Hack:Org:X v.2 === ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/H1tew7SR3.jpg) :point_right: **https://hackorgx.dribdat.cc/** Thank you for supporting our initial Hack:Org:X sessions! Whether you managed to join us yet or not, we hope that you appreciate as much as we do the chance to share our experiences with a lively, interested group. Our notes from the previous event are here: [Hack:Org:X v.1](https://hackmd.io/@oleg/hack-org-x). We ran the second in-person `Hack:Org:X` session on the evening of 🗓️ **August 17** in Oerlikon, kindly hosted by our friends at [ewz](https://www.ewz.ch/). ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/Sykiv7rC3.jpg) _Schedule from the [MakeZurich 2023 presentation](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10fbWAywT7ESYTJHESb4jYFztEiXiwp-TunNNHgFDIYU/edit?usp=sharing)_ Marcus presented MakeZurich 2023 ([Results](https://now.makezurich.ch/event/5), [Summary slides](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10fbWAywT7ESYTJHESb4jYFztEiXiwp-TunNNHgFDIYU/edit?usp=sharing)) - The results are deemed to be compelling, several already having follow-up. - ewz and other Stadt Zürich sponsors are behind this multi-year hackathon series. - We did a retrospective with the team, see details here https://hackorgx.dribdat.cc/project/14 A lot of sugary snacks were on the table, but we were quickly swept up in the following discussion and mostly avoided the temptation ;-) # Q & A > Klaus: makezurich ist wirklich ein toller hack. war dieses jahr nicht dabei aber in der vergangenheit. toll, dass die erfolgsgeschichte weiter geht! (Klaus thinks it's great and hopes the MakeZurich series continues. We wholeheartedly agree!) > Claudia: mit wieviel Vorlaufzeit wurden die Challenges definiert? …wurden Verwaltungs Akteure dabei unterstützt? (Claudia asks how long it takes to define the challenges, and if the government representatives were supported in this?) Based on the main theme (save energy), various city departments contributed energy-related challenges. Each was presented at the kickoff, and had an expert available during the hcakathons. The org-team provided some coaching during pre-events. > Debra: Haben Challengers bezahlt zum teilnehmen? Gab es auch no-shows / drop-outs? (Debra asks if providing a challenge cost money, and what was the no-show rate) We had about 120 registrations, from which 60 took part in the whole event (more only came for 1 or 2 days or sessions). That's quite a large no-show, however the event was spread out during 10 days and a number of people contributed remotely. Pitching a challenge was not part of the sponsorship package - this was basically open to anyone who was willing to support the hackathon. One of the teams was a startup agency, who developed a compelling design that the challenger may be willing to pay for. This is the usual way we think compensation around challenges can happen, but again this is currently not reglemented. ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/ryMrTmrCh.jpg) # Stakeholder Analysis After the above discussion, we got down to business with a short, intense collaboration around understanding the roles in the hackathon ecosystem. See the Hack:Org:X project for details: https://hackorgx.dribdat.cc/project/12 > Identify your internal stakeholders and set expectations. Hackathons are cross-functional. No hackathon is run by a community person alone. It is important to ensure everyone is aligned on the goals, what is required to achieve them, and that the necessary resources are committed. -- Hackathon Guide (opensource.com) ![](https://dribdat-impetus.eu-central-1.linodeobjects.com/hackdays/baselhack/1/4I47JN5XI6UTOJTCLEJ4ECKG/Stakeholders_20230817_185713.jpg) The mapping above was created through our session. It puts the various players in the preparation of a hackathon across four quadrants, and gives us ideas on how to better address them as audiences and partners in the future. # What's next We enjoyed this subsequent edition of Hack:Org:X, even though our participation and time was limited so shortly after the holidays. Thanks to everyone, especially Marcus, for engaging! Our current plans are to meet again at a session in the West side of Switzerland later this fall: we look forward to seeing the welcoming shores of the Lake of Geneva, and hope you will consider submitting a proposal or participating to join us at this very exciting (un)conference: **Hack the Hackathon** > **On November 6-11, 2023, Open Geneva, SDG Solution Space and the University of Geneva are hosting the leading (un)conference series and interdisciplinary community exploring scientific collaboration and civic engagement through hackathons.** 1. Check out the website : https://hackthackathon.github.io/ 2. Submit a [contribution and register](https://forms.gle/aEmSQbXemmxwz9GYA) **before Sept. 12.** The Hack the Hackathon (Un)Conference will take place mainly at SDG Solution Space and online (hybrid mode), with half a day at CERN IdeaSquare and a day at UN Library. ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HJ8EqXHA2.jpg) _Never stop (un)building! Photo by Oleg taken at [#appliedmldays](https://blog.datalets.ch/092) in Lausanne_