Hackathon platforms survey === :speech_balloon: Have you at least once, or are you currently, organizing a hackathon? * Yes: additional {organizer} questions :rocket: * No: just participant questions :speech_balloon: :speech_balloon: How often do you go to hackathons? * never been to a hackathon * once a year or less * once every few months * once every few weeks * on a weekly basis :rocket: How many hackathons have you {organized}? [ number ] :speech_balloon: Have you used any of these hackathon platforms? * dribdat * hackdash * devpost * devfolio * ... other * ... I did not pay attention to this :speech_balloon: Which features are most valuable to you as participant? * creating a profile * finding a team * toolbox of useful resources * having a pitch of my project online * ... something else :rocket: Which features are most valuable to you as {organizer?} * having a website * a countdown clock * publish challenges * number of people joined * profiles of people joined * plan and schedule the hackathon :rocket: Is there anything else that are you trying to solve by using a hackathon platform? [ comment ] :speech_balloon: How would you rate the value for money of hackathons today? [ comment ] :speech_balloon: In what other contexts would you find hackathon platforms useful? [ comment ] The following questions apply specifically to organizers who have used dribdat already: :speech_balloon: How easy would you say is it to use our platform? [ comment ] :rocket: How would you compare our products to our competitors’? [ comment ] :rocket: What important features are we missing in dribdat? [ comment ] :rocket: How likely are you to recommend using dribdat to others? [ comment ] :rocket: How could we improve our platform to better meet your needs? [ comment ] ## Inspiration https://wiki.mozilla.org/Support/Surveys/Babylon-Toolbar https://lab.civicrm.org/community/sustainability/-/wikis/User-Surveys-Core-(Mozilla-Open-Source-Seed-Fund) https://wikimania.wikimedia.org/wiki/2021:Hackathon/Showcase https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q46855 https://hack.sweden.se/mobility-hack/ https://devfolio.typeform.com/to/WX7qBR https://www.notion.so/Organizing-Hackathons-with-Devfolio-ed692864003a438ebccd1befc5f734fa https://www.typeform.com/surveys/product-survey-questions-examples/