# CodeRefinery team meeting :::info - Date: **Every Monday**, 14-14:30 CET / 15-15:30 EET - Invited: Everybody welcome - This document: https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/team-meeting - Zoom connection details: - https://uit.zoom.us/j/62141400945 ::: ## Next ## 2022-06-27 - Community teaching workshop debriefing - what to improve/change for next time? - Focus on online teaching tools and collaborative teaching and sharing - Less about lesson development - How to cater to different styles of attending - when to run next event? - Aug 3: CarpentryCon - We need to submit this confirmation sometime. - RD: I guess I can submit it and say "TBD" for the things we don't know yet? - Sept workshop - Registration: https://indico.neic.no/event/226/ - In principle ready but it would be great if you could check both individual and team form for inconsistencies/confusion - All previous test registrations have been wiped and all new test registrations will be wiped so don't hesitate to test - Workshop page: https://coderefinery.github.io/2022-09-20-workshop/ - RB will send small tweaks to clarify what we expect from organizations who might provide own form. The info is all there but just to make it clearer and easier to see and find. - Community call next week, agenda: - Sept workshop - Kick-off meeting Sep 1-2 - Who will prepare agenda and lead? RB can but happy to let somebody else do it - Kick-off meeting Sep 1-2 - Please request agenda points that you would like to have - 1 hour steering group meeting before start of the actual event - NeIC requested two agenda points: opening address and a session about NeIC benefits to staff - RD: I'm not making any particular arrangements for food. I assume we will go upstairs to find it, or to a nearby restaurant. ## 2022-06-20 - teaching workshop - https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/community-teaching-2022-summer - how you can help: - announce june 21 workshop - Where? - contribute with co-teaching - contribute to panel discussion - sept workshop page and registration - GitHub link: https://github.com/coderefinery/2022-09-20-workshop/ - MJ is editing the How to Join -section - Partner registrations - should decide whether to use separate event pages? - [JYU-case](https://coderefinery.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/215460-coderefinery/topic/Syndication.20of.20full.20workshop.20.40JYU/near/285492297) can act as pilot - How you can help: - announce sept workshop - Where? - pick up issues from - https://github.com/coderefinery/coderefinery.org - https://github.com/coderefinery/2022-09-20-workshop/issues ## 2022-06-13 - kick-off - Aalto university campus (Helsinki) - Thu Sep 1, 12 EEST - Fri Sep 2, 14 EEST (start with lunch, end with lunch) - visible in community calendar - RB will send also information email later today to coderefinery-team@neic.no and coderefinery-sg@neic.no - any questions about travel planning? - CR-funded, you can go ahead and book your flights (or boat) and all - You book travel and accommodation like normal with your employer, and then the employer sends the invoice to NeIC. - lunch-to-lunch - Accommodation: one night needed, Aalto people will give some recommendations - we can also share hotel recommendations and those who book first, can share their reservation so that we co-locate - If for travel practicalities you need more nights, that is fine too. - We can arrange some activities the other nights, too. - How should we coordinate/what should the website be? HackMD? - HackMD, which we can later "solidify" into a website and blog - Here: https://hackmd.io/qiF-KaSEQ-2sTHvi8keusw - Program - Especially focus on sustainability and what happens after NeIC - Also discuss dedicated workshops - Make sure we invite relevant persons and collaborators and stakeholders - online teaching workshop june 21 - registration is open: https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/community-teaching-2022-summer - you can participate as participant - but also helpers/contributors most welcome - material: https://github.com/coderefinery/community-teaching - you can help with - Issues and pull requests - Reading it and pointing out problems - Taking one of the four main sections and preparing/co-teaching it - livestream discussion part - zoom interactive part and exercises (especially "how to make it exciting and interactive" or how to make useful demos) - sept workshop page and registration - we need to generate from https://github.com/coderefinery/template-workshop-webpage - you can help with registration form and the workshop page - finish registration form based on chat suggestions and blog post - MJ wants