# OSHK Meeting (Feb 2022) ###### tags: `meeting` Open Source HK Meeting (Feb 2022) 9pm on 7 Feb 2022, Monday Please add your topic, name, language if you would like to give a lightning talk (5 mins). Please specify the length if you would like to give a short talks (10-15 mins). Talks will be recorded & streaming to the public on OSHK channel. 1. Welcome & Open Source Community Updates (sammyfung) (English) (10 mins) 2. Data in the Hot Lane - Apache Druid (Peter Marshall) (English) (30-45 mins) * Apache Druid is an analytics database that powers fast, fresh, flexible, and fun analytics! Using a temperature scale, this talk describes the “hot” user experiences that Druid is built for and the business scenarios in which they are required. And with an eye on the history of analytics architectures, we compare Druid to other technologies. * Peter Marshall (https://www.petermarshall.io) is an award-winning speaker who leads community developer advocacy at Imply (http://imply.io/), a company founded by the original developers of Apache Druid. He has 20 years of architecture experience in CRM, EDRM, ERP, EIP, Digital Services, Security, BI, Analytics, and MDM. He is TOGAF certified and has a BA (Hons) degree in Theology and Computer Studies from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. 3. How software update themselves - OTA update implementation in Go (Toby Chui) (English) (5 min) * Introduction on a few common OTA Update methods * How do we implement the OTA Updates in Go * [Click here for Slides](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1p5gIvrkccfltinj6MSFp8uPNcaA_rgA8bopvGokEZFw/edit?usp=sharing) 4. 每月開源香港聚會透過短講同閒聊,分享同討論開源科技發展。上半場會錄影同直播,下半場只限Zoom內自由討論。歡迎以廣東話、英語、國語發言。 The monthly Open Source HK Meeting includes short talks and chit-chat, to share & discuss the open source technology development. The 1st half will be recorded and streamed, and the 2nd half will be limited to discussion in Zoom only. Cantonese, English, Mandarin are welcome. Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/opensourcehk/events/283026770/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/308773141178002 --- Notes: