Elements of a Good Research Paper - Guide 2023 ============================================== Writing a research paper sounds hard to many students because they assume they have to stretch their boundaries on information to write a good paper. Be that as it may, let me let you know one thing it is a misconception. To begin with, you don't have to go beyond your capacity, and second, research papers are easy to write assuming you know the basic elements. Try not to allow the word to scare you because the people who get scared cannot encounter new things or concepts. In each degree, you have probably been given numerous research essays to write and the demands of the teacher may contrast too. You should be wondering why each teacher has an alternate pattern of writing a research paper however accept me, you really want to know the basics of the paper and you are ready to shake the floor. Everyone changes the pattern of the basic research paper and we believe it's unique and troublesome. > **Also read:** _[Top 5 Most Reliable Essay Writing Services Online](https://startup.info/top-5-most-reliable-essay-writing-services-online/)_ Research papers are also known as research projects and they have numerous basic elements that I will frame for you. To write my essay, I used to follow the same pattern and remember the same elements for my paper and I always hit the achievement line. In this way, you have to follow the same elements and you will be ready to stand for progress. In the event that you are keen on achieving achievement, read the elements mentioned. ### 1\. Title It is vital to pick a topic that is unique and debatable because each teacher is keen on reading and knowing something exceptional. Picking some social issue or some political situation is better. After choosing a topic, pick exceptional words to make it an ideal title as it communicates the main idea of the paper. ![](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56da471562cd9436990d14a7/1536717900819-QA35RUW748KCC6BYEQ44/GraemeDuckett-ideas-loop-1920x1080.gif) ### 2\. Cover Page Remember to make a pleasant cover page because it is the principal page of your entire research paper. It ought to contain basic information, for example, your name, instructor name, subject, foundation name, and now and again the author's notes as well. ### 3\. Abstract The part summarizes the entire paper and presents a small summary of the main idea. It lets the readers know what they will read in the paper and what conclusion they can anticipate. The following are a couple of things that you can remember for the abstract 1. Goals or research questions 2. Research system 3. How you gathered data or sample the population 4. Data results 5. Conclusion or main deductions ### 4\. Introduction The introduction is totally different from the abstract because it doesn't contain a summary of the paper. It presents the main concepts of the topic and its background so readers can understand the context. As an [essay writer](https://www.myperfectwords.com/), you ought to also be careful that in the introduction you present the main concept and go into the historical background to trace out its history. You should be creative and explicit because it fabricates the progression of the paper. ### 5\. Literature survey A literature survey is the most technical and critical part of the research paper. In this section, you are expected to gather past data or literature on your topic and write it in an organized form. For this, you have to depend on authentic references and sources, for example, journals, government reports, or educational sites. You are not allowed to utilize any blog or be unauthentic. For the literature survey, always take a gander at the main places of sources, for example, 1. Research questions 2. Approach 3. Sample population 4. Results 5. Research gaps ### 6\. Research Approach To conduct the research, you have to apply a few methods with which you can conduct the research. For research, mainly two procedures are utilized which are qualitative research philosophy and quantitative system. In qualitative, you have to depend on the past literature and articles available and you can take interviews as well. While in quantitative, you want to configure overviews, questionnaires, meetings, and analyses. Along these lines, you want to mention which research technique you have decided on for your paper. Assuming you track down trouble in picking the procedure section, you can always find support from an online [essay writing service](https://www.collegeessay.org/). They can assist you in gathering your data and carry greater clarity to your ideas. ### 7\. Result Once you are done with all the data then you are ready to talk about the outcome. Mention all that you have gained from studying the gathered data. Try not to incorporate your personal opinion because it will be considered a fallacy and inaccurate. Understand your discoveries and then write them down. ### 8\. Discussion Presently you have gotten to the place where you can mention what is the impact of the outcomes you found and what they reflect. Is it in favor of the hypothesis you made or is it negating the discoveries of past research? You are always free to add your investigation of other researchers as well. Give conclusions and recommendations as well because it will show what ought to be the conceivable approach toward the topic. ### 9\. Conclusion Here you can add the entire summary of the paper. What did you find out? What impact does it have on the readers? What potential changes ought to be made in the domain of your topic? You sort of repeat things in the conclusion and avoid including anything new. These are a portion of the basic focuses that you have to add to your research paper to make it exceptional and powerful. Without these elements, your research paper is inadequate. ### Related Resources: [Key features of expository writing: College writer's guide](https://boosty.to/sebastianbrient/posts/a1a2a59c-e6d4-4818-8b35-e0a4334a9cbe?share=post_link) [The Top 5 Persuasive Techniques for Speeches - Unique Guide 2022](https://onlineessaywriting4.konfeo.com/en/groups) [Online Help: Cheap Ideas to Solve Your Persuasive Speech - Guide 2022](https://onlineessaywriting5.konfeo.com/en/groups) [40 easy to win persuasive speech topics in 2021](https://rentry.co/blog30) [Five Strategies to Write Professional Persuasive Speeches - Guide 2022](https://rentry.co/blog32)