# Week 2: cohort call ###### tags: `OLS-2` `cohort` `project-leads` - Schedule: [**Welcome to Open Life Science!**](https://openlifesci.org/ols-2/schedule#week-02) - Date and time: [10 September 2020, 08:00 - 09:30 UTC](https://arewemeetingyet.com/London/2020-09-10/09:00/week-2-cohort-call), Duration: 90 minutes - Link to the shared notes: https://hackmd.io/@openlifesci/ols-2-week-02 * [Video on YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1CvC6Ez54KBgzgA8eBQWjvF5rQex00cn) **Before this meeting:** - Create [your project vision statement](https://mozilla.github.io/open-leadership-training-series/articles/introduction-to-open-leadership/stating-your-project-vision/): Bring this to the call to share with others - it's OK to create this in your shared HackMD with your mentor, google doc or a GitHub repository (if you feel comfortable) - whichever is most convenient at this point. - Optional: Read this post on mentorability: https://ideas.ted.com/are-you-mentorable/ **Haven't heard from your mentor yet?** Let us know. **Table of contents** [TOC] ## :earth_asia: Cohort call **Call time** : 8:00 UTC/9:00 BST/10:00 CEST ([see your local time](https://arewemeetingyet.com/Berlin/2020-09-10/10:00/OLS-2%20Cohort%20Call%20(Week%2002))) **Hosts** : Malvika, Bérénice, Yo **Syllabus** : [OLS-2 Week-2](https://openlifesci.org/ols-2/schedule/#week-02) **Video recording of this call** - Please note that this call will be recorded - The video will be available on the [YouTube channel](https://t.co/PMSVAuL5df?amp=1) in the next days - Turn on your webcam if you don't mind being in the video (or off if you do!) **This week** During our first cohort call, we will: - Say hello and introduce ourselves. - Review our Community Participation Guidelines. - Review our definition of open leadership. - ==Learn about your role as a mentee/project lead== - Unpack the differences between "open by default" and "open by design" - Learn about common community interactions in open projects. - Learn about common value exchanges between community members in open science - Suggest a cohort name at the bottom of this notes and vote on your favorite with a +1 **Roll call** - _Name / Project / social handles (twitter, GitHub, etc.) /_ [_emoji mood _](https://emojipedia.org/) - Malvika Sharan / OLS / malvikasharan / 🤯 - Sophia Batchelor / Ethical Research Framework - The Turing Way / @brainonsilicon/ :books: - Yo Yehudi / OLS / :bird:: yoyehudi :octopus::cat:: yochannah / :man_dancing: - Bérénice Batut / OLS / bebatut / - Arielle Bennett-Lovell / OLS-2 Mentor / :bird: @biotechchat / :person_doing_cartwheel: - Peter van Heusden / RSSE Africa / pvanheus / 🤒 - Bailey Harrington / Chronic Learning / github: @baileythegreen - Ismael Kherroubi Garcia / Ethical Research Framework - The Turing Way / Twitter: [@IsmaelKherGar](https://twitter.com/IsmaelKherGar) / :leaves: - Aidan Budd / Mentor for "Open Innovation in Life Sciences" / I work for EMBO Solutions GmbH / @AidanBudd on Insta and Twitter / he, him / don't know how to emojis in HackMD...?! - Georgia Aitkenhead/[Autistica-Turing citizen science project](https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/AutisticaCitizenScience)/GeorgiaHCA/ :heart: - Markus K. Youssef / Woodoomap / [kiri93](https://github.com/kiri93) - Sangram Keshari Sahu / Practical Guide to Reproducibilty in Bioinformatics / GitHub: [sk-sahu](https://github.com/sk-sahu) / Twitter: [sangram_ksahu](https://twitter.com/sangram_ksahu) / - Renato Alves / OLS-2 Mentor for - Open Science UMontreal (OSUM) / [Bio-IT EMBL Heidelberg](https://bio-it.embl.de) / he/him / :bird: [@renato_alvs](https://twitter.com/renato_alvs) :octopus: [@unode](https://github.com/unode) - Laura Carter / Ethical Research Framework - The Turing Way / tw: LauraC_rter gh: LauraCarter / :coffee: - Markus Löning / he/him / GitHub: @mloning, Twitter: @mloning_ / :turtle: - Pradeep Eranti/ Open platform for Indian Bioinformatics community/ Github: [@peranti](https://github.com/peranti) / - Beatriz Serrano-Solano / Growing the Galaxy Community / beatrizserrano / @Birthae - Camila Rangel Smith/ Turing data stories / @camilarangels / 🐶 - Emma Karoune/ Open phytolith project - Kate Simpson/ Open housing energy retrofit evaluation data towards citizen science @Dr_KateSimpson Github: @KateSimpson - Cooper Smout / Project Free Our Knowledge @projectFOK - Holger Dinkel / OLS-Mentor / hdinkel / ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ - Hilyatuz Zahroh/ OLS-Mentee, Project: APBioNet Talks / Twitter: [@Hilyatuz_zahroh](https://twitter.com/Hilyatuz_zahroh)/:coffee: - Jez Cope / he/him / OLS Mentor / @jezcope / :seedling: - Teresa Laguna / Sci4All / @teresa__laguna - Harriet Natabona/ she/her/ OLS mentee/ - Karega Pauline She/her/ OLS mentee - Kevin Xu / Turing Data Stories / @kevinxufs - Thordis and Venkat (guests on the call from DCC) - Brenda muthoni / OLS Mentee - Sebastian Eggert (OLS mentee) / Munich / Twitter [@se_eggert](https://twitter.com/se_eggert) / Github [OpenWorkstation](https://github.com/SebastianEggert/OpenWorkstation) - Katharina / Autistica CRI-PAris - Joel / Vienna - Piv Gopalasingam / he/him / OLS-2 Mentor / EBI / Twitter: [@cascade21](https://twitter.com/cascade21) - Jelioth Muthoni/OLS mentee - Sam Van Stroud / Turing Data Stories / @svanstroud - Stephen Klusza / Public Domain Synbio Chassis / Twitter: @codebiologist / 404 - Tainá Rocha / Global land-use and land-cover data under historical, current, and future climatic conditions for ecologists / https://github.com/Tai-Rocha https://twitter.com/Tai_Rocha_ - Kendra Oudyk (she/her) / Open Science Office Hours / twitter: [@koudyk_](https://twitter.com/koudyk_), github: [koudyk](http://github.com/koudyk) / 🤯🙂 - Muhammet Celik/ OLS-Mentee, Project: Creating a Single Pipeline for Metagenomic Classification twitter: dnaencoder **Icebreaker question** _Name a dream vacation location, if you could be anywhere in the world (or outside it?)_ - _Name / answer_ - Sophia / Norway birdbox to see the northern lights - Arielle / Hawai'i or Iceland for the volacanoes :volcano: - Bérénice / Greece (always wanted but never visited) - Peter / Timbuktu (fascinating history / architecture / library / not safe to visit at present) - Bailey / Svalbard, it looks amazing, but I'm not of the super cold - Aidan / a mountain that is wild and beautiful - Laura / Ethiopia to see Lalibela - Yo / Iceland. Pls send all your volcano pics. :volcano: - Malvika / Basing se from The Last Airbender 🌍 - Camila / Japan - Jez / Scottish highlands - I love a good mountain! - Kate/ Any beautiful lake for open swimming! - Oh yay, me too! Going to Snowdonia soon for a weekend of lake swims and waterfall dips! Any favourite spots? [name=Jez] Ooh, Snowdonia sounds great! Near London I like Glen Faba (algae at the mo!), West Reservoir and the Hampstead Ponds...further afield, I like lots of spots in Hawes, Yorkshire, Scotland around Fort William and central Sweden. Ooh Copenhagen is great by the river too. Kate - Georgia / Bali - Renato / Piopiotahi, New Zealand - Cooper / Banff, Canada - Hilya / Sea with blue-turquoise crystal clear water - Piv / Forest-covered mountains with lakes <3 - Stephen K / Japan - Tainá / Bali island :desert_island: - Kendra / Mars 🚀 - Muhammet Celik / Moon to watch Earth 🗣️ Welcome! --- Bérénice (5 min) - Welcome to Open Life Science! The Open Life Science program helps **early-stage researchers and potential academic leaders** in becoming **Open Science ambassadors**. - OLS announcement to share in your network and give each other some well-deserved shout out: - Blog post: https://openlifesci.org/posts/2020/09/01/ols2-announcement/ - Tweet: https://twitter.com/openlifesci/status/1302923905548668928 - We're in **Week 2** - this is the first group cohort call. Week 1 was your mentor/mentee introduction call. - Reminder: [Code of conduct and community participation guidelines ](https://openlifesci.org/code-of-conduct) - If you experience or witness unacceptable behaviour, or have any other concerns, please report it by contacting the organisers - Bérénice, Malvika and Yo. ([team@openlifesci.org](mailto:team@openlifesci.org)). - To report an issue involving one of the organisers, please email one of the members individually (berenice@openlifesci.org, malvika@openlifesci.org, yo@openlifesci.org). - This call is being recorded and transcribed! - Please turn your video off if you would prefer to be off video - You can follow the transcriptions here: [live transcriptions](https://otter.ai/v/o7lyAaJNnpDCbPQXstHjVE3f8ZRFv2uG) 30-second demo. ⚡️Lightning Round table⚡️! --- [Moderator is: Bérénice] (⏰ 15 min) 20 What's your name, location; project name _(follow roll call order, you'll have time for longer introductions later!)_ 🖥 Welcome to OLS! --- [Bérénice] (⏰ 10 minutes) 30 - 🗣️ Intro to OLS - [Slides](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1w_WWb7Mj7NgX4pLBejB4Vc_ofK7ZHOUYOT1MCeKVi20/present?token=AC4w5VjvHWSZBrOwwb1EcSm8v45lUi3nqQ%3A1599724146314&includes_info_params=1&eisi=CLPd6-uM3usCFdIWswUdsiINRA#slide=id.g6e457e6ac5_0_69) 👥 Open Leadership and Open Science --- [Yo] (⏰ 15 minutes) 45 *This is our first group break-out room, so we will spend 1-2 minutes introducing Zoom breakouts.