# Onyx Testnet Pre Gensis Q/A ## ⏳ Genesis time related questions: **Q**: Is there any estimate time for the genesis of Oynx? **A**: Not yet, the deposit contract needs to hit the threshold of 16384 deposits then wait for 48 hours until genesis. ## ✉️ Deposit related questions: **Q**: If there is anyway to get back the GoETH I deposit in the topaz testnet with the shardwithdrawalkey ? **A**: There is no way to get back that GoETH. Deposits into eth2 phase 0 are one-way **Q**: https://prylabs.net/participate still sends ETH to old contract. **A**: Try clearing your browser cache **Q**: How do I get the deposit data? **A**: https://prylabs.net/participate **Q**: How do I get large quantity of Testnet eth to run 1000+ validators? **A**: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlXUUsU7kv0PB4FOm31kQulvevpOPkv5_NlUXHHd7qj7isRw/viewform **Q**: Is there anywhere we can see how many deposits have been made? **A**: https://beaconcha.in/validators/eth1deposits **Q**: Are deposits sent to the Onyx contract from Alpha 9 invalid? **A**: Invalid. We can’t reuse deposits from Topaz. They use different version of BLS library **Q**: Why can’t we use the old binary to generate keys? **A**: Onyx uses the updated BLS library. The old binary is no longer compatible and the old deposit data will not work. ## 🖥️ Setup related questions: **Q**: Getting `ERROR main: could not regenerate historical states, please retry: incorrect offset now` **A**: You will need to remove the old DB. Please add flag `—clear-db` or manually remove the db **Q**: Getting `unknown status from validator` **A**: The chain hasn’t started, we won’t see anything until genesis time. In the mean time, we’ll improve logging experience to be more clear than that **Q**: Which branch should I use for building my beacon-chain and validator clients for running on Onyx? I am currently using master but I wonder if there's something more dangerous I can run? Like, what's the most dangerous branch? (or perhaps, the most useful for the Prysmatic Labs team, for me to build off) **A**: Master has all the latest changes running. We have a dangerous branch which you can slash yourself https://github.com/prysmaticlabs/prysm/pull/6056 **Q**: Who had the idea of using port 3000 for the new json-http api. it's the same as grafana per default **A**: We have changed to port 3500 in the latest master and we will tag a new binary today **Q**: Getting error: `ERROR gateway: Failed to listen and serve error=listen tcp bind: address already in use` **A**: Same answer as above **Q**: Getting error `Failed to listen and serve error=listen tcp bind: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions` **A**: Use flag `--rpc-host=`. The latest release has made a change to default broadcast addresses **Q**: My validator won't start because it cannot find the beacon node **A**: Set `--rpc-host=` in your beacon node **Q**: How to specify `--p2p-blacklist` with the new version? I get mismatched type for flag 'p2p-blacklist' **A**: That flag has been deprecated with a name change. The new flag is called `—p2p-denylist` **Q**: How does topaz actually shut down? in stupid scenario if there are enough validators up it can go on forever right?  Or there is some kill switch build in for testnet nodes **A**: No kill switch. If the majority of the validators stop staking then the nodes can't reach finality so topaz gets basically abandoned **Q**: Getting logs `"Processing deposits from Ethereum 1 chain" deposits=5120 genesisValidators=5066 prefix=powchain`. Is that ok? **A**: Yes! Onyx isn’t live yet. Once the Onyx deposit contract has reached the minimum validator threshold of 16384, the genesis date will be set 48 hours after the threshold is met. **Q**: Onyx starts as a prysm only testnet and other clients will join this network later? or will there be new chain for the multi-client scenario? **A**: Yes! Other clients are more than welcome to join. Although Onyx is launched by Prysmatic Labs, It's multi client compatible. There will be new testnets for official multi client https://github.com/goerli/witti/issues/17 **Q**: I’m interested to learning more tech stack behind Prysm project. Where can I find more info? **A**: https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/a/84151/61095