Stakeholder Analysis --- A Hack:Org:X project. See ![]( # Motivations > Identify your internal stakeholders and set expectations. Hackathons are cross-functional. No hackathon is run by a community person alone. It is important to ensure everyone is aligned on the goals, what is required to achieve them, and that the necessary resources are committed. -- [Hackathon Guide]( ( # Further Literature - [Who captures value from hackathons?]( (Attalah 2023) - [What Do Hackathons Do?]( (CHI 2021) - [Hack for Travel Case Study]( (Franco 2021) - [Systematic literature review and case study]( (Loureiro 2019) - [Value of stakeholder engagement in co-creation]( (Skarlatidou 2019) - [Reappropriating Hackathons]( (Porter 2017) - [Systems Engineering Hackathon]( (IEEE pre-print) - [Making Sense of Information and Evidence for Co-creation]( (CoSIE) - [What is Stakeholder Analysis?]( (Forbes) - [The Includer Power-Up]( (Trello)