to collab - fork workshop page from workshop template and adapt it - MJ wants to collab - announce sept workshop - announce june 21 workshop - pick up issues from https://github.com/coderefinery/coderefinery.org - Steering-group meeting June 16 - agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rrPeVhbUJm5fCpjACkzNH0imjtheaEDU3UgWHc4k40Y/ - Sustainability phase - What is the status of the discussion ## 2022-06-06 This Monday was a holiday in many countries. No meeting held. The suggested agenda points shifted over to 2022-06-13. ## 2022-05-30 RB cannot participate this time and unsure whether anybody has time because of NeIC conference at the same time. Anyway, here are topics that can be discussed: - kick-off - probably Aalto campus (Helsinki) - most promising days seem to be Sep 1-2 (Thu-Fri) - RB will add to community calendar - Sep 1, 12 EEST - Sep 2, 14 EEST (start with lunch, end with lunch) - online teaching workshop june 21 - registration is open: https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/community-teaching-2022-summer - you can participate as participant - but also helpers/contributors most welcome - material: https://github.com/coderefinery/community-teaching - you can help with issues and pull requests - sept workshop page and registration - we need to generate from https://github.com/coderefinery/template-workshop-webpage - you can help with registration form and the workshop page ## 2022-05-23 - Kick-off event poll: https://doodle.com/meeting/participate/id/ejR1JgRe/vote - please vote if you haven't so that we can fix dates - we look for 2 consecutive days - tentatively Aalto (unconfirmed) or Oslo - Aalto is very likely possible - RB: I should have added an option "interested in this but none of these days work" - Lightning talk for ISC (BoF: https://app.swapcard.com/widget/event/isc-high-performance-2022/planning/UGxhbm5pbmdfODYxMTgx) - SW will present CodeRefinery project and can use input - how can we better support organizations/observers/teams? - clearer info on website - even better explain on workshop template (see also point below) - online teaching (co-teaching and streaming) - 3 min presentation - New registration form - please test: https://indico.neic.no/event/226/ - but also we need to implement some changes from https://coderefinery.org/blog/2022/05/18/measuring-impact/ - individual registration: make clearer that they will have chance to work in groups - Maybe provide a template for group contant persons where they can collect the info that we want to get - How you can help (the most burning things in terms of project) - workshop registration form: https://indico.neic.no/event/226/ - integrate some questions from pre-workshop survey (see blog post on impact) - workshop page template: https://github.com/coderefinery/template-workshop-webpage - clarify that group registrations are possible - clarify how groups and individuals and organizations can participate ## 2022-05-16 - Redesigning workshop registration ([Blog post](https://coderefinery.org/blog/2022/05/04/improving-workshop-registration/)) - Please **test** register and tell us how we can improve the forms: https://indico.neic.no/event/226/ - all test data will be wiped before we later this month open and announce it "for real" - PDC course on the UppASD program, Oct 11-13 2022. - DI interested to help out - How to measure impact. This Wednesday: https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/hackathon-measure-impact - Kick-off event poll: https://doodle.com/meeting/participate/id/ejR1JgRe/vote - Idea that came up last week inspired by ENCCS: should we schedule a few-day online (?) hackathon where we focus on lesson development - MJ: :thumbsup:, DI: great idea. - JH: one idea for an activity within CR: consulting on best practices on programming - Ideas for future courses - parallelization course (not only MPI and OMP) - containerization - combining different languages ## 2022-05-09 - Redesigning workshop registration - MJ and RB make a start - based on https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/hackathon-workshop-registration - also DI working on a blog post - ISC 2022 BoF session "Software Engineering and Reuse in Modeling, Simulation, and Data Analytics for Science and Engineering" - https://app.swapcard.com/widget/event/isc-high-performance-2022/planning/UGxhbm5pbmdfODYxMTgx - 3 min lightning talk - SW will present the project - please give input here or on chat for the 2-3 slides - needs backwards design of content - Measuring Impact of CodeRefinery Workshops Online Hackathon - next week - RB invited JT from NeIC who specializes on impact to participate in discussion - https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/hackathon-measure-impact - Ideas: - also number of views of the lessons themselves and youtube channel - don't forget to also to discuss the post-workshop survey, it's not "only" about statistics - ask right after workshop with some incentive and 3-6 months later without incentive - Concrete suggestion on how you can help the project - Preparation for the instructor training half-day - Carpentries membership - RB will contact Carpentries to renew the membership - we will then need to add something on our web - good advertisement venue is probably the monthly Nordic/Baltics community call - ENCCS is planning "ENCCS/CodeRefinery Sustainable software practices" in December - ENCCS also planning lesson development/improvement hackathon on August 22-24 in Stockholm (focused on [these lessons](https://enccs.se/training-resources/)) - also in CR it would be nice to reserve 3 half-days/days this year to work on lessons and instructor guides with enough distance to next workshop ## 2022-04-25 - Github organization membership - What does it mean to be part of the GitHub coderefinery organization? - When should someone be invited to it? - How can we make sure it reflects something useful? - Right now it has only three owners - TODO: Richard will try to make a PR or chat thread about these membership topics. - General idea: someone who has been contributing over ~6 months should be invited to list their name somewhere (Github or other) - or they should request to be invited. - Online Hackathon about Workshop Registration, 1/2 day event - [x] all: please add your availability at https://coderefinery.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/215460-coderefinery/topic/online.20hackathon.20about.20workshop.20registration/near/278695778 - Would it be possible to pick up a date during the meeting? Up to now, April 28 morning, May 2 and May 3 afternoons seem to be the best options. - DECISION: May 3 afternoon (ideally not starting at 13:00 exactly, but a bit later like 13:15) - RB will send email to coderefinery-team@neic.no - DI adds the event to the calendar - HackMD: https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/hackathon-workshop-registration Feel free to add your suggestions or comments, even if you cannot participate. - Resuming work on citable lessons - https://coderefinery.org/blog/2021/11/21/towards-citable-lessons/ - Online Hackathon about Measuring the Impact of CodeRefinery Workshops, full day event - [x] all: please add your availablity at https://coderefinery.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/215460-coderefinery/topic/online.20hackathon.20about.20measuring.20impact/near/280035304 - It's OK if you cannot participate during the entire day. - HackMD: https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/hackathon-measure-impact Feel free to add your suggestions or comments, especially if you cannot participate. - DECISION: 18.may, starting in morning (1h discussion, 9 CEST), then working throughout the day. - Next community call already next week, May 2, 14:00 CEST - topic of the event? - brainstorm with bigger audience about measuring impact and improving registration process - who would like to lead the discussion? - RD - who advertises it on Zulip, Twitter, via email? - RB together with MJ - Aalto Python for Scientific Computing 2022 - are the dates set? if not, it would be good to do so as autumn is getting busy - Kick-off event - when? - August or early Sept? - DI makes poll for a 2-day on-site event on Zulip - Dates to avoid: - CR workshop: September 20-22 and 27-29 (last two weeks of Sept) - RSEcon - 6-8 September ## 2022-04-11 - List of things that new people can be introduced to (and what else is related to 'joining')? - Github organization membership - Zulip chat - Which streams are relevant? - `codeRefinery`: - `workshop-chat`: - `tools-workshop`: - `announce`: - `general`: - `help`: - Email lists - HackMD membership - Online Hackathon about September registration - To decide how to organize the registration - How to organise teams - Agree on a date (Zulip vote/poll?) - Online Hackathon on measuring impact - Measure impact of our workshops - [x] Diana makes Zulip polls for the two online hackathons - how-to: https://zulip.com/help/create-a-poll - 19 and 20 May kick-off event for 3rd phase and welcoming new people will go ahead in +-August instead. - A new poll on dates is needed - No meeting on Monday, April 18, due to Easter Monday in some countries ## 2022-03-28 - Changed community call dates: now first Monday of each month - In-person kickoff - Confirm room reservations at Otaniemi, - ~~16-17.may (M-T)~~ simply