# COVID-19 Campaign - *Namma Halli Radio* *Our Village Radio* ("Namma Halli Radio"); *And it is our radio* ("namdu1radio"); *Our School Radio* ("Namma School Radio") > ### Travelling radio has villagers tuning in for Covid-19 news > In the last one month, the mobile radio station has visited 60 villages in Tumakuru district and has reached over 25,000 people - said one english daily, [Deccan herald on 08th May](https://www.deccanherald.com/special-features/travelling-radio-has-villagers-tuning-in-for-covid-19-news-835261.html) ![](https://i.imgur.com/etBlxds.jpg) *Namma Halli Radio, [Namdu 1 Radio](https://www.namdu1radio.com/)* is a platform to Express yourself. With main focus on vernacular local languages and dialects. School students and volunteers help with designing, recording, editing the audio programmes. Then we share this information through public announcements in all the villages. The main focus of the radio programmes are, * How to contain the spread of the infection ( maintaining personal hygiene, social distancing at the public places and by staying at home during lockdown) * Help combat mis-information * Create educated awareness * Public talks (invite experts from various fields to share their story in lockdown and spark a conversation) * Encourage students to broadcast from home. ![](https://i.imgur.com/yhSVMYa.jpg) Girish NP, a media enthusiast, created Namma Halli Radio in Tumakuru district, to focus on primary education. The last few years [Janastu](https://janastu.org/) has encouraged Girish to pursue his vision through various grant programs supported by [Development Alternatives (DA)](https://www.devalt.org/), [Rotary Dist 3190](http://www.rotary-3190.org/), [Association for Progressive Communications (APC)](https://www.apc.org/). ![](https://i.imgur.com/QXdKbQq.jpg) In view of the on-going pandemic of **Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)**, Girish in Collaboration with Red Cross society reached out to the Tumakuru District administration to obtain necessary permissions to get going with the Covid-19 awareness reach out programme. The mobile Radio Van moves through the rural areas of Tumakuru district along with the team, Development consultants Dr G Achuth; Dr Sheela; social activist Gopikrishna; driver Manjanna; and Red Cross volunteer Panchaksharaiah; announcing Government orders and updates and also collecting stories from the field. 👉 Listen to the [interviews](https://files.janastu.org/s/KbGd5RJGswsNna5?path=%2FAudios) and to see some [images](https://files.janastu.org/s/KbGd5RJGswsNna5?path=%2FImages) view all of our COVID-19 content here: [bit.ly/covid19-campaign-nhr](https://bit.ly/covid19-campaign-nhr) Banner from namdu1radio [http://j.mp/n1radio-corona](http://j.mp/n1radio-corona) page: ![](https://static.wixstatic.com/media/4f0012_39bf69cece83410483d298d35b4ea3f1~mv2.jpg/v1/fill/w_1280,h_1280,q_85,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/4f0012_39bf69cece83410483d298d35b4ea3f1~mv2_mscwdt.jpg) ![]() ## Links and references * [TVS school children doing covid19 campaign on Namma School Radio from their home ](https://www.namdu1radio.com/tvs-school-radio) * [j.mp/n1radio-corona](https://j.mp/n1radio-corona) * [Meet the man who's getting government school kids in rural Karnataka to run their own radio shows](https://www.edexlive.com/people/2019/sep/25/say-hello-to-namma-young-rjs-through-namma-halli-community-radio-in-durgadahalli-8375.html) * [Video of Community Radio and Bamboo tower setup](https://tbdinesh-drive.mycozy.cloud/public?sharecode=B2nbAR3rnn6f) at Garkiyur/Karikkaiyur village near Kotagiri, TN * [j.mp/janastu-mesh](https://j.mp/janastu-mesh) or [iruway.janastu.org](https://iruway.janastu.org) * [Gram Marg: Enabling Rural India Digitally](http://sarbanibelur.blogspot.com/2019/07/enabling-community-participation-of.html) * [Enabling community participation of young girls and women: Janastu community mesh radio network](https://www.apc.org/en/blog/enabling-community-participation-young-girls-and-women-janastu-community-mesh-radio-network) * [Community networks learning grant initiatives](http://asorcom.net/community-networks-learning-grant-initiatives/) * [Weaving a community together – from grassroots to tech](https://www.apc.org/en/blog/weaving-community-together-grassroots-tech) * [www.prajavani.net/educationcareer/education/its-nam-school-radio-665055.html](https://www.prajavani.net/educationcareer/education/its-nam-school-radio-665055.html) * [WEAVING A COMMUNITY TOGETHER – by Gayatri Ganju](https://www.genderit.org/feminist-talk/weaving-community-together-grassroots-tech) * [A radio station for the kids, by the kids](https://www.newindianexpress.com/thesundaystandard/2018/nov/18/a-radio-station-for-the-kids-by-the-kids-1899792.html) * [W4P Suno Suno / Heeli Keeli - Vocal for Local] [j.mp/JanastuW4Pmay2020](https://j.mp/JanastuW4Pmay2020) * [This document] [j.mp/CovidMobileRadio](https://j.mp/CovidMobileRadio) ---