# Webinar Pi Platform ![](https://i.imgur.com/5lonq7t.jpg) [TOC] ## Introduction Webinar Pi is a pilot implementation of community required software and services for production of hypermedia publishing and delivery. Our aim is to package together open source community developed softwares running on a raspberry pi device, which will be called Webinar pi onwards. A logical mesh connects multiple such Webinar pi devices, that allows peer to peer discovery and sync. Users of the network can do video / Audio conference, create hypermedia artefacts, which could be any digital media like Images, Audio, Video and annotations (tags, descriptions, metadata) on the media, and parts of the media. ## Project Status The platform is currently actively being tested by our team members, to release the prototype version due mid august. In our current sprint we are testing the hardware, you can read further on our testing status here [Dry run for distributed syncing across devices](/7s3JVZ5ySIqj4G73Qe29Cw?both) ## Implementation For the implementation of the logical mesh we are considering to use Yggdrasil, and syncthing for files and annotations exchange between peers, papad for annotating audio, Cow Radio for creating audio recordings. * Network - https://hackmd.io/RLA1GkWPRuexD1EalPuj8A#3-Network-local-cloud-internet * Softwares - https://hackmd.io/RLA1GkWPRuexD1EalPuj8A#4-Software * Hardware - https://hackmd.io/RLA1GkWPRuexD1EalPuj8A#2-Hardware * Misc - Monitoring, maintenance tools ## Get Started Read more on installation, setup, configuration and running all software, here [(July status) Webinar Pi Platform Implementation](/fjevedPXR-mmWF5B_O9y0Q?both) ## Get Involved To get involved in these activities, please write to team at servelots dot com