not possible for anyone from Norway. - 19-20.may (Th-F) - RB will send email to find out whether those who haven't voted would prefer not to travel or a different time or haven't missed the question - CodeRefinery community meeting - Twitter PR: RB will send - RB: email exercise leads and invite for feedback round - RB can't lead the meeting, needs to attend a different seminar at the same time - Twitter strategy - In general more tweets are always good - RB can share Twitter password if anyone can benefit by direct tweeting - Video on twitter-together to show how to do it more easily? - RD: we should add the hashtag to the workshop webpage, what is it? #CodeRefinery22 ? (#coderefinery22 recommended on day 1 workshop hackmd) - RD: can we send incoming tweets to zulip (monitoring + relay): https://zulip.com/integrations/doc/twitter - If you want to tweet about this workshop, use #CodeRefinery22. If you want to go even further, do you remember how CodeRefinery uses a Git repository to tweet? Want to practice using pull requests and see how it works? If so, go to the https://github.com/coderefinery/coderefinery-twitter, follow the instructions to create a tweet. Start the tweet with "Learner feedback from the workshop: [whatever you think]". We will review and merge. """ - Workshop: any thoughts? - RD: I would be interested to see more of "one person talking, other person typing" - Invite advanced learners to be the "typer" on some lessons? (probably not now but can be done later) - Next times: better organize the registration (team registration only? individual?) - More in-person breakout rooms - Instructor trainings in the future - Half day? - Not enough time to go over all lessons, but the half-day version would be a much broader overview - Is it about "teaching coderefinery lessons"? - https://coderefinery.org/community-teaching/ - Another target to technical staff who have to do teaching as part of their work, but it isn't their main goal. ## 2022-03-21 - Any issues wrt workshop and instructing? - breaks? if we can, 3 breaks better than 2 - during exercise sessions instructors are muted and we by default do not demonstrate during exercise sessions; exception: git-collaborative lesson where we collaborate and we may need to talk during exercise but here advice zoom groups to mute twitch and to not forget to unmute - In-person team meeting - - Workshop video testing ## 2022-03-14 - Workshop preparation - Zoom priority: https://coderefinery.org/2022-03-22-workshop/join/#price-and-zoom-priority-policy - Planning document: https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/2022-march-planning - How you can help: - Twitter pull requests - Testing install instructions and environment - Communication templates - Participate in install help session - Update https://github.com/coderefinery/workshop-intro - How to help - **Test the software installation** and practice your whole lesson using what you have installed. - Exercise list: how should it be done now? - used to be a HackMD - now there is this exerciselist directive that can be added to each lesson - Each exercise should be clearly labeled: - `(optional)` in title of optional exercises. - `(optional)` in title of each optional episode. - help requested: The "sample episode" can be updated to current best practices as a model: https://coderefinery.org/sphinx-lesson/sample-episode-rst/ - How can we make big workshops easier to handle in the futrue? - Close Zoom registration a bit sooner, so that we can have a fixed registration. - "staff registration" was unclear - streamline communication: decentarlize registration? - Teams can register as a team (so team deals with their internal matters) - After things are calmed down, go back and revisit *all* of the registration stuff (re-think from first principles). - Common question: "will workshops continue to be offered online?" - Likely so, probably something like "big ones online, small ones may be in-person" - Discussion of various ways to combine online and in-person - If small, specialised workshops are done in-person, do people outside of big cities have access to them? - - Mailing lists - RB: in progress but not created yet - More people joining CR - Soon more information but RB had encouraging discussions with new colleagues from DK and from CSC ## 2022-03-07 - Workshop status - So much work, so much chaos! - Installation instructions - Instructor meetings: emphasize that this is different (broadcast), installation instructions need to be done soon, exercies list, ... - left to coordinate: git intro (this afternoon), reproducibility, testing, social coding, jupyter - RB will take the pre-workshop communication - Teams where no EL can be found should assign their EL and send them to the onboarding - EL intro video - this is cool, main focus in making people feel excited - it's OK to say "I dont' know" - If you know an answer, but it's an important question, you can put in in hackmd anyway - Workshop intro - Emphasize the twitch aspect - ELs are leaders, not experts. that is OK. - Calendar status - Would like to get this advertised - Need to settle on - Remove "example" - Rename "teaching" to "workshops" - Link to it from the CR website - Tweet about it: both CR calendar and git-calendar - NeIC project status - Going on in background, from NeIC perspective it started on 1. march - On-boarding for new staff - Introducing them to how we work: chat, meetings, etc. - Define expectations for staff: what to do, what meetings to do, ... - Future community building events? - Kick-off in-person meeting, lunch to lunch. NeIC will want to attach the steering group meeting to it. What is SG prefers to join online? - Spring/summer. Perhaps W-Th. Location: Stockholm, Helsinki, or Oslo (to be most central) - DECISION: May. - +online community event - 110 kNOK / year - Starting with 2-3 hours online to be open to potential new partners, followed by in-person meeting - Agenda - Meet each other - Motivate the value we get out of it - How it works in practice: practicalities - Business model (why would a partner join?: https://coderefinery.org/organization/partners/) - Governance structure - Sustainability - How we teach online: the future of teaching - Hybrid format: everybody can contribute to agenda but there is an online call before and one (week) after with results - NeIC conference - is there anything we can prepare? - Satellite event there? - Privacy policy - re-ping - governance PR - https://github.com/coderefinery/manuals/pull/186 - No action needed now, but this tries to describe the situation - DECISION: merge and iterate ## 2022-02-28 - community call ## 2022-02-21 - Project plan draft: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1re8kPSRsEoeuFkM-twNAhy2255JV-NxOj4HJIB3NUKo/ - NeIC needs it to "start" but we are basically going anyway. - Steering group will probably accept it regardless, the bigger question is "are there any WPs that need to be there that aren't" - decision: - make it clear what sections need to be looked at (WPs, anything missing?) - advertise that on chat for everyone to look at? - Consolidating strategy into one document, one "source of truth" - RD: shall we discuss how it can be represnted on website? I have sometimes wanted to add a thought, but am not sure where to. - How to measure impact - Privacy policy and how to be able to involve more people in Indico - RD: agreed this is very important - RD: shall we invite EG to draft one that would work for us? - Decision: ask EG to draft one and make clear internal instructions for how we should hadnle registrations internally - Recurrent topic: mailing list for team/community/events? Mainly for advertising/informing. Not for discussing (for this we have chat). Maybe less needed now that we have the web calendar (which we need to consolidate and advertise)? - RD: git-calendar: https://coderefinery.github.io/calendar/ - Follow-up: - document on coderefinery.org: - make it show up on the website also - how to add something to the calendar - how to connect o365 or google calendar to the generated feed - Call for help: present the ICS file into something that appears on the website in a nice format (coderefinery.org / the github pages site). - Workshop planning: https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/2022-march-planning - Needs continuous work in the next month - RD: I think we need to be very clear about the collaboration/decentralized model, so that others can take part. This relates to some of my "how to get involved" I had said before - "Subscribe teams together": colud we suggest "one person subscribes 'livestream only', form your own team zoom room?" - for reporting purposes we ask stream-only viewers to register somewhere during the event - where do we precise the above? - Please help reviewing https://github.com/coderefinery/coderefinery-twitter/pulls - We *do* try to provide team formation for this workshop (website is already written that way, plus it's a bit late). In the future we can see about decentralized registration more. - Instructor training - RD: I tried to re-work the insturctor training outline: https://hackmd.io/ICAnJsXYRuShUrKSH7NDag?edit - Instructor training could be a hook to a much broader audience - Any thoughts? - yes, very relevant, needs improvement - this new outline is good. - "breaking the build" is OK.