> **Go to** [**Index Page**](https://hackmd.io/y9WGISDsQhaXZf_6HqR4Iw?view) # Slots minutes of meetings - December 2020 ### 23 December 2020 * Dinesh have updated Agenda Page * Dinesh, Shalini and Shafali discussing Mail update to w4p. * Shalini will send message to w4p group and shafali will send mail to them. * Dinesh updated Money status with team. There is no money from DA and ACP community. * Mani and Shafali updating Janastu Website. https://open.janastu.org/ * Pinged IP address for all the websites https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1suRG6YNSrUiQvYpWdTT8ah1QlPH0h9AlsxFsIJRNgN0/edit?ts=5fae4c1f#gid=0 * https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IUhNylg3LSsfcBS32I8CWUvXjvEZBWEEHnXoty9YAIo/edit#gid=0 * Dinesh asked mani to look on the document https://hackmd.io/@sagesalus/ryKPdh_O8 * Dinesh asked arun to update the Landing page for the Janastu. Micah will share the ssh file to Arun. * Bhanu and Dinesh discussed Biome project. Dinesh want a work for the biome to one proper document. * Biome update from Athithya https://gitlab.com/servelots1/biome https://servelots1.gitlab.io/biome * From Bhanu : email: biome@biomearchives.in pwd: pilot@3354 - login link - https://biometestarch.test.openrun.net/login * after login, the demo site link u shud visit is https://biometestarch.test.openrun.net/s/subscribe * everyone can use the same login id pwd for testing * Bhanu updated Gokarna visit. * Bhanu updating long emergency website issues and his works to do. * Arun, Bhanu and Dinesh have discussed Date format issues. * Dinesh and Shafali have updated Curriculum discussion with Medha (3 this week). Dinesh gave ideas to Shafali for the Curriculum activity. We will ask for the time to them . Dinesh and Shafali will start the outline for the curriculum. * Micah and Dinesh discussing the Raspberry Pi issues. https://hackmd.io/pGk1fFIdSECY1QRs1yz9VA --- ### 22 December 2020 * Sanketh prefered wifi symbol for the cow mesh logo. * Dinesh and Shafali have updated Compost meeting. * Dinesh asked everyone to work on these W4P Jam Stories End of 2020 * Dinesh have updated Cow mesh network and Pi. * Manoj have updated rural area network issue https://hackmd.io/4P2opa7mRQ6p1QmfAO7UgA * Sanketh Have updated EMI workshop event and PDOA * Dinesh asked micah to add the link iruway.janastu.org, blog.janastu.org j.mp/myhill, j.mp/janastu-servelots, to janastu website. * Dinesh and Micah asked Sanketh to read the doc https://hackmd.io/@miximon/RPiDocu/edit --- ### 21 December 2020 * Shafali made a document Remote Research and facilitation https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UrjaE4JJlySO07Tv4818nndKmQV2nn1eCWJxQpHbcAc/edit# * Dinesh and Manoj discussed Cow Pi battery issue. We need to check the voltmeter remotely. * Arun working on importing docs to elastic search. * Manoj looking for NPPT Invertor * Dinesh and Micah discussing the Raspberry Pi4 Architecture Diagram and Raspberry pi3. And dinesh suggested Raspberry pi3 to go forward and give a trial to install Kolibri, syncthing * Shafali updating Compost Grant and she remembered tomorrow We have meeting. * Dinesh said shall we start Anthillhack schedule. He thinking Webinar Gig economic compare to Ola gig * We will take about remote working, mesh network setup in the document. * Dinesh had long meeting with Punjab farmers. They want to archiving their content. --- ### 18 December 2020 Participant: Team * Shafali and Mani was talking about today's GG class plan. * Bhanu updating on democracy archive. * Arun working Elastic Search on writing code and debugging. --- ### 17 December 2020 Participant: Team * Shafali updating on Workshop at 2:00pm ist/ 9:30am cet: https://meet.google.com/nqy-rynr-mae I'll introduce Laura to the girls. She can talk about her practice with them. Then we can ask them what do they want tell Laura about any stories leading to a brainstorming session. We can then discuss the story as a storyboarding exercise and they can shoot a video with it for the next session with her. Or something. --- ### 15 December 2020 Participant: Team * Yatharth: We are building a super quick Janastu website on Gitbook so our visitors can know what we do. Me and Mani are populating the basic structure for now. https://app.gitbook.com/invite/janastu?invite=-MF10OYPg026Ihd1RhFZ * Arun and dinesh discussed on Elastic Search. * Athithya was updating on Biome UI. but dinesh suggested her to stop working on biome thing. * Sonal, Yatarth and Mani discussing on Rooftop plan. ![](https://i.imgur.com/QWXqXiX.jpg) --- ### 14 December 2020 Participant: Team * Arun and dinesh discussed on Elastic Search Regex. * Mani updating on photo blogging of AnthillHacks’19 and asking feedback. * Yatarth and Mani on Janastu website. * Arun explaining about freethinker group and he's seeking kannada speakers so asking suggestion from team. * Shalini updating on Devaraj he's much interested in electronic due to corona he lost job and he is doing farming. So we asked him to take up Pi based works and activity. * Shafali was talking to shadman about class and updating on kolibri studio then pi issues. * Dinesh planning take libre routers to iruway farm today or tomorrow morning. * Shalini, Shafali and Dinesh going to have call with Devaraj today. * Dinesh saying before conducting classes with Garima class. we have to test in office Pi. * w4p channel : Cyber Security Menstrual Raspberry Pi Intro English Intro Arts and Crafts * Athithya: On saroja pi, kolibri setup is not there now, I tried to reinstall kolibri and I faced Nginx server error. If somebody know Nginx can help on Kolibri setup for saroja pi. * Dinesh updating on ragigudda slum. --- ### 11 