# UK Carpentry Community Meetings - Home Page / Main Document [toc] This is the UK Carpentry Community space: - for the UK Carpentry instructors, helpers and workshop coordinators (or anyone involved in training tech to researchers in general and outside of the UK) to get to know each other better and encourage collaboration - to get the community's questions answered and provide help with technical aspects of creating Carpentry workshop websites, registering workshops with the Carpentries, Carpentry institutional membership or anything else - to help the community in the UK with organising workshops and finding instructors/helpers - to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for the community to share their experience, explore topics of interest, find collaborators for training related projects and network. ## Code of Conduct During these meetings, we will be conforming to [The Carpentries Code of Conduct](https://docs.carpentries.org/topic_folders/policies/code-of-conduct.html). ## Carpentries Instructor Training Checkout You can attend one of our meetings as a *community discussion* part of your [Carpentries Instructor Training checkout](https://carpentries.github.io/instructor-training/checkout/index.html). Simply add your name in the [meeting notes for one of the upcoming meetings](#Past-amp-Upcoming-Meetings) of your choice and mark yourself "for checkout". ## Meeting Schedule & Details **Zoom URL:** https://zoom.us/j/95360073649. **Call schedule:** 4th Monday of the month, 16:00-17:00 UK time (either BST or GMT) **Meeting details are shared via [local-uk Carpentry mailing list](https://carpentries.topicbox.com/groups/local-uk) and [The Carpentries community calendar](https://carpentries.org/community/#community-events).** - **[Community's HackMD workspace](https://hackmd.io/@local-uk)** - **[Community's HackMD workspace's details (needs logging in)]( https://hackmd.io/team/local-uk?nav=overview)** - **[Previous & upcoming meetings](#Past-amp-Upcoming-Meetings)** - **[Meeting template](https://hackmd.io/hgl1tYhOTTqDsIDwjArE5w)** - **[Community space on GitHub](https://github.com/uk-carpentries)** and **[meeting notes back-ups](https://github.com/uk-carpentries/uk-carpentries/tree/main/meeting-notes)** - [**Chairing rota**](https://hackmd.io/@local-uk/rkPK1Si7F) ### Notes ### Announcements/Help needed - Request shared by Malvika: [HELP NEEDED - Delivering The Carpentries Instructor Training Modules] I am posting this on behalf of Ayesha Magill, lead of the Institute’s ["Data Science and AI Educators’ Programme”](https://www.turing.ac.uk/data-science-and-ai-educators-programme). She is looking for 1-2 Carpentries Instructor Trainers to deliver a part of the Instructor Training curriculum over 2 half-days on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 May 2023 (mornings UK time/BST/UTC+1) as part of the programme’s second cohort. Topics to cover include the following: Day one: Intro and overview; memory and cognitive load; building skill with feedback; motivation and teaching is a skill Day two: Live coding is a skill; preparing to teach; equity, inclusion and accessibility If you are interested and able to help - please get in touch with me or directly with Ayesha (amagill@turing.ac.uk) ## Past & Upcoming Meetings *Contact a.nenadic@software.ac.uk if you want to join a community discussion as part of your instructor checkout or add your name in the [meeting notes for one of the upcoming meetings](#Meeting-Notes).* ### 2023 - [27 November 2023](https://hackmd.io/gY-kLpJrRQ61DC4fnLyNaQ?both) - [23 October 2023](https://hackmd.io/FwJlfDAWQFmgTTGw4FjuNg?both) - [25 September 2023](https://hackmd.io/jxvYobpEQIuZN9kdWBUdmw?both) - [28 August 2023](https://hackmd.io/5scDGaw_Rb2CkOJZRkKo0w?both) - [24 July 2023](https://hackmd.io/yFoBBBODQQOt5POJ1ax14w?both) - [26 June 2023](https://hackmd.io/YVrkQK3lQRCgs6WZcpCBQA) - [22 May 2023](https://hackmd.io/9RbvdkwoTHubkfj3dvo0uw?both) - [24 April 2023](https://hackmd.io/YcT5xTvVRTOI_Pqw4VlkPg?both) - [27 March 2023](https://hackmd.io/muoN2T7qRL-xp_5uYvhajg) - [27 February 2023](https://hackmd.io/FbJE3MzISbqVDaCeAwq_-w?both) - [23 January 2023](https://hackmd.io/3xtLhCGXQE2KUAO6Ywn3dw) ### 2022 - [28 November 2022](https://hackmd.io/Q0tIfE1qSf6kBvZLxnsOkA) - [24 October 2022](https://hackmd.io/VwmHSeWHQ6-8n_rOPHYcbg?both) - [26 September 2022](https://hackmd.io/yli3TiApRTePL8H_vHG0xA) - [22 August 2022](https://hackmd.io/Sg6zwv8eSEKUAbREEET3sA) - [25 July 2022](https://hackmd.io/5-5-8F6KTvykVsyXQGLerQ) - [27 June 2022](https://hackmd.io/mP1mJ1RxQKC4kJ3tvo40Yw) - [23 May 2022](https://hackmd.io/4N_gdVppS3GBu3gGm65vSA) - [25 April 2022](https://hackmd.io/JOGmJsn3TT2bxaFMAieRMg) - [28 March 2022](https://hackmd.io/4w2VS-qQTVO3iT8v61BJpw) - [28 February 2022](https://hackmd.io/Pj-FWH9TRJqEJ4ZpemZOqg) - [24 January 2022](https://hackmd.io/@local-uk/B1KC5LK_K) ### 2021 - [22 November 2021](/b6We6To1SX6cFoP5EUEOtQ) - [25 October 2021](https://hackmd.io/_-IGgOYIT4-Nx8LbmSxdSQ?both) - [27 September 2021](https://hackmd.io/5T9kLlr_R1CCFLzrASMU_w) - [23 August 2021](https://hackmd.io/hWeiTpL9QzeZUoNZJywvOw?both) - [26 July 2021](https://hackmd.io/ulYHAwUfQ7iMZqq3h8TDiQ?both) - [28 June 2021](https://hackmd.io/Yeo2FNMQSo-XHhF04gFGeQ?both) - [24 May 2021](https://hackmd.io/@local-uk/HybsmU-K_) - [26 April 2021](https://hackmd.io/rz0RkZoXQYG-XNA8zR78iw) - [22 March 2021](https://hackmd.io/PzwiVhdER4CUwHLdZu1eDQ) - [25 February 2021, initial meeting](https://hackmd.io/OrBvUMhuR1OqqGCrBeQIYA) ## Useful Links and Resources - UK Community workspace on HackMD: https://hackmd.io/@local-uk - [Navigation view of the UK Community space](https://hackmd.io/team/local-uk?nav=overview) (requires logging in to HackMD) - Carpentries UK Community mailing list [local-uk](https://carpentries.topicbox.com/groups/local-uk) - Carpentries UK Community [slack channel](https://swcarpentry.slack.com/archives/CLE8WUGMA) within [The Carpentries Slack Workspace](https://swc-slack-invite.herokuapp.com/) - [Carpentries Code of Conduct](https://docs.carpentries.org/topic_folders/policies/code-of-conduct.html) - Connect with the [general Carpentries community](https://carpentries.org/connect/) - twitter, mailing lists, blog, slack, community calendar - [Carpentries Handbook](https://docs.carpentries.org/index.html) - a comprehensive resource for all things Carpentries - [Carpentries workshop FAQ](https://carpentries.org/workshop_faq/) - [Carpentries Blog](https://carpentries.org/blog/)