How to Write a Conclusion for an Opinion Essay - Guide 2023 =========================================================== Have you ever written an opinion essay? I would say that it is tougher than a regular essay. Here, you have to present your opinion but you also have to justify it in the eyes of the audience.  You have to admit it, it's a tough job. Anyone but a person working at an [essay writing service]( would find it tough to do this. But you know what is even tougher? The conclusion. > **Also read:** _[Top 5 Most Reliable Essay Writing Services Online]( You see, the conclusion of an opinion essay is not like the rest of the essays.  It’s a bit different and you need to follow a different set of rules if you want to write a good one.  So, here are some tips to help you along the way. ### **Tip #1: Restate the Thesis** The rules may be a bit different for opinion essays, but this rule remains the same all along. You need to remind the reader what your paper is about at the end. So, the best thing to do is to restate your thesis. But, be sure to use different words. Do not just copy-paste the last line of your introduction. Try to be a bit creative and present your stance in a different way. **![](** ### **Tip #2: Explain its Importance** Now that you have reminded the audience what your essay is about, tell them why it is important to have your stance. Like, if you are talking about climate change then why are you talking about it? Because it affects us all! If you mention poverty then why is it even important? Because we all have rights! So, defend yourself and the importance of your topic. ### **Tip #3: So What?** Yeah, so what? So yes, climate change is important but why should I even care?  This is the hard part here. This part is not like explaining the importance of an issue. This one is selfish. Here you have to explain why any normal person should care about the impact of an issue that does not personally concern them. So, here you need to be more than a little persuasive.  ### **Tip #4: Call to Action?** This is what sets an opinion essay apart from most papers. When **essay writer** works on an opinion piece, they know that they need to pick a topic where they can add a call to action. So, mainly, we discuss problems. So, here you need to talk about how we can solve a problem. The actions that can be taken by us to ensure that we move towards a solution. Then you call people to take this action. ### **Tip #5: Leave the Reader Thinking** The best conclusions are the ones that leave the reader thinking. While it's true that you need to state your opinion here, you should know that you will not be able to convince everyone that your opinion is the correct one. In this case, you need to plant a seed of doubt in your mind. Leave them pondering the question “What If…?” What if you are right? What if you have a point? What if their actions can help? ### **Tip #6: Don’t Leave Them Hanging** “What If…?” does not mean that you do not give the audience closure. The closure is very important actually. We need closure in a relationship. I even need closure when I [write my essay]( So, a reader also needs closure, and leaving them hanging is the worst thing that you can do. Make a conclusion that does not leave anything to the imagination. Clearly state your main point and a call to action.  ### **Tip #7: Connect the Dots** This is super important and cannot be emphasized enough. Most writers forget the fact that they have a central thesis, even when they are writing a conclusion. This means that everything they say in this paragraph should be connected to the thesis. Always. So, you should always include one sentence that creates a link between the thesis you have written in paragraph one and everything else that you say afterward. ### **Tip #8: Don’t Summarize** This is the rule here. In most conclusions, you can get away by summarizing the main points and writing a concluding sentence. Not here though. No summarization here. And you will not need a summary anyway since you have so much other stuff to write already. So, just make sure that you do not include a sentence that seems like it's a summation of the main points that you have presented and you should be just fine. ### **Tip #9: Leave an Impression** An impression. The first impression is not the last impression. Actually, the last impression matters a lot as well. Have you ever wondered about how even a dull movie seems good if its ending is epic? Try this strategy and make sure that the last line of your essay is MIND BLOWING. It will take some time to think about it but it will be worth it at the end of the day. ### **That’s all folks.** This is all the knowledge that I have and I have imparted it to you. May the odds be ever in your favor and may you write brilliant conclusions that stun your professors. If you need any further help, then contact an essay writing company and they can help you out quite well. They will get a writer who will write the perfect conclusion. So, you will never have to worry about your essays ever again. ### **Related Resources:** [Unique Informative Speech Samples and Models from Expert Online Writers - 2022]( [40 informative speech topics on gender and sexuality - 2022 update]( [Debating: A Brief Introduction for Beginners - Guide 2022]( [10 interesting informative speech topic ideas on law and justice - 2022]( [Tips and Tricks to help you win any formal debate - 2022](