# Homemade wine ###### tags: `recipe` A simple homemade wine recipe without industrial yeast, or complicated equipments, a perfect experiment for the lockdown, at the end of 21 days you will be sipping your wine. Sugar will help us with manifesting the yeast (wild / natural yeast), fruit will help us in adding flavor. will try to add images and videos later. ![](https://i.imgur.com/xeUOWLX.jpg) ## Ingredients 1. Grapes (or any fruit that has high sugar contents) - 1KG 2. Sugar - 1/2 to 3/4 KG 3. Rock salt - 1 tsp 4. Bowls for washing and so on 5. ladle - 6. Wine brewing Dabba - plastic / ceramic only no metal ## Method 1. Take a bowl big enough, add grapes, cold water and rock salt. let it soak for 20 mins to remove all chemicals 2. Rinse the grapes in the salted water and mean while pluck grapes from the stalk and add it to another bowl 3. Wash the grapes 2-3 more times in running water 4. Add all grapes and 1 litre water / enough to submerge all grapes and put it on stove in high flame with a lid for 20 mins, this will kill all dirty bacteria that may spoil the wine 5. Let the grape cook well, you will get a nice aroma, and the water will start changing color to take the color of fruit. Add 1/2 kg sugar by the end of boiling a 6. Turn of stove after the sugar dissolved 7. let the mast cool down 8. You can strain out the grapes from the liquid and smash it into nice pulp. You can use clean sanitized hands for this purpose. Also keep in mind to use the skin as well. 9. add the pulp back into the sugary liquid 10. put this mast into clean sanitized plastic / ceramic dabba 11. At this point you can also add activated yeast, but i'm doing this batch without any yeast. It will naturally occur from the sugar 12. Check on this every day, give a small shake or whirl, release the gases formed. 13. Also do a tasting, and make sure the liquid is sweet enough until 1 week (primary fermentation stage) 14. if not sweet enough add the remain 1/4 kg sugar, remember the sugar is the food for the yeast which will produce alcohol 15. After each day you will see lot of bubbles forming, if u see this your wine is doing well 16. As soon as the bubbles start reducing, it means the fermentation is slowing down due to alcohol content in the must 17. After 5 or 7 days you can filter the wine, remove all the pulp material and throw it away 18. You can put the wine in bottles filled up till the next with no space for air and close tight 19. open the bottles once in 3 days to smell and test if it's not going sour 20.