# Oleg's bio Oleg Lavrovsky (he/they) is a technologist + activist, who lectures and contributes to research at the Bern ([BFH](https://bfh.ch/)) and Lucerne ([HSLU](https://hslu.ch/)) Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts. To support free access to data and build community platforms, they are a member of the board of Opendata.ch - Swiss chapter of [Open Knowledge](https://okfn.org), actively supporting several [other](#CSOs) civil society organizations. A freelance consultant for the past ten years and partner in the urbanism startup [cividi GmbH](https://cividi.ch), [@loleg](https://loleg.github.io) maintains of a number of open source projects including the Julia [library](https://github.com/frictionlessdata/DataPackage.jl) for Frictionless Data, the [dribdat](https://dribdat.cc) hackathon app, and [proxeus](https://proxeus.org) no-code platform. An experienced organiser and coach at hackathons, hackerspaces and game jams, Oleg is devoted to “no technology religion” and “being excellent to each other”. - [Curriculum Vitae](https://web.tresorit.com/l/35lSC#EwySRbc1m-JguMEaoxdMaw) (PDF) - [PDFs of older projects](https://web.tresorit.com/l/gevnb#nEZb8gYdNrkDLj4-fiZN_g) How my colleagues describe me: > Als Kanadier mit russischen Wurzeln kam Oleg 2002 in die Schweiz. Heute lebt er mit seiner Familie in Bern und arbeitet als selbständiger Softwareentickler bei Datalets.ch, aktuell als Mitgründer der civic-tech Pionierprojekt Cividi. Durch sein Engagement mit vielen Start-ups und Firmen sowie den beiden ETHs ist er Experte in Internet-Beratung, Programmierung und Datenverwaltung. Er ist ein begeisterter Organisator und Coach von öffentlichen Workshops und Hackdays. Sein Anliegen ist es, lokale Communities zu stärken und in einer zunehmend von Daten abhängigen Welt nachhaltige Brücken zu bauen. Er ist zuständig für digitale Infrastrukturen und Data Literacy-Projekte. https://opendata.ch/board/ How I describe myself on my web page: > Since 2013, I have practiced the arts of data wrangling and 'net ops as freelance engineer, on top of a decade of experience in IT and digital agencies. I am grateful for my many chances to work with amazing people on meaningful projects, and to pass the learnings forward through teaching, advisory, engagements in civic tech communities, and the boards of public-impact organizations. https://dat.alets.ch Read my blog to get to know me a little better: https://blog.datalets.ch/oleg/ In a nutshell: Freelancer, data engineer, application scaler, ethical coder, web crawler, usability tester, digital culture proponent, technical supporter of all the things, and multimedia freak. You can connect with me securely here: https://keybase.io/loleg ### _Modus operandi:_ "Getting through life without being overly worried about - or impressed by - accomplishments." A 1 minute tour of my quirky hideout, the coworking space in Köniz where I work with a small group of friendly freelancers: https://vimeo.com/456568981