Curriculum Vitae === ###### tags: `cv` [[中文版]]( ### <font color="black">Shengwen Cheng </font> **E-mail:** **GitHub:** []( **Linkedin:** [shengwen-tw]( ### <font color="darkblue">Education</font> * *M.Sc.Eng, Graduate Degree Program of Robotics*, **National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University** (2019/9/3~2021/11/10) * *B.Eng., major in Computer Science and Information Engineering*, **Providence University** (2015/9/14~2019/6/14) ### <font color="darkblue">Employment</font> *System Software Engineer*, **Nvidia**, Taiwan (2024/2~Now) * Tegra SoC Secure Boot Firmware *Sensor Fusion Engineer*, **GallopWave**, Taiwan (2023/9~2024/2) * Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) algorithm validation *Embedded System Engineer*, **Avilon Intelligence**, Taiwan (2018/9~2019/9) * Vision-assisted auto-landing system of UAV * High-performance flight computer design (ARM Cortex-A72 + A53) * Integration of 4G-LTE wireless communication ### <font color="darkblue">Field of Interest</font> 1. Robotics 2. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) 3. Embedded System 4. Real-time Operating System (RTOS) 5. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) ### <font color="darkblue">Professional Background</font> **Computer Science** 1. **Harware Architectures:** ARM Cortex-A/M, RISC-V 2. **Real-time Operating System:** FreeRTOS, NuttX. Project owner of an open-source RTOS (Tenok, see below). 3. **Computer vision:** Applications of Unmanned Aerial/Ground Vehicles **Robotics** 1. **Multirotor UAV:** Modeling, Control, Estimation, Simulation and Design 2. **Nonlinear control:** Feedback linearization, Sliding Mode Control, Adaptive Control 3. **Optimal control:** Linear Quadratic Regulator, H∞ Control, Model Predictive Control 4. **State estimation:** Kalman Filter, Numerical Optimization 5. **SLAM:** Visual-SLAM, LiDAR Odometry 6. **BLDC control:** Trapezoidal Control, Field-Oriented Control 7. **Motion planning:** Minimum-snap trajectory generation, Rapidly-Exploring Random Tree (RRT) ### <font color="darkblue">Projects</font> **Main works** 1. Quadrotor flight control system [[video]]( 2. Puyuma: a miniature vision-based self-driving system [[code]]( [[report]]( [[slide]]( 3. Tenok: an experimental real-time operating system [[code]]( [[report]]( [[video]]( 4. PU-01: a twin-boom fixed wing aircraft [[slide]]( [[video]]( **Simulations** 1. Simulation of quadrotor with geometric tracking control (nonlinear control) [[code]]( 2. Simulation of quadrotor with LQR control and fast Riccati equation solver [[code]]( [[report]]( 3. Simulation of quadrotor with H∞ control [[code]]( [[slide]]( 4. Simulation of BLDC with field-oriented control and square-wave control [[code]]( 5. Simulation of minimum-snap trajectory generation [[code]]( 6. Simulation of RRT (Rapidly-Exploring Random Tree) [[code]]( ### <font color="darkblue">Publications</font> 1. <ins>S.-W. Cheng</ins> and H.-A. Hung, "Robust State-Feedback H-infinity Control of Quadrotor," 2022 International Automatic Control Conference (CACS), Taiwan, 2022. [[link]]( 2. <ins>S.-W. Cheng</ins>, S.-W. Wang, P.-S. Chen, K.-F. Hsu, C.-Y. He, and C.-C. Huang, "Puyuma: Linux-based RTOS Experimental Platform for Constructing Self-Driving Miniature Vehicles," Workshop on Compiler Techniques and System Software for High- Performance and Embedded Computing (CTHPC), Taiwan, 2017. [[link]]( ### <font color="darkblue">Presentations</font> 1. Crafting a Vision-Aided Software Stack for UAV, Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS), Seattle, USA, 2024. [[link]]( ### <font color="darkblue">Awards and Honors</font> 1. Vision Get Wild Award – Silver Award, 2018 2. Graduation Project Competition of Bachelor – First Prize, 2017 3. Taiwan Summer of Code – First Prize, 2014 ### <font color="darkblue">Language Proficiency</font> 1. **Chinese:** Native 2. **English:** TOEFL 91 3. **Japanese:** JLPT N1 4. **German:** Amateur level