# Soundboard: The Wind Down Weaving Workshop - May 2024 ![ewekenteinkpetoe](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HJnfmrDJ0.jpg) Submitted By: Camille Acey Submitted On: March 31st 2024 Topic: Workshop on weaving together a closure narrative > I would like to get feedback on my idea for a workshop guiding groups through how to weave together the narrative of their closure 1. This soundboard is: - [ ] invite-only - [x] open to anyone in the world who is interested 2. What are you wanting feedback on? > Whether the concepts hold together, the length seems right, and the whole premise seems plausible. 3. What types of skills would folx ideally have or offer feedback? > Workshop design skills are great, but I welcome anyone who has ever been part of any workshop! 4. When do you need the Soundboard to happen by? No rush. ----- FILL THIS SECTION OUT ONCE THE SOUNDBOARD IS SET. 5. What’s the meeting link? > write answer here 6. Create and share event invite > write answer here ----- ## INSTRUCTIONS - READ ONLY # how to request a soundboard 4. change permissions to everyone (ask group if confused) 5. share it with [praxis signal group](https://signal.group/#CjQKILSdL3eZy9vMSLQDkh_utsjQ4_acwGRWxu-GUN6OBT_KEhCMz6cKAAyCAPND1wOcbvDy) for consideration ] # how to prepare a public soundboard 1. decide on a date 3. add date to praxis calendar 4. add hackmd note link to calendar 5. create zoom link (ask camille), add date and zoom link on note 6. promote note with date on mastodon --- # how to announce a soundboard to outsiders 1. what's praxis 2. what's soundboard 3. what's this soundboard (topic, format, desired goals can) # soundboard debrief