# Speak Network Description Provides the ability to any video platform or content creator to store video content in a decentralised back up IPFS / Torrent network while rewarding value providers with the SPEAK token. Value of the SPEAK token will be provided by charging for products and services in this token via payments and staking the token, as described below - This will use a Hive Engine fork (TBC) - Open Seed Resource Credit System - One base token (SPEAK) - One SMT for DPOS rewards - Ability for creators and video platforms to create their own token - Ability for Users to assist with file back up by seeding - Ability for Independent Video platforms to be rewarded for providing video infrastructure - IPFS back up storge system - Pinza dstribution System - Desktop App ## IPFS Back Up Storage System There should be a system in place to collect video metadata either continuously or periodically (running on the HIVE blockchain). The system will allow users to earmark videos using a community voting scheme on the 3Speak platform for being backed up to IPFS – this will be incorporated into the API when the system is ready A general open source version that can easily plug into this network as a seeder node and also has the ability to contribute files to the network. This could just be a proprietary adaptation of or an extra layer below the open source code mentioned above. It should be easy for any user to run a seeder node and not only cater for specialised IPFS / torrenting users. The user can download and run the application which will continuously download and seed videos to the network. It will automatcailly create the video storage folder and run the seeding function from there. The set up up of the seeder system should be done automatically in the back ground with minimal input from the user. There should be an ability for the user to select historical videos they want to store / back up in bulk should they wish. Rewards can be mined directly from the inflation by the seeder provided that the seeder is connected to the storage network and that the netwrok can access the seeder's storage for backing up videos in the network. Bonuses can be earned from: 1) Most videos stored that month 2) 30 / 90 / 365 days continuously connected into the network, providing back up storage capability 3) the longer the user makes their storage available on a continuous basis the higher the rewards are as a %. for example, one month storage provided earns 5% of their potential bonus, but one year of continuous storage provision earns the seeder 100% of their bonus. SYSTEM CHARACHTERISTICS - Store JSON metadata publicly so that any platform can get video hashes for our network - Ability for creators to reward other users for storing and backing up their videos on their behalf - Open source out of the box IPFS node for our network - Ability to set up said node with the option to only pin videos from a certain creator or community, or just individual videos - Proprietary version should pull video metadata and video file from 3speak so that if 3Speak goes down users can easily access the network and a public list of the videos in order that the community can easily start up a new version of 3Speak. - users who participate in the network / use the desktop app are forced to seed files to and from the network via their hard drives - System Health checks - Check for file existence on the network - Garbage collection - Modular design – easy to integrate into other code and operate programmatically - Redundancy recommendations (i.e. how many copies of a particilar video should be stored on the network) - Spot checking – having the ability to request a file from network to validate existence (and if it’s not difficult to implement, ability to request from a specific node that is known to be hosting the file). - dashboard - Ability to upload full youtube channel / entire site's videos with one click using decentralised Speak Network Node protocol. - Peer to Peer Content Delivery Capability built into the network ## Desktop App - Independent from Hive: The app should be designed in a way such that use of a Hive account is an option rather than a requirement. It should be clear that these non-hive accounts are guest accounts and every step of the way the user should be prompted to upgrade to a full Hive account. A proxy account will post video meta data to the chain on behalf of the users that are uploading without a Hive account. - Uploading: A user should be able to upload directly from the app. It is recommended that some form of encoding happens so that all videos are in .mp4 format and raw video is compressed to reduce file sizes. 3speak uses FFMPEG for encoding currently, this could be a good option. - Encoding Users should be able to use their own resources to locally encode video content using the desktop app. For example something like Handbreak should be part of the desktop app. - IPFS Should run an IPFS node in the background of the app which stores and seeds all videos that the user has watched or uploaded. Every time a user watches a video via the desktop app, the are forced to become a seeder - Content Delivery: Content delivery should be able to use the computing power of other users in the network to deliver content from the network to the viewer in order to save network resources and reduce use costs. In other words, users should be able to draw from the resources of the network in order to share content delivery bandwidth and thus lower overall CDN costs (see Theta network). ## Content Seeders - These are viewers who view content through the 3Speak local desktop & web app. Videos are auto seeded to the IPFS back up network. - Content Seeders can also be full node validators if they choose (full node operators need to stake a certain amount of Speak). - Content seeders earn rewards for viewing and thereby seeding videos - If content seeders are not viewing videos but are seeding, they will not be earning rewards if they are not also a full node operator. ## Full node Video Storage operators - Verify Speak network transactions - Running IPFS node to store video content and seed it to the Speak network - A full node operators are by definition a content seeder also - A full node operator who wants to earn rewards for seeding videos has to have a minimum amount of SPEAK staked - A full node opreator can still seed videos to the newtork, but cannot recieve rewards unless they have staked a certain amount of SPEAK. - There needs to a way to prove how much video content a full node