# Women in Cryptography Network Reception @Crypto'22 Results written on the white board during the meeting, categorized complemented with useful links. Any suggestions/comments are more than welcome. ## Improving Culture in our Crypto Community - Tracking statistics on number of women attendees, presenters, co-authors, etc. (6 tags) - Communicating about harrassment (7 tags) - Email group for announcements (6 tags) - Improve implementation of Code of Conduct (5 tags) how to improve the "reception" of disclosures/reports regarding the CoC. Do we maybe want a (voted?) CoC team that has obtained some "awareness" training to tackle incidents in a "good" way? - Rethinking the forced quotas/representation of women in committees (PC, recruitment, etc.) -> raise awareness (9 tags) ## Improving IACR events - Higher temperature, lower air conditioning (6 tags) - Working on helping people attend IACR events who cannot because of money and/or visa (6 tags) - see also discussion during the [allies&inclusion panel discussion](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuPSMIUKpog&ab_channel=TheIACR) at Crypto'22 - More visiblity for early career researchers (Keynotes, PC, etc) (11 tags) - Workshop (activities) on intersectional feminism for everyone (women++) not double-scheduled with [allies&inclusion panel discussion](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuPSMIUKpog&ab_channel=TheIACR) but together (7 tags) ## Career Development - longer research workshops featuring women in crypto with student talks (3 tags) - CrossFyre series, [next upcoming event](https://crossfyre22.github.io/) in Passau October 2022 - Women in Security & Cryptography (WISC) Workshop, [next upcoming event](https://casa.rub.de/en/wisc-workshop) planned for summer/fall 2023 - Women in Theory, [last edition](https://simons.berkeley.edu/workshops/women-theory-2022) was in June in Berkley - Women in Number theory and Geometry retreet, [last edition](https://www.ucl.ac.uk/~ucahhgr/wings.html) was in June 2022 in West Lexham - Peer-to-peer organized mentoring (not just for women), matching junior & senior PhD students/postdocs across institutions (15 tags) - Presentation techniques (how to give good talks/have stage presence) (6 tags) - check out [Mentoring Videos](https://mentor-crypto-2021.github.io/) from Crypto'21