* 👥 Break-out room (10 minutes, ~3 ppl per room): - What was your path to this program? - How did you get into working open? - How has working open affected your leadership? **Breakout room reminder:** if you need assistance in your breakout room, please click the **Ask for Help**; button at the bottom of your screen Any insights/thoughts/comments to share from your breakout room? - _Name / comment _ - - Georgia/It was really exciting to hear more about some of the projects here - I think this is such a woderful community to be part of! -nenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenene - Pradeep / Its great to hear others' projects and know how they are excited about starting their new project and how to take it from their current point of the project: different perspectives and more learnings. - Camila / There was an interesting dicussion about how to we have to change the culture of science where being 'scooped' is big worry of working openly. - Ismael / An interesting chat came up about two aspects needed in reproducibility: technical tools/infrastructure + cultural buy-in - Jez / A strong reminder that I have a lot more to learn from this community than I have to offer as a mentor, but that's ok because we're more than the sum of our parts. I hope I can serve you all well! - Renato / We want to remove the word "scoop" from the dictionary by going full open, collaborative and inclusive +1 I love this! - Aidan: Was so lovely to chat and meet Hilya and Piv - connecting with y'all like this is one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of this kind of work. - Hilya: Second to Aidan. The breakout room was great. Had enjoyable conversation with Aidan and Piv. Love the idea of breakout room. This is very awesome community and program. - Kendra (watching the recording, so I`m not from a breakout room) / I started working more openly after I became concerned about analtic variability & reproducibility in neuroimaging. I think it changed the way I view academia; I see so much potential for community and collaboration now, whereas before it seemed just competitive and secretive. ✏️ Project mission or vision --- [Malvika Sharan](⏰ 10 min) 55 *Articulate your big idea, vision or dream that you want to achieve by working open, and experiment with expressing your vision in a short format.* Add [your project mission or vision](https://mozilla.github.io/open-leadership-training-series/articles/introduction-to-open-leadership/stating-your-project-vision/) below we'll share in breakout rooms _Add your project name / project vision below (2 min; silent GDoc-ing and +1ing)_ - Danny G. - Registered-Reports-in-Primate-Neurophysiology / "Work with neurophysiologists and metascientists to create a guide to using the registered report format specifically for researchers like them in our field so that we can reap the benefits of the format (peer review in advance of data collection, and reducing publication bias). - Peter van Heusden / Develop RSSE-Africa (Research Software and Systems Engineers - Africa), a forum to provide a home for people whose main contribution to research is software and computing systems. The aim for 2020 is to grow the project in terms of visibility and participation. - Teresa Laguna: Citizens’ daily problem solving by engaging multidisciplinary scientific communities: (Sci4All) / I will work with other scientists in generating scientific solutions to daily life problems for the general public in Madrid area which help them feel connected with Science in a way they can find it useful and let them acquire a more scientific mentality. I am working open because transparency is key to make the public engage with Science and scientists and viceversa. * [name=Sophia] would love to keep up with this project and how you're tying together disciplines. "crosspolination" of ideas is so so wonderful for science but often (ime) so hard to structure - Ethical Research - The Turing Way ([name=Ismael], [name=Sophia] & [name=Laura]) / Our Vision is to create a framework that supports an ethical research mindset and its practical application within a researcher-driven data science community. The goal is to build a community (that's you!) that feels volitionally empowered to feed forward into the further development of these ethical science practices in a virtuous cycle. - [Autistica/Turing citizen science