operator has backed up within the network so that rewards can be proof of work. Rewards should be paid out based on some tangible measure such as capacity stored or amount of videos stored for example. ## Creator / Community Sites - Turn your 3Speak account into a stand-alone Site or community. - A creator can click to create their own front end for their own videos with its own URL. - Ability to re-share other creator's videos to the front end directly from the Speak Network - Uses Condenser front end - Creators / communities can also set up their own stand-alone community front end that shows one or multiple communities - Creator and community Sites can set beneficiaries into their own SMTs and other SMTS, as well as Hive tokens so that they can take a cut of all upvotes going through their platform What a creator / community needs in order to set up an independent Site / community: 1) URL 2) Hive Account 3) An amount of staked speak, or you can burn Speak each month 4) Self hoster - IPFS node (optional) 5) Speak network node (optional) 6) Customisable skin content such as banners, logos etc. 7) Plugin digital products (merch, time with creator, gifts etc.) 8) Plug in optional features such as Anon wall 9) Integrate 3 Speak Business Models 10) If Creator or community wants its own token it must maintain a minimum amount of staked SPEAK ## Independent Video platforms (IVP's) - 3 Speak would be classed as an independent video platform in the network and would compete with other platforms, seeders and node operators in the network for rewards. - Any other video platform can use the open source 3Speak front end to plug into to the Speak Network. This front end should be customisable so that the platform operator can add their own colour scheme, logos, banners etc. - In order to mine rewards in the network, independent video platforms have to provide and pay for their own video infrastructure service costs such as Content Delivery Network, uploading and encoding on the open source 3 Speak Front ends that they customise. In other words they have to contribute to the network with proof of work video infrastructure provision in order to be able to mine rewards. - Over time open source development must be done to standardise video infrastructure provision services so that independent video platforms can be rewarded for plugging into the Speak Network - 3 Speak Business Models must be incorporated into the open source versions of the platforms in order to create a demand for the token - Other platforms such as bitchute, dtube, bittube, minds, gab, lbry etc. should be able to plug into the Speak Network and mine rewards in the same way as the Open source Independent Video platforms described in this section. - Measuring how much infrastructure is provided will likely have to be done using oracles that run on Speak network full nodes. These Oracles will likely then be the basis for rewarding independent video platforms for mining with a portion of Speak inflation - Since the technology to reward IVP mining via oracles wont be available as quickly as that which rewards seeding nodes, Seeding nodes will be able to mine rewards immediately. IVP mining will be added later. IVP mining rewards will be much higher than seeding rewards on the basis that the cost to provide the IVP infrastructure is much higher than running a seeding node - IVP's Sites can set beneficiaries into their own SMTs and other SMTS, as well as Hive tokens so that they can take a cut of all upvotes going through their platform - IVP's Have to have a minimum amount of SPEAK staked for Speak Netwrok RC's - If IVP wants its own token to operate it must maintain a minimum amount of staked SPEAK - IVP's can be a Full node validator (optional for if they want to recieve additonal rewards) - - An IVP is a separate platform that does its own Storage, Encoding and Content Delivery. These platforms can plug into the network to back up their video files, create communities, access the Orbit Database - IVPs should stake SPEAK to be part of the network - IVPs can earn rewards - IVPs, naturally are seeders, Full Node Operators, content uploaders, content deliverers - IVPs can access Resource Credit delegations from HIVE if they stake SPEAK - IVP's Receive inflation for providing: - Content Delivery capability to the network - Encoding capability to the network - Storage Full Node Operators ## IVP Resource Credit Delegation System - Any Hive user can mine speak rewards by delegating their Hive Resource Credits. A dash board should be able to present a Resource credit market to IVP's. If an IVP purchases and stakes Speak they can get access to a certain amount of Resource Credits for Hive. ## Speak Network Bandwidth Consumers - Creator Tokens / Digital Asset creation - Fan Token creation - Any user making token transfers - Video Platforms (receiving payments / transfers) - Independent creator Site / community hosters (transfers) - NFT Creation FAN Tokens: Fan tokens can be created either directly by a creator OR if a creator's fan holds enough of the creator's token, they can create a "fan" token which sits under the creator's token. This allows for fans of creators to create sub community tokens that have all the functionalities of a main token but that sit within the eco system of the main creator's community. This allows 'super' fans who hold a large amount of a creator's token to create and distribute economic value within the community of a large creator ## In-Built 3Speak Business models Applicable for all IVP's and instances of open source threespeak sites (skins, platform, independent creator Sites, independent communities), - Donations (patreon) - needs to be auto and one offs. This can also include micro payments. This can also be used to receive donations even if the user being donated to does not create content (pay wall for access to content per day, week, month) - Paywalls(including micro paywalls) A user must have a balance of speak in a wallet that can be charged by the cretor in return for access to content, schedules can be per video, per series of videos or per time period such as minutes watched, weeks or month. Charge per min, per vid, per series etc. Pre pay access, month to month ETC. - Users can access all types of content (both Patreon, and paywall types) for a higher fixed fee which is set by the creator. - Creators can charge in their own token for access to their patreon / paywall content - Re-Share and earn bounties - such as first X number users to share a creator's content on twitter or on