# Scisprint 2022 September ###### tags: `scisprint` Sprint page: https://sciwork.dev/sprint/2022/09-hsinchu **Date:** 24th September, Saturday **Time:** 13:00 -- 17:00 (4 hours) Report: https://medium.com/sciwork/scisprint-2022-september-in-hsinchu-e9df19f518c2 # Attendees (sign-up) The venue requires users to provide names. Please sign up using real names by TBD. 1. petertc https://twitter.com/petertc_chu 2. Yung-Yu Chen ([@yungyuc](https://twitter.com/yungyuc/)) 3. Ting-Yu Chuang 4. Yi-En Chou 5. Jenny 6. Aya yu 7. Chao-Hung Wan 8. Jack Sun 9. Chun-Hsu Lai 10. Yu-An Chen 11. 坤賢 12. cclynn 13. 品妤 14. Lin Chang Teng 15. Ke Hsu 16. Ying Jer Kao 17. Seanstone 18. Kenny Lee 19. 心妤 20. Yen-Tung Lin 21. Chan Sing Hong 22. Chen Wei-Shen # Agenda * 13:00 -- 13:15 Arrival and seating * 13:15 -- 13:30 Project introduction * Quick overview of each project * 13:30 -- 14:20 Coding session 1 * 14:20 -- 14:30 Group update (and discussion) session 1 * 14:30 -- 15:20 Coding session 2 * 15:20 -- 15:30 Group update (and discussion) session 2 * 15:30 -- 16:30 Coding session 3 * 16:30 -- 17:00 Project summary * Include but not limit to the progress on the day * 17:00 Dismiss for dinner :::info Group update (and discussion) : Present progress and issue discussion in the development group ::: # Projects ## modmesh Solve conservation laws using C++ and Python https://github.com/solvcon/modmesh Leader: Yung-Yu Chen (@yyc on discord) Participants (also add your names here): 1. Ting-Yu Chuang 2. Yi-En Chou 3. Jenny Subjects: 1. Developing 1-D [Euler solver](https://yyc.solvcon.net/en/latest/writing/2015/euler.html) [name=yyc] 2. Windows porting [name=tychuang] 3. [Projection algorithm](https://hackmd.io/4_XrYO6DSZyoIBSF4rIvvw) [name=EN] ## Cytnx Cytnx is a scientific library which aims to provide similar experience as using numpy/scipy/pytorch. Thus, although Cytnx is written in C++, there’s python binding for users familiar with python. On the other hand, it aims to provides many efficient methods to manipulate tensors, tensor networks, linear algebra. All the critical calculation are come with CPU and GPU dedicated implementations to acheive fully usage of computer resources. https://github.com/kaihsin/Cytnx Leader: 1. Ke Hsu 2. Lin Chang Teng Participants (also add your names here): 1. Ying Jer Kao Subjects: 1. Writing Unit Test 2. Discuss GUI-Tensor Network Representation * We might need some GUI program for users to convert tensor network representation string to clear graph 4. Writing API Documentation ## Sciwork Portal Sciwork Portal is a project for maintaining our official website -- [Sciwork.dev](https://sciwork.dev/), which was built by Pelican with tailwindCSS, and deployed by Netfliy. If you are interested in this project, feel free to join with us! :) Leader: Aya yu Participants (also add your names here): 1. Ting-Yu Chaung Subjects: 1. add new features to improve SEO, like, [sitemap](https://github.com/pelican-plugins/sitemap) 2. add `make.bat` for running script on windows OS 3. add other features, like [i18n](https://github.com/getpelican/pelican-plugins/tree/master/i18n_subsites), for localisation 4. replace iframe with [hackmd-api](https://hackmd.io/@hackmd-api/developer-portal) when embedding spring note. ## Simpletrader Simpletrader is a algorithm trading framework ,which is written in C++, currently bank api only support [Sinotrade](https://sinotrade.github.io). Currenlty Simpletrader is private project, we are planing to open source it! Leader: Chun-Hsu Lai ([@gugugu](https://github.com/j8xixo12)) Participants (also add your names here): 1. Seanstone Subjects: 1. How to remove sensitive part from Simpletrader and open source. ## Add your projects # Venue **Decision**: - 5F, A Block, General Building III, NTHU (清華大學 綜合三館A區 5樓) Address: 300新竹市東區光復路二段101號 清華大學 綜合三館A區 5樓 https://goo.gl/maps/aBcdj2fu6gV3vjL99 - Lobby - 有咖啡機和飲水機 (沒照到) - 場地照片: ![](https://i.imgur.com/vPnyXqC.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/7YtOO3F.jpg) - 大會議室 - 場地照片: ![](https://i.imgur.com/tJL4DXg.jpg) - 小會議室 - 場地照片: ![](https://i.imgur.com/ZJZKL7Q.jpg) The full list of possible venue at https://hackmd.io/@sciwork/venue-candidates ## Parking coupon Parking fee is $30/hr, or you may sign up for coupon, where you will be charged $70 for one-time parking. Please sign up using real names . 