# Notes Women in Cryptography ### E-Mail to all members Oct 2022 Dear NAME, During CRYPTO'22 in Stanta Barbara, a Women in Cryptography Networking Reception was successfully held. The attendees discussed several gender-related points they would like to be addressed by the IACR community. A resume (in bullet form) can be found here (https://hackmd.io/@RUWdi86MSmCiqoMLxEzsKQ/S11cD-U1i). As a result of this, a slack "Women in Cryptography" and a website (https://www.womenincryptography.com/) have been created. We invite all people who identify as women to join the slack and the ongoing discussions there. To join, please send email with the subject line "Request to join WIC slack" to Allison Bishop at allibishop@gmail.com.