# Wind Down Website Soft Launch Soundboard - January 2024 I would like to promote The Wind Down starting this month. My main focus is on drawing people in to connect via a "hotline" for people who are considering or in the process of closing down their project or organization. These calls will help me validate and sharpen my offering. The calls will be 1-hour, one-offs and are NOT intended to drum up business. 1. This soundboard is: - [ ] invite-only - [X] open to anyone else who is interested 2. What are you wanting feedback on? > I would like people to focus on the following pages > [Home Page](https://www.wind-down.org/) > [Closure Calls Page](https://www.wind-down.org/resources/closure-calls/) 3. What types of skills would folx ideally have or offer feedback? > I think just curiosity and ability to communicate. 4. What’s the meeting link? > [ZOOM LINK HERE](https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88457458098?pwd=1Pm4rHCY1kkDiJTaQbB9z8UB3bbyyL.1) 5. When is it? Create event invite > 11 January 2024 at 19 ET ## NOTES * <strike>Be clear who the audience is</strike> * <strike>Mention that it is free</strike> * <strike>redirect people that just want to chat to me to the regular contact</strike> * <strike>tell the person what happens next (e.g. we will contact in less than 3 days)</strike>strike> * <strike>Explain why I am doing this and I intend to share my learnings</strike> * <strike>Get an image that matches the home page - full-width. </strike>strike> * An easy pairing - Montserrat and open sans - Google Font pairings > https://www.fontpair.co/all > https://www.pagecloud.com/blog/best-google-fonts-pairings > https://www.leadpages.com/blog/best-google-fonts * More than one call to action * Add Learn More to the Thank You page * Have an opengraph for website - make sure it has the right image on unfurl * When I announce it. If you ARE this, go here or share it with someone who needs it!