the platform earn a portion of the bounty put up by the creator. Alternatively first X commenters can also get this reward. - Creator Independent site / community site set up fee - In-Video Ad payments (google ads style) - Independent Community / creator site Banner Ads - Creator digital products - NFT Sales for memes and profile pics - Pay to Trend on front ends (you can pay for your own or other users content to trend) - Comment trending / prioritisation - Super Chats - Immutable / anon Tipping - Referral Programs (referrers earn the token and transaction % of each transaction of their onboared user for X amount of time after the sign up) ## Staking - BPOS - User stakes to elect validator, validtor earns inflation - Longer lock ups get a disproportionately higher % reward of - Speak token only - if user un-stakes early 50% gets burned 50% goes back to the staker - % and time weighted, so the earlier a user unstakes themore tokens they lose. - Stakers receive a % of beneficiaries from all Speak network platforms - The more that people stake the less rewards are shared between each staker - the more you stake the more the staker receives in rewards. Higher stakers are rewarded disproportionately to users staking less Staking capability for the following users: - full node validators - Independent Creator sites / communities - IVP's - Token Creators - Users - DeFi Specualtors ## SPEAK Token Mining Rewards Speak token inflation to: 1) Video Viewers - Exponential rewards (more views more rewards) 2) Stakers who vote 3) Full node Storage operators - (based on how much video content they store) 4) Token Validators Nodes 5) IVP's (based on CDN (theta token model), encoding capability) - (based on PoW oracle system measurements) 6) DAO - NOTE: IVP's are Full Node Storage operaors, Full Node Storage Operators are NOT IVP's. IVP's can earn more rewards than a storage node since they provide CDN, Encoding and storage. GAMIFICATION OF THE NETWORK: - Dashboard makes it easy for users to take part in activies that add value to the network (seeding, providing video infrasstrucutre such as CDN, Encoding etc). Users can earn points for completing these activies. The points accumualted are broadcasted publically to the blockchain so that everyone can see that a certain user provided the most value and time to the network. Users can earn medals / status for doing good deeds in the network. For example, first person to seed a video gets extra points, or user who provides the most content delivery capability or the most storgae earn additional points. - Consistecy rewards. Those who provide the most infrastructure on a continuous basis get bonus points - Decentralised Leader boards categorised by community can then be contsructed to show which communities earned the most points / contrinbuted the most to the network ## SPEAK Points - Users earn speak Points as you use the platform (These are not from token inflation. These are points recorded on the newtork) - can redeem for upvotes in the SMT and Hive. reserve one upvote amount for sharing between people who claim their points each day - Log in 7 days in a row and get speak points incentive - earn them every day for users who do various actions - Similar model to partico points - earn for doing positive actions ## SPEAK Token Claim Drop & Referrals - Speak will be a Hive engine token operating on the decentralised Hive Engine Network - Speak token will share Hive Engine Governance with Worker Bee Token and other community tokens will be added over time by community consensus. - Hive users claim dropped tokens based on stake. The more Hive you own, the more Speak you will be able to claim. - For the first 12 month period after the token is released users will have to log in to 3Speak to claim their tokens. In order to recieve the maximum balance, Hive holders will have to log in once per month and click the claim button (or other method less bottable). If a user misses a month, they will not be able to claim the tokens for that month. The unclaimed tokens will go into a fund which will be equally divided between several reputable, large scale, free speech video and content platforms out side of Hive. The list of these platforms will be decided by stake weighted community vote at a later date. The intention of bringing these other platforms into the claim drop is to provide the system with a network effect while giving these platforms an option to further decentralise their content storage layer, create immutable communities, allow their content creators access to a token creation system and lock in value with an NFT Meme collectables system. - The claim drop is set up in such a way that 3Speak will not benefit any more than any other video or content platform that is voted in by the community to recieve the claim - staking will be part of the token system. Staking rewards are given in liquid Speak - In order to get a bonus the user should be referred by an existing user. Referrer gets X% of the bonus in new tokens. The size of the rewards pool will be decided by community vote in the 3Speak Decentralised DAO proposal sytem. - Dao proposal fund will be liquid from day one of the DAO proposal fund being operational - Funding proposals can be submitted from day one of the DAO proposal fund being opertional ## SMT "UP" - Proof of brain distribution process - Claim Dropped to SPEAK token holders using same rules as above - built into all OS platforms and can also be used in all of the business models above - % of all SMT and Speak token revenues from platforms go to powered up SMT holders - % of all Beneficiaries from all platforms go to SMT powered up stakers - Top 40 value adding entities can be elected by stake weighted vote for reward positions (same as Hive witnesses). - elected entities are rewarded in staggered quantities based on whether they are a full storage node, a self-seeding video creator / community site or an IVP ## Self Regulating Network (Mining Difficulty) - A discussion needs to take place on how the network self regulates in a sustainable way with respect to how rewards are dsitributed to the various value providedrs. The distribution needs to occur in such a way that it discourages monopolies and one small group of users dominating the rewards pool. It should also incentivise a large number of seeders & video infrastruture providers to contribute to the network. - Should there be diminishing returns based on the more infrastrucutre you provide? The idea is to avoid monolopies over the token mining inflation supply.