![](https://i.imgur.com/KKoEBBx.png) # DIF APAC Regional SIG (2023) [![hackmd-github-sync-badge](https://hackmd.io/udPQuNxUT--56dCdRUthIQ/badge)](https://hackmd.io/udPQuNxUT--56dCdRUthIQ) ## :triangular_flag_on_post: January Meeting This call is a collaborative effort between DIF and ToIP Comminities and interested parties invovled with Decentralized Identity in the Asia Pacific region ## 💬 Agenda Items agenda items to discuss in this meeting. | **Item** | **Presenter** | **Pass Time** | |---------- |----------------- |-------------- | | Member Introductions | Catherine | 10 minutes | | 2023 Events | Catherine | 10 minutes | | DIF Member Spotlight Program | Catherine |5 minutes Digital identifiers: India |Sankarshan|10 minutes Digital wallet & ID Card, Digital law and Standards: Thailand |Sammotic| 15 minutes ## :heavy_check_mark: Other Discussion **Events-2023** Digital Onboarding forum: https://www.digitalonboardingforum.com/apac Date: 15-16 Feb APAC Digital Identity: https://www.apacdigitalid.org/ Date: 1-3 March IIW-36. https://internetidentityworkshop.com/ Date: 18-20 April The European Identity and Cloud Conference: (https://www.kuppingercole.com/events/eic2023)Date:9-10 May Biometrics Institute APAC Conference 2023: https://www.biometricsinstitute.org/event/asia-pacific-conference-2023/ 24-25 May Seamless Asia: https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/seamless/index.stm?_ga=2.38503783.516773464.1671424349-815820854.1671424349 Date: 27-28 June **DIF Member Spotlight Program**: Limited to DIF Associate members only. A chance to share your work with the community. Interested, please reach out to Limara Navarette (Community Manager-DIF) Examples of previous splotlight sessions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5gdlXXuij4&t=390s **Links shared during the meeting** https://github.com/beckn/ https://www.civis.vote/consultations/424/read https://github.com/dhp-project/ https://github.com/beckn/DSEP-Specification/ **Members that attended** 1. Catherine Nabbala 2. Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay 3. Sammotic Switchyarn 4. Sandeep Bajjuri 5. Eric Drury 6. Mitch Flindell 7. Daniel Leung 8. Micheal Shea 9. Rishi ## :end: Close of Meeting The time was not enough to discuss all the items as per the agenda so the next month's call will kick off with an over view of India and Thailand.