# PEH 2021-06-07 Meeting Agenda ###### tags: `Error Handling` `Minutes` - Previous Meeting: https://github.com/rust-lang/project-error-handling/blob/master/meetings/2021-05-24.md - Action Items: https://hackmd.io/@rust-libs/Hyj7kRSld - Book Planning Doc: https://cryptpad.fr/code/#/2/code/edit/1FhyaBOOANgdSTKA8xbYIt8t/ ## Agenda Items - Review action items from last meeting - Issue Triage - Review [Project Board](https://github.com/rust-lang/project-error-handling/projects/1) Issues - Individual Status Updates # Attendees - Jane Lusby - Sean Chen - Senyo Simpson - CraftSpider - Jakub Duchniewicz - Charles Ellis O'Riley Jr. # Meeting Minutes ## Action Items - [Jane] "Negative trait impls" still WIP, but making good progress. - [Jane] "Reviewing project membership and contact availability" is almost done; just need to make a PR on the rust-lang/teams repo. - [Jakub] "Re-open panic format consistency" PR is done. - [Sean] RFC for `std::error::Report` is coming along. - [Jane] "Investigate oom=panic and path forward for kornelski" being moved to [unassigned] due to lack of bandwidth. ## Status Updates - [Senyo] Working on the Rust error handling book; aiming for a cohesive plan as far as how to structure it by next meeting.