# Proposal ###### tags: `WORK STATION FOR ARTIST` 《米學院》培養、研究並培育米蟲,以策動米蟲革命。米學院旨在研究如何讓這些隱形的代理人發聲,以配有超聲波麥克風,無線電發送器,傳感器和紫外線燈的養蟲容器提出一系列集體行動的裝置和儀器. 借鑑控管農業害蟲的科技及控制系統,檢查高頻的輾壓聲和低頻率的溫度變化,來刺激活躍的米蟲革命, 以其放送出的噪音再衍生革命歌劇簡譜. 米學院成員:賴明信(行政院農業委員會農業試驗所作物組研究員暨研究室主持人)、姚美吉(行政院農業委員會農業試驗所應用動物組副研究員)、梁正賢(池上多力米股份有限公司), 賴躍仁‭(‬大同大學機械工程學系助理教授‭)‬、鍾湫浤‭ ‬(大同大學機械工程學系)、鄭先喻 (藝術家兼軟體開發者), 「菌絲網絡社會」‭‬藝術家:弗朗茲.薩韋爾‭ , 太郎, 馬丁.豪斯‭ ‬、鄭淑麗‭ .‬ RICE ACADEMY cultures, studies and cultivates rice bugs towards the RICE BUG REVOLT. The ACADEMY examines ways of making audible these hidden agents, proposing a series of installations and instruments for collective actions with breakout containers furnished with ultrasonic microphone, radio transmitters, sensors and UV lights. We borrow techniques from the sciences of management and system control of harmful agricultural insects, checking out high frequency crunchings and low frequency temperature changes, encouraging the inner dynamic revolt amplified in operatic notation. RICE ACADEMY members: Ming-Hsin Lai (Senior Agronomist and Rice Lab Principle Investigator, Crop Science Division, Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, COA),  Me-Chi Yao(Associate Researcher, Applied Zoology Division, Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, COA), Cheng-Hsien Liang (Chih Shang Duo-Li Rice Co., Ltd), Yao-Jen LAI and Chiu-Hung Chung (Department of Mechanical Engineering,Tatung University) , artist/software developer Hsien Yu Cheng and Mycelium Network Society artists (Franz Xaver, taro, Martin House, Shu Lea Cheang).