![](https://i.imgur.com/KKoEBBx.png) # DIF APAC Regional SIG (2023) [![hackmd-github-sync-badge](https://hackmd.io/udPQuNxUT--56dCdRUthIQ/badge)](https://hackmd.io/udPQuNxUT--56dCdRUthIQ) ## :triangular_flag_on_post: February Meeting This call is a collaborative effort between DIF and ToIP Communities and interested parties invovled with Decentralized Identity in the Asia Pacific region ## 💬 Agenda Items agenda items to discuss in this meeting. | **Item** | **Presenter** | **Pass Time** | |---------- |----------------- |-------------- | | Member Introductions | Catherine | 10 minutes | | 2023 Events | Micheal | 5 minutes | Digital identifiers: India |Sankarshan|20 minutes Digital wallet & ID Card, Digital law and Standards: Thailand |Sammotic| 20 minutes ## :heavy_check_mark: Meeting Summary **Members that attended** 1. Catherine Nabbala 2. Michael Shea 3. Eric Welton 4. Sammotic Switchyarn 5. Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay 6. Sandeep Bajjuri 7. Frederic Ho 8. William Mui 9. Aniket **2023 Events** Compiled by Michael Shea - Vienna Digital Identity https://vimeo.com/viennadigitalidentity should you be interested in a pannel discussion or even sponsoring, please kindly get in touch with him. https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelxshea/ **Digitization in India**-Quick Overview by Sankarshan Digitization has been built around Data Protection, Security and Exchange resulting in creation of digital public goods, public data registries and digital infrastructure to work at scale. The massive scale of digitization across various services is also linked with the creation of verifiable digital credentials enabling the holder to benefit from many opportunities. Today there are large, thriving communities in the space of skilling, education, livelihood, health and other domains. The talk is a quick introduction to how open protocols like Beckn and communities like DHP and DSEP are bringing members together to deliver digital credentials, which can create high liquidity for the recipient. In previous sessions, we've discussed the regulation around data governance; this time, we'll use the implementation examples to explore some of the topics. **Foundational Pieces**: Beckn Protocol https://github.com/beckn/ :Enables network creation and ecosystem building Offers a “Beckn Core” specification that can be reused. Sunbird RC https://github.com/Sunbird -RC: Data registries, VCs and attestation. **Ongoing Projects:** **DSEP** https://github.com/beckn/DSEP-Specification/ Focused on Skilling, Learning and Livelihood Enabling interoperability in VCs generated by systems and exchanged by wallets **DHP** https://github.com/dhp-project/ Ecosystems in health and wellness domain Unified Health Interface https://www.civis.vote/con sultations/424/read Bhutan Nattional Digital ID: Onboarding has started: https://www.dtnext.in/world/2023/02/22/bhutans-prince-jigme-wangchuck-becomes-countrys-first-digital-citizen **Key Lessons** Focus on the “paper” credentials used most abundantly and plan transformation into VCs Keep the need to have “verifiable QR” in mind while designing for wallets Scale for maximum liquidity of credentials Work within communities which include needs of demand and supply sides of credentials **Next Call** We shall be looking at Thailand for the first half and then Estonia in the last half. ## :end: Close of Meeting