# Soulbound Reward Cards Spec - Create a new set of 40 - 50 cards - This will be a new edition, separate from the old "Reward" edition - This new set will be soulbound (not transferable or sellable) like Gladius cards - Redesigning the market/collection UI to handle more edition icons is a nice-to-have, otherwise just squeeze this new edition icon in there - Players will ONLY be able to acquire these cards through focus/season loot chests (just like the current reward cards) - These cards will be added to the loot chests in addition to the current reward cards, until the current reward cards run out of print - This means that whenever the code determines that a chest should contain a reward card, it will randomly choose between an existing card or a new card of the same rarity - It will be possible for chests to award multiple copies of these new reward cards at once - For example, if there is a common card called the "Goblin Grunt" then a single chest may contain 5 copies of the Goblin Grunt card - Chests can only contain multiple copies of the _same_ card, and should just display the card with the quantity banner over it like on the collection screen or when bulk-opening packs - The number of copies of a card each chest should receive will be based on the rarity of the card and the chest tier, for example for Bronze chests it may always be 1, but for Diamond chests that contain common rarity cards, it may be a random amount between 5 and 20 - The exact numbers for determining how many copies of a card each chest should receive are TBD and should be editable config settings - These cards should NOT be able to be burned for DEC **unless** the player already has a max level version of that card in their collection. This allows players who max out their cards to still benefit from earning more as rewards. - The new edition should be associated with Chaos Legion (same "tier" in card details) which means they will be in Modern format until CL goes out - We should allow legendary and alchemy potions to be used on reward cards again as part of this change - When claiming rewards, the player should be given an option whether or not to use potions - If the player chooses to use potions, then whenever a chest is determined to contain reward cards, then the player's potion balances will be reduced and the potion's effect will be added to chances of getting a legendary and/or gold foil card - This should happen before the quantity of the reward card is determined since the quantity will be based on rarity and foil - Add icon overlay on cards to indicate that they are soulbound (both new reward cards and gladiator cards)