projecet](https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/AutisticaCitizenScience)/ Our vision is to empower a communinty of autistic people and their supporters to co-design a citizen science platform so that we can gather data to help make built environments (such as public transport, workplaces and hospitals) more enabling for autistic people. * This looks like a great project and really important to centre autistic folks in the process :yellow_heart: [name=Jez] - Creating communCreating commun - Sebastian - [OpenWorkstation](https://github.com/SebastianEggert/OpenWorkstation): Democratize access to laboratory automation. - Open platform for Indian Bioinformatics community/ I would like to work with the Bioinformatics researchers in India to build a platform for learning through sharing the knowledge among the community members so that the community could grow together. (My vision statement is very brief at this stage, I am sure it will grow during OLS-2 along with my Open journey!) - (Who wrote this? - PvH) - Turing Data Stories (Kevin, Sam, Camila, Dave) / To build a community that encourages people to harness the potential of open data by creating socially relevant, reproducible and pedagogical data stories. Openness is embedded in every step of this project - from the data to the content and to the community driven peer review process. We want to create a platform through which authors can publish different data stories, whilst maintaining a high standard for openness and reproducibility. Our stories should provide pedagogical content and transparency in the process of extracting insight from the data. We hope this will develop our readers’ data literacy and help them better understand an increasingly data driven world. - Practical Guide to Reproducibility in Bioinformatics / I'm (Sangram) working with like-minded people in the online community to work towards a practical approach to reproducibility in the field of Bioinformatics for the students and researches. In such a way that they can apply them on their day to day tasks. That will improve overall reproducibility and reusability in the field. - The Hub Portal/ To build a platform to connect science clubs in Kenyan Universities to collaborate and allow easy access to local data / vision - Project Free Our Knowledge / We're building a 'crowdacting' platform that helps researchers signal their desire for positive cultural change and then act collectively to bring it about, thus protecting individuals from unecessary risk as we practice open science together * [name=Laura] I'm really excited to follow this project! Such an important aim * [name=Jez] Fantastic goal, good luck! * [name=Cooper] thanks Laura and Jez! can follow the project on [twitter](https://twitter.com/home) and [Github](https://github.com/FreeOurKnowledge/discussion) - Chronic Learning / I'm working (hopefully, eventually with others) to create a repository of open, accessible educational resources for academics and individuals trying to teach or learn something new, so that the learning curve for new ideas is a manageable one. - [name=Markus] & [name=Joel]'s Image Analysis Project: Create and share openly a new topological data analysis algorithm that can process noisy image analysis data that provides an alternative to computationally intensive and uninterpretable neural nets. - [sktime](https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/sktime) [Markus]: We want to enable understandable and accessible machine learning with time series by providing instructive documentation and by building a friendly, collaborative and inclusive community. The aim is to unify the time series analysis field by providing a common framework for multiple learning tasks, bringing together contributors from academia and the wider data science community into a joint framework and embedding best practices into the time series analysis field - Piv - supporting the creation and maintenance of bioinformatics training expertise in Latin America through open science and open education initiatives - both eLearning and live events. - [APBioNet Talks](https://apbtalks.apbionet.org) [Hilya] - APBioNET Talks is a video-based open source platform with the simple mission of empowering the community through bioinformatics learning, education, and training. The program aims to facilitate the learning of bioinformatics to be more inclusive and accessible. In the process, we hope to further contribute to the existing knowledge pool and facilitate the discovery and sharing of bioinformatics. - Open