praxis focus sessions, how to join # praxis focus ###### tags: `praxis` > Every Wednesday 4PM EST via video > 1. [install keet]( > 2. follow [this room link](punch://jc38t9nr7fasay4nqfxwfaawywfd3y14krnsitj67ymoubiezqdy/ym337dgg3ugkauz51qxuxfoiiyoq6cids7nhkbrsqjyb7o3mbc8senm7xsf57jdzxmccpqns1fjeh9r3epyw4h8tfh7ntzjccdzus8tgyry99imxskxaryeyybyp5qzs6bg1atmigmf351pfq49z788xwhokf8xoh4duyx8kyyqf7smzawh8wudgn4tdtu9o1hfnktikmbnzu9u47qefus9wujcofb3hyo) > 3. [check our board]( ## useful links - [all screens figma]( - [design deliverables]( ## rules for editing figma - don't edit design made by others, just add to it - same with components: don't edit existing ones, create a variation ## TODO - [ ] rotating keys on groups (high security) - [ ] following, empty state - [ ] private dashboard - [ ] dark mode ## Diary ### Sep 2, 2022 - security: andré will arrange a meeting with groups team - onboarding: we're almost dome with share/invite flow. this one is GOLD. nicholas will negotiate a meeting with jacob and andre. missing are: - multi-invite token (for groups) - last mile (rooms? double follow? how to test?) - next steps - pills: andre wil validate all possible pills permutations (current and future) so we can start designing a cohesive system - how to collaborate: nicholas will connect andre with socialroots ### Aug 19, 2022 - refined design deliverables documentation - created activity and notification epic - discussed if in-app or system notification, feasibility exercise soon - started activity type taxonomy, plus groups ## agenda for June 15 - Main menu, third iteration - [taxonomy exercise]( - [Main menu figma file]( - [x] Ideas for autocomplete layout - [x] Filters, search, saved search (Jump points) - [x] Activity, groups - [x] Smaller tab (On top?) - [x] Moving from low def to high def (Colors, fonts, etc) - [x] Where logo should go? - [x] Media vs Object vs menu item (Use gatherings as example) - [x] How menu reacts to scrolling? - [x] post layout, initial take - [x] edit post flow - [x] autocomplete (`/` as trigger, light approval) - [x] which markdown we use, can we have an editor? - [x] can we import from other - [x] drafts