# 2023 Sciwork events planning ###### tags: `planning`, `sciwork` Previous year: https://hackmd.io/@sciwork/event-plan-2022 # Scisprint May Date: 5/20 Saturday Time: 13:00 -- 17:00 Venue: NTHU NCTS # Scisprint April Date: 4/15 Saturday Time: 13:00 -- 17:00 Venue: NTHU NCTS # Scisprint March Date: 3/11 Saturday Time: 10:00 -- 17:00 Venue: NTHU NCTS # Scisprint February Date: 2/11 Saturday Time: 10:00 -- 17:00 Venue: Amazon Taipei Office Amazon sponsors the meeting room for potential customers to host events. By the sciwork side, we should demonstrate that the sprints will attract potential AWS customers. While many of the attendees may already be, I guess we simply need to figure out how to make it apparent and publicly appreciate the technical superiority of Amazon. In the event, AWS would like to have their SA to introduce AWS. The requirement is a generous perk. I have no doubt that the attendees are interested in what AWS is up with. And, if there is a little bit more alignment, synergy can be distilled between sciwork projects and AWS. We may start with the exising projects listed in https://hackmd.io/@sciwork/scisprint-202209 . And the building has reasonable but strict access control. Sciwork will need to provide a list of attendees before the event. We would probably need volunteers to help guide the route. The fancy meeting rooms should be worth the administrative overhead. We need to figure out how to make a feasible system for sign-up and promote the event early enough. ## Preparation meeting 20220926 Need to estimate: * Number of people Task: * Program setup (projects) [name=kunxian] * Venue [name=jim] * Table, seat * Wifi * Projector * White/blackboard * Registration [name=Dboy] * Requirement: real name? (phone number?) (email?) * Hackmd? * Google form? * Promotion [name=Peter] # Sciwork Outdoor Retreat Date: 1/14-15 Saturday, Sunday Time: 13:00 -- 17:00 Venue: TBD Venue survey: * [光復糖廠宿舍](https://www.taisugar.com.tw/resting/hualian/CP2.aspx?n=12036) * [山灣水月景觀溫泉會館](https://www.wmhotspring.com.tw/album.aspx?aid=environment) 包棟約 20 人 * [福隆 | 逸閒居精品民宿](https://www.theeasyspace.com.tw/home) location: https://g.page/theeasyspace?share * [包棟礁溪溫泉景觀Villa](https://site.traiwan.com/MoonVilla/index.html)