database-[Brenda, Jelioth and I (Harriet)] want to build an open database for open access immunology preprints and publications on covid-19 to make sharing & accessibility of information possible for scientists and interested parties working on or seeking information on this - Open Phytolith Research - [Emma] The problem I am trying to solve is the lack of use of open science in my field, phytolith research, especially concerning reusable data sharing. Raising awareness of how a more open research community could benefit all researchers and improving knowledge of open science using training will help researchers to feel more confident to implement new ways of working. It will also help to build a community to start important collaborative work on drawing up discipline-specific guidelines for data sharing. - Public Domain Synbio Chassis - [Stephen K] Multiple synthetic biology platforms have been created to streamline gene expression and gene cloning in synbio but there are either financial and/or patent/academic restrictions in gaining access to the technology. Therefore, my project is focused on building a synbio chassis using public domain technology as featured in the Public Domain Gazette that cabe universally distributed to anyone in the world that is interested. - Global land-use and land-cover (LULC) data under historical, current, and future climatic conditions for ecologists- [Tainá Rocha] There are several LULC datasets available for ecological studies at a global scale under current conditions. However, there is an important gap of LULC data covering periods further back into the past (older than 1970) and mainly projections of LULC changes into the future. Land-Use Harmonized project (https://luh.umd.edu/) provides LULC data from 850 to 2300 available in NetCDF format, that is unfriendly for most ecologists that need this data. I want to convert this data and make it available in order to make it useful and readily usable, at a global scale, for the ecologist with standard GIS skills. - **Open science office hours** ([name=Kendra]), a meeting space where neuroscience graduate students in Montreal can come throughout the year to get help making their research more open and reproducible. 👥 Breakout rooms, share your mission/vision (8 min) --- - Questions / Comments? - question here - we are really excited about the community-building part of the work - it would be amazing to collaborate with people on their projects - maybe we could share some options for doing that - the process of writing the vision statement was hard but it really helped us think through what we wanted to achievehard but it really helped us think through waht +1 - I think it is not easy to elaborate a vision when your project is in a very early stage - I love how there are chances across projects for people to meet others from their same fields! - I found one more person supporting my project and share his experience. - - - - the community building side of it seems to be the most "intangible" part - in that we know we want to contribute something ourselves but the point is to be able to support and build the foundations for others. +1 - this is important to my project to :+1: - wonderful to hear from people who are starting new projects, they seem really exciting and important. So excited to see how they involve - Despite of I have one project that it has beginning middle and end. I hope acquire skills to participate and contribute in a community (science platafform or somethin like that) that share analysis, data and so on. - I have experience making research projects open, but I'm less sure how to make my OLS project open, since it's more like a recurring event (Open science office hours) 🖥 Introducing **Open Canvas** --- [Yo] (⏰ 10 minutes) 70 - Slides: [Open Canvas](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14LsolqKJdd1T7XMV8PK6yQrjjrz9VPFHRDtjrL_55Js/edit?usp=sharing) - _Presentation only,_ [_assignment_](https://mozilla.github.io/open-leadership-training-series/articles/opening-your-project/develop-an-open-project-strategy-with-open-canvas/) _left as an exercise for the project lead_ - Open Canvas Template: [Use this version](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1MeJo0TyuMg_waLk1J4q9y1aAqKNMuRBlnmxEChSz-cQ/edit?usp=sharing) (please make a copy of it into your own Google Drive) [http://bit.ly/ols-open-canvas](http://bit.ly/ols-open-canvas) Questions / Comments? - is there a difference between the two links? - [name=Yo] - nope :) one is easier to remember/type and redirects to the