December 2020 Participant: Team * Upasana updated Lara wants to do workshop with Garima Girls. So she asked the suggestion to take forward. * Micah and shafali suggest Product Photograph workshop, Environmental design. * ideas for laura 1. product photography+storyboarding+cataloguing +platforming 2. Her past work 3. product design+brainstorming * Shafali suggest make a video, story telling * Micah updated yesterday meeting updates * NCBS workshop updates.https://youtube.com/BLiSCIndia --- ### 09 December 2020 Participant: Team * https://dorian.fraser-moore.com check how this guy structures his website * Micah arena moodboard might help. * blog idea: why spatial explorations and tools are relevant to our work * 3d related For interactive panorama: https://bear71vr.nfb.ca/ one of the pano stories from pratiksha on ITB using getfader, https://app.getfader.com/projects/64a1c57f-3824-4cc0-8088-ccf510db976f/publish Hub demo with customized scene objects https://hub.link/vRCCNq7 and this https://hubs.mozilla.com/9ojfiR9/pure-linen-volume Spoke Demo https://hubs.mozilla.com/scenes/En2BTqu Discord Integration https://discord.gg/VmS2p6 Demo with random hesarghatta panorama https://hubs.mozilla.com/9ojfiR9/pure-linen-volume * Shafali and Mani updating on Garima Girls * 3D Walks Work 2019 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nu8vF6ZdgD-kdkf61eest6bL3mSqF7D_-gyWGkbAMS4/edit * We have started making tutorial for Garima Girls https://files.janastu.org/s/LyrJsAcRnyi6pLH * APC-COW-Film Doc for comments...Let's discuss. please leave your feedback here. https://hackmd.io/gvZK2ui3QmmC9FdWgScpHA?view --- ### 08 December 2020 Participant: Team * Athithya working on Biome UI. Advance Search Grid View, Advance search list view, Project Page Open and Project Page subscript was completed. some css work is there. 4more pages are there am working on it. * Arun working on Elastic Search Regex. * Sonal waiting for Dimensions from Yatarth. * Yatarth working on Janastu Mesh Diagram. * Yatarth and Sonal discussing roof diagram. Once Everyon come to office yatarth sit with Sanketh finalize the roofing diagram. * Yatarth and shafali dscussed about Servelots Website. * Yatarth, Shafali, Micah discussed about knowldge platform. * Yatarth said will give try to trilium **Links Shared**: https://github.com/zadam/trilium https://kumu.io/miximon/design-beku-townhall-1#design-beku-guiding-document https://giffmex.org/gifts/tiddlyblink.html https://www.dokuwiki.org/dokuwiki https://www.thebrain.com --- ### 07 December 2020 Participanta: Team * Athithya working on Biome UI. Register page, Signup page, Project subscribed page was completed. Currently woking on Advance Search page. still 6more pages I have to start. * Arun working Regex on Elastic search. * Shafali plan to take Kolibri Studio to Garima Girls. She asked Mani and Athithya to join on call. * Mani suggested Open shot video editing tool for Garima girls. * In saroja pi, while installing kolibri and kolibri studio nginx server is failing and also kolibri not running. Mani asked athithya to leave the message on Group. * Mani shared COW mesh film. he asked everyone to comment the video. COW_V2: https://files.janastu.org/s/M8NXysST28CL8fm link to the film with some corrections from Aishwarya & team. please watch & leave your suggestions. APC-COW-Film Doc for comments...Let's discuss. please leave your feedback here. https://hackmd.io/gvZK2ui3QmmC9FdWgScpHA?view --- ### 05 December 2020 Participants: Team * Mani is working on Audacity tutorials for Garima girls. * Athithya updating html css part on Biome's webiste page and she have completed few pages. * Sonal done with Rooftop plan and she's waiting for measurement from Yatharth. * Bhanu is working Biome archive. --- ### 04 December 2020 Participants: Team * Mani, Shafali and Athithya updating Garima Girls session on audacity showed them basic of tools, how to do voice recorder, import and export, file save and noise reduction. and Athithya and Mani will be making video tutorials for Garima girls on audacity and kolibri. * Micah working on Raspberry Pi. https://hackmd.io/pGk1fFIdSECY1QRs1yz9VA?view * Yatharth: updating on Diagram of the mesh. * Arun working on Elastic Search. --- ### 03 December 2020 Participants: Team * Yatharth, added little more to blog, halfway there, please read https://www.notion.so/Messy-Meshes-Setting-up-CowMesh-at-DDHills-42c5096ecb5f4dc4835f41cbe4bce429 * Athithya working on Biome's login page. * Arun: working elastic search. * Bhanu: Working Biome and i have to upload content. * Mani and Shafali updating on mirzapur girls call and conducted audacity session showed Installation, Tools and How to Record voice. * Shafli will be coordinate with girls and Athithya and Mani to see how to fix kolibri login issues in one of the pi. --- ### 02 December 2020 Participants: Team * Mani: have completed blog on anthillhacks 2019 and asked suggestion with team. * Dinesh and Sanketh discussed on librerouter setup in tumakuru. * Bhanu has taken conducted session with mirzapur girls. Later he updated on Biome and Banavasi website content. * Arun and Dinesh was talking on Elastic Search. --- ### 01 December 2020 Participants: Team * Sanketh was working on upgrading librerouter last night. * Shalini checking with Bhanu to take kolibri session tomorrow for mirzapur girls. * Mani: still working blog on anthillhacks 2019 event by today i will share draft link. * Sonal working on Rooftop design in autocad. * Athithya I created gitlab page for Biome UI https://servelots1.gitlab.io/biome/ and Bhanu told some css changes and mobile view changes. I have to start working on css changes. * Bhanu I have uploaded biome files. ---