1. Yung-Yu Chen 2. Chu, Hua-Rong(petertc) ## Dinning choice 1. [**清華水漾餐廳**](https://goo.gl/maps/RfTgutfpA7Hb2LHt8) - 義式料理 - $400~500 - 於清華大學內 2. [**中崎家**](https://g.page/nakazakike?share) - 日式咖哩飯 - $200 - 步行約14分鐘(1.1公里),店面較小 3. [**Go eat Tapas Dining BAR 西班牙餐酒館**](https://goo.gl/maps/pV8bWtXAnYofScgG9) - 餐酒館 - $300~500 - 步行約13分鐘(1.1公里),有大桌子 4. [**La stella義式人文餐廳**](https://goo.gl/maps/3GaV5QJKemKTJCWz6) - 義式料理 - $300~400 - 步行約9分鐘(0.8公里) 5. [**窯食**](https://g.page/yaoshi222?share) - 披薩 - $300~500(整片) - 步行約11分鐘(1公里),有大桌子 - 步行距離以清華大學門口開始計算,為google map所提供之資料 # Workspace ## Task - Sprint page [name=jenny] - Venue (NTHU) contact [name=EN] - Discussion topics [name=EN] - Collect the potential topics and organize them in sprint note (hackmd) - Remind on the sprint day - Event day: - MC / host: [name=jenny] ## Online promotion ### Tweet 1 Link: https://twitter.com/sciwork/status/1571320613637357569 On the coming Saturday 9/24, we will have the September scisprint in NTHU (Hsinchu): https://sciwork.dev/sprint/2022/09-hsinchu. Please join us to enjoy coding together with 4 projects. Sign up in the hackmd page. ### Tweet 2 Link https://twitter.com/sciwork/status/1571329626366156800 (September scisprint) modmesh will wrap up the Windows porting, introduce the progress of the 1D Euler solver, and discuss how to include more CFD (computational fluid dynamic) code. https://hackmd.io/@sciwork/scisprint-202209#modmesh ### Tweet 3 Link https://twitter.com/sciwork/status/1571329725876043776 (September scisprint) Cytnx will discuss the plan for unit-testing. web-based GUI for tensor network representation, and API documentation. https://hackmd.io/@sciwork/scisprint-202209#Cytnx ### Tweet 4 Link https://twitter.com/sciwork/status/1571329801021181952 (September scisprint) sciwork portal website project plans for new features like SEO, site map, i18n/l10n, and Windows support. https://hackmd.io/@sciwork/scisprint-202209#Sciwork-Portal ## Meetings ### 20220909 Minutes Primary: * Progress update and/or summary, e.g., modmesh windows porting. * Reminder of some caveats. * Today's summary * Speech for sprint topic. Project introduction. Secondary: * Introduction and/or discussion of numerical methods, e.g., Lanczos. * What do we do in scisprint? * What projects are suitable to the scisprint? * Points that the attendees can get from the events. * Starting points of a project. Use issue as the topics. QA: * what kind of projects are welcomed in sciwork? (petertc) * => anything related to science, e.g., pydoc translation ### Post-Event Review + Reviewer: [name=Jenny], [name=EN], [name=Lynn], [name=Pin-Yu], [name=tychaung] + Host + Record + Topics: + Event recap: + Attendees: 19/22(sign-ups) (2 helpers not included) + Media exposure: NTHU mubao(10k followers). + + Problem observed: + Media exposure isn't as expected. + Guide to the venue should be clearer. + 門禁卡 + 對場地不熟沒辦法做事先分配場地, + 與會者對於活動參與較不清楚,協辦人員也不知道有newcomer,兩方資訊不對等。 + 專案事先能不能提供一些hint,讓他們可以事先下載或是先知道可以先幹麻。 + 如果來的人new-comer比較多,subject會比較沒有幫助,subject對於專案主持人比較有幫助(對於new-comer比較有幫助的是exercise) + [name=TY]筆電連顯示器有問題 + 網路連線問題 + 大家看到英文可能就滑掉了。 + (協辦人員之間也資訊不對) + Goal for the next event: + ~~Promotion: 40 attendees.~~ + Future recommandation(what to keep and what/how to fix): + to keep 1. Coming up with topics for each project in advance 2. the venue is quite good 3. 列出subject有助於當天專案的進行,當作任務來解。 4. + to fix 1. Add guidance of venue entry in the sprint hackmd doc. Or add a note on the sprint web page to remind the attendees to check out the clear information about it. 2. modmesh人比較多應該要在大的會議室。 3. 場地偏複雜可參考七月的sprint note:進不來可以tag場地負責人,拍照路線。設計模板供未來場務使用:定下SOP(場務要負責的事項)[name= EN] [name= Jenny] 4. 寫下project較為清楚的instruction。 5. 理想上,會希望較多的時間在解issue,或是來現場激盪一些想法,而不是來現場做build教學。接下來對於newcomer,提供他們build專案的ppt讓他們在sprint前可以先試試看,有問題在sprint上提出(exercise)。如果可以也讓每個專案都有exercise,如果只有提供source code跟文字介紹可能比較難follow。(但也許人較少的專案比較不會有這個問題(?)) + PPT [name=tychaung] + Tester [name=Jenny] [name=EN] 7. 自動化安裝腳本需要花一些時間(not in a short time) 8. 提醒大家網路的使用方式(include in場務的sop) 9. 進一步了解門禁問題:1F不要有門禁,5F維持門禁,一個人幫忙開。 10. modmesh飽和,sciwork portal to be promoted. Sciwork portal屬前端應該會吸引不少人,但與sciwork目前介紹的方向不同,可以改宣傳文案。也包裝成中文,較為親民的版本。 11. 改宣傳方向:CCCA,系學會,臉書社團,dcard,針對相似客群做宣傳(e.g 梅竹黑客松, sitcom)。(調整目標,人數過飽和的情況下難以維持活動品質,讓活動自然宣傳(e.g朋友之間相傳)) + Identify the work and team leads for Sprint October.(To be discussed) + Program + Venue + Registration (Link to the workbook of next sprint: https://hackmd.io/@sciwork/scisprint-202210) ## Promotion - Whom to invite? - Those who have done a couple of projects to code for scientific or engineering application and would like to write better code. - Those who have more than one year of experience in coding, and would like to apply their skills to scientific or engineering code.