other 🖥 Introducing **Road Mapping** --- [Road mapping] (⏰ 10 minutes) 80 - Slides: [Road Mapping](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1IqvBjHlqXk8tkKj7nbp5pneQq19z6yuUq9Bkp3eTYPE/edit?usp=sharing) - _Presentation only,_ [_assignment_](https://mozilla.github.io/open-leadership-training-series/articles/opening-your-project/start-your-project-roadmap/) _left as an exercise for the project lead_ - Comments - 🗣️ Closing and Assignments --- - Reminders: Make sure you are added in the OLS-2 mailing list, Google calendar and Slack ### Discuss on Slack after the call - What should we name our Cohort? Suggest names and vote on your favourite with a +1. You can also use Gitter for this after this call - Winged Lions (+1) - El Zorro (+1) - The Masked Cohort (+8) - Anti(corona)virus - Open Rhizome (+1) - The Mask Force - more suggestions here - Have any questions? Add them below. We will respond to these on Slack and also share them via an email - question here ### Assignments before you meet your mentor (week-3) 1. Open an issue on OLS-2 repo where you will be able to track you progress in this cohort: https://github.com/open-life-science/ols-2 - Quick demo - We will show how to open an issue after the call for those who are new to GitHub 1. Complete this [compare and contrast assignment](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ukvqDRIYfvCapVMdE5hWP-0MkLNJ9T65X43O7F336Ac/edit?usp=sharing) about current and desired community interactions and value exchanges. 1. Start working on your Open Canvas ([instructions](https://mozilla.github.io/open-leadership-training-series/articles/opening-your-project/develop-an-open-project-strategy-with-open-canvas/),[canvas](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1MeJo0TyuMg_waLk1J4q9y1aAqKNMuRBlnmxEChSz-cQ/edit?usp=sharing)) 🤔 Read through and reflect on your role as a mentee and a project leader in OLS-2 --- Let's ask ourselves: **Am I mentorable?** *“mentorability” refers to the ability of mentees to benefit from mentoring.* “The mentee is the driver, and the mentor is the copilot, helping them get to their destination.” - Victoria Black ([reference](https://ideas.ted.com/are-you-mentorable/)) *Reflection and insights: **Please add +1 next to what applies to your current understanding**. After completing this exercise, please reflect on these roles in the context of your project* **My role:** - I am aware of the areas where I want help from my mentor (and other members) - I understand that my role as a project lead is to hold the accountability of my goals - I am open to my mentor's input and I aim to respond to their advice (and sometimes criticism) while exploring those in the context of my project - I understand that some days I may not meet all my goals - and that's OK! We are here to learn from each other - not compete! **My mentor's role:** - I am mindful and respectful of my mentor’s time and advice - I know that my mentors are not my supervisor, but they are there to support me in my personal growth in OLS - Based on open and reciprocal communication, they are there to guide me in the right direction, not "work" on my project. **If working in team** - We have discussed our roles as individuals in this project - We have identified (or will identify in OLS-2) how to set goals and expectations, divide responsibilities and acknowledge each other's work - I intend to listen to my team members' needs, give continual feedback about my needs, and identify the next steps in our project together - Knowing that we all have different living situations and personal responsibilities, I commit to empathetically supporting my team members. ### Assignments before the next cohort call (week-4) 1. Share the image/link on your GitHub issue and look up at least two other projects in the issues and comment on their issues with feedback on their vision statement. 3. [Start your Roadmap](https://mozilla.github.io/open-leadership-training-series/articles/opening-your-project/start-your-project-roadmap/) and comment on your issue with your draft Roadmap. ### Next calls Staggered calls - one good for eu/india/east asia, one good for eu/americas - Week 3 - Mentor call! - Week 4 - Cohort call: Tooling and road mapping for Open projects - Week 5 - Optional - Intro to GitHub ### Leave your feedback _What worked?_ - - _What didn't work?_ - - _What would you change?_ - - _What surprised you?_ - - - - *Reference*: Open leadership Framework, Mozilla Open Leaders 6 & 7, Open Life Science 1 *License*: CC BY 4.0, Open Life Science (OLS-2), 2020