# OSHK Meeting (May 2022) ###### tags: `meeting` Open Source HK Meeting (May 2022) 9pm on 10 May 2022, Monday Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/opensourcehk/events/285250799/ Facebook: https://fb.me/e/2e3SAtBme LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/events/opensourcehkmeeting-may20226920040167927894016/about/ ## 上半場 1st Half: 公開分享 Public Sharing Please add your topic, name, language (Cantonese/English/Mandarin) and expected length (eg. 5 / 15 / 30 minutes) if you would like to give a sharing on open source related technology topics. Sharings in the 1st half will be streamed & recorded to the public on OSHK channel. 1. Welcome & Open Source Updates (Calvin Tsang) (Cantonese) (10 mins) 2. https://frame.work/ 3. 4. ## 下半場 2nd Half: 限時分享 Limited Sharing 上半場完成後,結束錄影直播就進入下半場限時分享同閒聊。 After the end of 1st Half, the streaming & recording will be stopped and enter the 2nd half for limited sharing & chit-chat. ## 活動介紹 Event Introduction 每月開源香港聚會透過分享同閒聊,分享同討論開源科技發展。上半場會錄影同直播,下半場只限Zoom內自由討論。廣東話是預設語言,亦歡迎以英語、國語發言分享。 The monthly Open Source HK Meeting includes sharings and chit-chat, to discuss the open source technology development. The 1st half are some public sharings which will be streamed & recorded. The 2nd half will be limited discussion & chit-chat on Zoom only. Cantonese is the default language, English and Mandarin are also welcome. --- Notes: