# Example Grant Proposal Outline ## Project Abstract The velocity of money is important for measuring the rate at which money in circulation is being used for purchasing goods and services. It is used to help economists and investors gauge the health and vitality of an economy. High money velocity is usually associated with a healthy, expanding economy. Normally velocity is a aggregated metric and difficult to break down. This is where the beauty of a public blockchain of value comes into play! This critical metric of health - velocity - can be broken down and analized through graph theory and network analysis. Where is value pooling, where is the velocity so high that it skews the overall number? We can easily answer these questions for public blockchains! ## Objectives The objective of this project is an easy to use-interactive network visualization of core parts of the etherum netowrk (potentially the entire network). What are you hoping to accomplish with this grant? How do you define and measure success for this project? ## Outcomes How does this project benefit the greater Ethereum ecosystem? The project benefits researchers in the etherum network. The metric will become increasingly important especially with the advent of staking, seeing how the velocity of eth changes from a macro and micro level as the technology gets adoped. Moreover, this methodology can then be scaled to all ERC20 tokens - stable coins, utility tokens, liquid staking networks, or wrapped coins from other blockchains. The core mission of mapping blockchian netowrks user-friendly methods will help the ecosystem. ## Grant Scope What are you going to research? What is the expected output? ## Project Team How many people are working on this project? Please list their names and roles for the project as well as how many hours per month will each person work on this project? ## Background Give us a bit of info and include relevant links, if available! Please provide other projects or research papers (ideally public and/or open source), engagements or other types of proof that your team has the necessary experience to undertake the project you are applying for. Any links for us to review? E.g. research papers, blog posts, etc. ## Methodology How do you plan to achieve your research objectives? ## Timeline Please include a brief explanation on the milestones/roadmap, along with expected deliverables. Also outline how the funds will be used for the research project and or members of the team. ## Budget USD 1,000 Please provide an requested amount and outline of how the grant will be used. A detailed budget proposal would be helpful and some item you could include are: - Principle Researchers Costs - Other Staff Costs - Hardware Costs - Software Costs - Data Collection Costs - Indirect Costs