# EESSI/Azure sync meeting 2023-09-18 * attending: Alan, Laura, Martin, Ivar * excused: Kenneth, Bob Agenda: - progress update on EESSI, cfr. https://github.com/EESSI/meetings/blob/main/meetings/EESSI_meeting_20230907.pdf - Gave a quick overview of progress on bot, test suite, GPU, ... - CernVM-FS workshop probably on 4th of December - Will have good attendance from SURF - LP: Do you know anyone from Luxembourg? - Currently trying to get EESSI on to Meluxina - ISO 2000x certification was raised as an issue - Might be good to brainstorm about ISO certification - SURF are an ISO-certified site so it will be good to coordinate with them - Switching to `archdetect` in EESSI - Some issues with `archspec` being overly strict - Some bugs in `archdetect` fixed in open PR - CVMFS performance - Have seen performance variation for S1's (particularly RUG) - Considering CDN - EESSI moving to "production" status in Q4 - New domain `eessi.io` - SC'23 - Azure will have a presence - Will get in touch when full details are known - AOB - Question about whether EESSI have any connections with Luxembourg (which we do via Meluxina) ## Notes of previous meetings * https://github.com/EESSI/meetings/wiki/Azure-meeting-2023-08-21 * https://github.com/EESSI/meetings/wiki/Azure-meeting-2023-06-19 * https://github.com/EESSI/meetings/wiki/Azure-meeting-2023-05-15 * https://github.com/EESSI/meetings/wiki/Azure-meeting-2023-04-17 * https://github.com/EESSI/meetings/wiki/Azure-meeting-2023-02-17 * https://github.com/EESSI/meetings/wiki/Azure-meeting-2023-01-20 * https://github.com/EESSI/meetings/wiki/Azure-meeting-Dec-9-2022