## Sammy: * Registration: Transiting to No Registration Required. * No Registration Required Examples: FOSDEM, COSCUP. * Original Idea of HKOSCon: having an open source conference like FOSDEM / COSCUP in Hong Kong. * Use "Pre-Registration for a free gift" instead of traditional "Registration". * Giving out free "plastic folder" and optionally some additinal gifts contributed from communities and sponsors ? * ***INTERNAL*** Target: **Re-connecting** open source communities. * Lineup with some communities / organisations / academics. * Which agree & obey at least: * Support / Contribute Open Source model and ecosystem. * Code of Conduct * DEI: Diversity, equity, and inclusion. * No discrimination! * Not accepting any group which treat or verbally discriminate people with different skillset or opinions. * Examples we may consider to invite: * HK Wordpress User Group (Nic) * HK MySQL User Group (Ivan) * SKHLMC (Kingman) * HK Python User Group (Sammy?) * Hour of Code HK (Dr Ray) * OSMM HK (Ann) * AWS CodeRacer/Community / IVE (Cyrus) * Activities Examples: * Community Booth * Community Sessions * No a track, feel free to call for proposals and see whether 0 or only 1 or more than 1 proposals. * Ask the people/developers which topics they are interested and it's possible for us to try to help them to form a new community on specific topics. * Sammy will try to host a CoC discussion/workshop to "train" local Incidnet Responders, to improve CoC enforcement. * In the past, we are lack of CoC responders. * Procedure, Handling, Report. * Sammy attended an online English CoC workshop during pandamic. * Photo Booth * Taking free photos for participants * Optional Backdrop * OpenUK: no backdrop * COSCUP: have backdrop