# Handbook Changes Tasklist - See [BorrowLucid/handbook](https://github.com/BorrowLucid/handbook) for in progress updates. https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/vision-and-values/manifesto This is appropriated from another DAO handbook. I mimicked the form and changed the content to Moloch attitude. It has some blatant errors to reconsider: > Moloch does not have investors. There are no VCs, no angels, no SPACs, and no SPVs that are pulling the strings in the background. Is this true? > Moloch does not have an official voice. There’s no legal entity, there’s no foundation, no copyright, no patent, no central authority to stamp announcements with official seals from some great leader. Do we believe this? > Moloch is Ethereum. We believe Ethereum is more than a Ponzi scheme riding the coattails of cypherpunk. This infrastructure is changing the world and we will break our backs to keep it running. Should probably say is definitely not a ponzi scheme lol > Moloch stands for public goods. Ethereum is a digital public good that will someday facilitate protecting and nurturing our material public goods. Ethereum is the gwei. Kinda, but not really, not yet. We should rephrase --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/vision-and-values/molochdao-whitepaper Would be great to have the text content from the PDF brought into markdown to be stylized - working in [this hackmd](https://hackmd.io/frmv9ypnSn2z5lImHSFCDw) --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/vision-and-values/supplement-to-whitepaper I wrote this. Might be garbage. Have your way with it! --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/dao-member-policies/code-of-conduct Maybe the most problematic because its the most controversial. Think about this page and try to redraft in a way that makes sense. Yalda pointed to a tension between being *professional* and *staying punk*. I don't think that's a contradiction (unless I'm a living contradiction lol, which might be true), but perhaps this page might be recrafted to be more inclusive. --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/dao-member-policies/molochdao-shares Add a link to the share calculator? --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/dao-member-policies/how-to-join-molochdao - Change contact info (so its not TW or Ann) --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/dao-member-policies/community-governance Adapted from MCV docs. I think this page is strong though... --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/dao-member-policies/member-working-groups Adapted from somewhere else... I tried to set a structure for working groups, but it would be great to get your opinion on this. Change as desired. --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/dao-member-policies/member-working-groups/treasury-management !!! What do we do about this!? --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/dao-member-policies/member-working-groups/reciprocal-grant-delegates This policy has carried over from the v1 handbook. I have been attending meeting since July without requesting compensation, but I will begin doing so starting this year. I think the language here is clear, but I would love your opinion on it. --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/reallyboringguild-member-policies/reallyboringguild-overview Please post your opinions on this in the Discord! --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/reallyboringguild-member-policies/contributing-to-rbg/roles Thoughts? We could redefine these roles or ditch them altogether? --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/reallyboringguild-member-policies/contributing-to-rbg/compensation - I want to make a motion to raise our rates to $100/hr next funding round, but this has to remain like it is for now. - Status Updates: should be updated to reflect the Github payments flow - Value Level: adapted from DH. We don't use this, but we should. Thoughts? - Commitment Level: adapted from Dh. We REALLY don't use this and should probably delete it. I guess we don't want to encourage full-time contributors... --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/reallyboringguild-member-policies/contributing-to-rbg/community-meetings - Add permanent discord links to the meetings --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/reallyboringguild-member-policies/how-to-contribute-to-docs/working-on-docs This section needs a total overhaul to reflect the *actual* procedures. Would love for you to write it by documenting your own experience! --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/reallyboringguild-member-policies/how-to-contribute-to-docs/style-guide The style guide should be a living document, but it would be great if you could reference and update it while doing your own handbook mods. --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/reallyboringguild-member-policies/dao-assets What this page should really be is links and instructions that gather all the assets together... Need to figure out a way to token-gate based on member shares or something. Any ideas? --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/moloch-2.0-operating-manual/features-overview - Update screenshots with images of the actual MolochDAO. --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/moloch-2.0-operating-manual/features-overview/bank - Update screenshots with images of the actual MolochDAO. --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/moloch-2.0-operating-manual/page-2 Tutorials: All need to be written! Great task for you if you are willing! --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/grant-pipeline-procedures/how-and-when-to-put-a-proposal-on-chain Consider revising the language here... maybe too confrontational? --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/grant-pipeline-procedures/how-and-when-to-put-a-proposal-on-chain/annual-grant-schedule - Correction: Not quarterly but every trimester. - Need to add the schedule here lol! --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/grant-pipeline-procedures/how-and-when-to-put-a-proposal-on-chain/q4-proposal-flow - Update schedule with general dates - Add a trimester proposal schedule - All needs to be figured out... by who? - Probably should be featured prominently on the website or at least in the handbook --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/grant-pipeline-procedures/receiving-a-grant-award/shares-vs-loot-distribution LOL this section is blank. Seems pretty important to describe the difference for our purposes, since we can now distribute pure loot which means recipients do not have governance access. --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/grant-pipeline-procedures/discord - Change reference to TW and Ann to @ReallyBoringGuild role --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/grant-pipeline-procedures/discord/channels Needs updating to reflect recent changes. --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/grant-pipeline-procedures/annual-report Add annual report here? Or remove this from the handbook? --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/grant-pipeline-procedures/budget Add budget here or delete from handbook? --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/other/learn-about-web3 Could be updated... I think this is copy pasta from MetaCartel --- https://molochdao.gitbook.io/handbook/other/glossary This should definitely be updated! Might be fun to collab on this section at Wordsmiths?