a private group and later reveal the discourse and result for transparency - archive - unions (high-risk group persona?) - study groups: a book club using `ssb` for event planning, notes and overall book (or any media, in fact) criticism - underground parties - seems easy - media discussion: - discussing a photo+description of food - discussing a news article that someone shared - discussing an object that someone shared - special diet/fitness groups - special needs: - parents of autistic people - collective intelligence, troubleshooting together - recipes for gluten intolerant - people with cancer (secure group persona?) - friends shooting shit (bottom-up organization) - "hey wanna grab a beer" - "i'm here + map location" - "oh i'll be 10 min late sry" - grassroots small group that suddenly becomes big group - the kind of stuff you have in signal chats (or current manyverse private chats) - political groups - climate migrants - activism, protest, black block