![](https://i.imgur.com/KKoEBBx.png) # DIF APAC Regional SIG (2023) [![hackmd-github-sync-badge](https://hackmd.io/udPQuNxUT--56dCdRUthIQ/badge)](https://hackmd.io/udPQuNxUT--56dCdRUthIQ) ## :triangular_flag_on_post: July Meeting This call is a collaborative effort between DIF and ToIP Communities and interested parties involved with Decentralized Identity in the Asia Pacific region ## 💬 Agenda Items | **Item** | **Presenter** | **Pass Time** | |---------- |----------------- |-------------- | | New Member Introductions | Victor |5 mins Reshaping the future of Decentralized Identity Management-Affinidi|Michael |20 mins Updates: Regional Digital Identity Initiatives, DIF Hackathon & IIWXXXVII FALL 2023 |Catherine|15 mins Are you ready to make a significant impact on the future of decentralised identity management? Calling all Developers! Affinidi is thrilled to invite you to join our exclusive beta trial and be at the forefront of shaping secure, user-centric software solutions. At Affinidi, we are changing data ownership for good, by building capabilities that empower everyone to own, protect, and share universally-accepted data and digital assets. Come join us on July 27th to learn more about our Early Access Programme. Attendees: 1. Catherine Nabbala 2. Victor R Ocampo 3. Paul Grehan 4. Joanne Knight 5. Sankarshan 6. Michael She 7. Michael Yih 8. Aniket 9. Ashish Tripathi 10. Adam Bradley 11. Carmen Links shared during the meeting Affinidi's Early Access Program launching on 3rd August: https://events.affinidi.com/eap Recent work out of ToIP around harms and digital ID https://trustoverip.org/blog/2023/07/12/what-is-the-business-value-of-harms-countermeasures-in-digital-identity-systems/ There’s a recent white paper from OpenID Foundation which is available for comments until mid Aug https://openid.net/open-for-comment-human-centric-identity-a-primer-for-government-officials/ https://restofworld.org/2023/japan-my-number-card/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=feeds Australia next year apparently ?!? https://ia.acs.org.au/content/ia/article/2023/national-digital-id-on-the-horizon.html?ref=newsletter&deliveryName=DM18788 Here is a recording of the last Digital Identity from Vienna with Jacques van Benecke https://vimeo.com/823723520 Identity Week Asia. 7-8th Nov: https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/identity-week-asia/index.stm Internet Identity Week 20%: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/640919837487/?discount=DIF_XXXVII_20 Japan’s digital ID program is a complicated mess: https://restofworld.org/2023/japan-my-number-card/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=feeds ## :triangular_flag_on_post: May Meeting This call is a collaborative effort between DIF and ToIP Communities and interested parties involved with Decentralized Identity in the Asia Pacific region ## 💬 Agenda Items | **Item** | **Presenter** | **Pass Time** | |---------- |----------------- |-------------- | | New Member Introductions | Sandeep |5mins Intro to DCDR|Jean F. Queralt |40 mins Updates from IIW & Upcoming Events/Regional Updates|Catherine | 10 mins ## :triangular_flag_on_post: April Meeting This call is a collaborative effort between DIF and ToIP Communities and interested parties involved with Decentralized Identity in the Asia Pacific region ## 💬 Agenda Items agenda items to discuss in this meeting. | **Item** | **Presenter** | **Pass Time** | |---------- |----------------- |-------------- | | New Member Introductions | Eric |5mins Recap of the APAC Digital Identity Unconference (https://www.apacdigitalid.org/en)|Ashish|10 mins [e-Estonia](https://e-estonia.com/)'s Digital Transformation using [X-Road](https://x-road.global/) |Eric| 20 mins Recap of the Thoughtful Biometrics Workshop (https://www.thoughtfulbiometrics.org/2023) |Eric|10mins Upcoming Events/Regional Updates|Catherine|5 mins ### About [e-Estonia](https://e-estonia.com/) Digital Transformation and [X-Road](https://x-road.global/) The [e-Estonia](https://e-estonia.com/) home page says it all: >We have built a digital society and we can show you how In our presentation we will briefly explore the [e-Estonia](https://e-estonia.com/) online resources and historical timeline. This sets the stage for addressing some of the misconceptions about the Estonian Digital Transformation - specifically in the areas of scalability, decentralization, privacy, and deployment maturity. We will pay special attention to [X-Road](https://x-road.global/), a key driving force behind Estonia's Digital Transformation. >X-Road supports various implementation models. Whether implementing a national, regional, or domain-specific data exchange solution, X-Road is scalable and adapts to the needs. > >To ensure secure data exchange, all outgoing data is digitally signed and encrypted, and all incoming data is authenticated and logged. > >The X-Road core is published under the MIT open source licence, and the source code is publicly available on GitHub. Support is available through X-Road Community and X-Road Technology Partners. A particuarly useful started video on X-Road is: {%youtube 9PaHinkJlvA %} The architecture itself is well summarized on the [X-Road Architecture Page](https://x-road.global/architecture): ![](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5a4f79d6aeb625d6f842c5d5/1594629987482-98C1QMH2OQDDW2UUFV57/X-Road%25252Becosystem%25252Barchitecture.jpg?format=1500w) **Regional updates** AyanWorks won “FIDO Developer Challenge 2022 - India: Go Passwordless with FIDO Authentication”https://ayanworks.medium.com/ayanworks-won-fido-developer-challenge-2022-india-go-passwordless-with-fido-authentication-79667f1ac34d UIDAI, NPCI to set up eKYC aggregator, fin entities to gain Read more at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/99717229.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst #36 - Thinking Locally and Globally for Digital Wallets and Identification. Link to the Event: https://www.meetup.com/digital-identity-from-vienna/events/292993136/ May 3, 12:00 AM to 1:30 AM ICT ## :heavy_check_mark: Meeting Summary **Members present** * Ashish Tripathi * Eric Drury * Victor Fernando R. Ocampo * Ajay Jadhav * Carmen Lam * Catherine Nabbala * Dasun Hegosa * Michael Shea * Sammotic Switchyarn * Eric Welton * Richard Tung * Jo Spencer Links shared during the meeting * https://github.com/JanssenProject/jans * https://agama-lab.gluu.org * https://gluu.org * https://www.apacdigitalid.org/en/content/past-events?iw_mailid=55fa9ee0-19d5-ed11-9f74-000d3a2dcd55&iw_scope=Event * https://www.theiofoundation.org/ * https://docs.theiofoundation.org/the-io-foundation/v/data-centric-digital-rights/research/dcdr-principles * https://docs.theiofoundation.org/the-io-foundation/v/data-centric-digital-rights/research/dcdr-principles * https://www.mdes.go.th/law/download/1289 APAC Digital Identity Unconference. Book of Proceedings :https://cdn-assets.inwink.com/5b73d46b-329d-44a2-a4b7-eb92bf54c4c1/e6c2bcca-c933-4663-86b8-42ed0fe05e6f e-Estonia / X-Road * https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18LUO4q3D_3sZE1K2fSApRvNoIXSrfa-NYYQBXLB0yYY/edit#slide=id.p * https://www.mdes.go.th/law/download/1289 * https://asean.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/02-Final-_-Report-Blockchain-for-digital-government.pdf * https://www.undp.org/sites/g/files/zskgke326/files/2021-10/enabling-cross-border-data-flow-asean-and-beyond-report.pdf Thoughtful Biometrics * https://www.thoughtfulbiometrics.org/